You’ll Have the Pick of the Crop With 50 Farm Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023

Come and plough your way through these 50 farm puns, sure to make your hay.

We all love jokes about farms and the livestock that live there. We are in a fit of giggles when singing the song ‘Old Mcdonald’. Trying each animal’s noise in turn, sometimes with hilarious results.

Farms are exciting places to visit. From machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters to the animal’s antics. Watching the pigs snuffling, sheep bleating, and running around. A farm is full of life and funny situations; farm jokes always keep us laughing.

So take stock and check out these farm jokes and have a laugh. Just don’t have a cow!

  1. What did the farmer say when his pig escaped? Oh no, it’s a hog-gone situation!
  2. The sheep are making hilarious movements. It’s a funny farm.
  3. Dairy cows always like to make some udderly punny jokes!
  4. I was going to start a chicken farm, but I chickened out.
  5. The farmer told me he had a particularly sheepish dog.
  6. I asked the farmer if his horses were particularly clever, but he said, “Neigh!”
  7. The farmer told me his hogs were particularly well-read, but I was skep-igal.
  8. I saw a sheep wearing sunglasses and a cap and thought, “That’s a little baa-dass!”
  9. The farmer’s cows didn’t want to be milked. They were in a bad moo-d.
  10. When I asked the farmer why he was so successful, he said it was all in the till-age!
  11. Chickens like farm life. They really coop well with it.
  12. What did the farmer say when he found a duck in his barn? It’s quack-in’ up in here!
  13. I heard the farmer had a cow that could milkshake better than anyone else.
  14. The farmer’s chickens were so talented, they could lay eggs-traordinary eggs!
  15. I saw a donkey standing in a field and thought, “Well, that’s a little ass-inine.”
  16. What did the cow say to the pig when he left the sty door open? “Were you born in a barn”?
  17. What did the tractor say when it broke down? “I’m feeling a bit tractor-ed out!”
  18. When you plough the fields, you’re having a field day.
  19. How do farm animals write down their thoughts? In a dairy.
  20. What did the donkey say when it was offered a carrot? Eeyore thanks.
  21. You can’t trust cows, they make udder-handed comments.
  22. Sheep make great tightrope walkers. They have perfect baa-lance.
  23. Why did the pig go to the store? To porkchase some groceries!
  24. Ploughing is a real “ground-breaking” activity.
  25. What do pigs do in the woods? Have a pig-nic.
  26. Why did the cow go to town? To watch a moovie!
  27. The farmer’s daughter had a great sense of humor, she was always milking the jokes.
  28. What did the farmer say when he saw a UFO? Ewe-F-Oh my!
  29. Who brings home the bacon? A pig-gy bank.
  30. The farmer was always telling jokes about the chickens, they had egg-cellent comedic timing.
  31. Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lactose.
  32. Where do farm animals go to have a swim? The sheep-dip.
  33. The cows came back home late. They went for a moo-dnight stroll.
  34. Why didn’t the chickens lay any eggs? They were eggs-asperated.
  35. The farmer was taken by surprise. Something cropped up.
  36. What did the farmer say when he was too tired to work? “I’m feeling a little baa-rned out.”
  37. The farm was very run down. It was pasture it.
  38. Farmer are quite the rebels. They go against the grain.
  39. What do you call a farm that grows eyes? Is-land.
  40. A farmer that’s really agile is called an ath-wheat.
  41. Why did the British farmer and American farmer disagree? They couldn’t decide what to call the produce.
  42. The farmer was so proud of his prize winning cow, he was mooved to tears.
  43. What instrument do farmers play. A tub-er.
  44. I’m not a turkey, I’m just a little fowl-mouthed.
  45. Why don’t farmers make good comedians? They’re too corny.
  46. When farmers get tired they bale out of there.
  47. Sheep are a bit cheeky. They can pull wool over your eyes.
  48. My favorite type of cheese is moostard.
  49. I’m so sick of hearing pig jokes, they’re boaring.
  50. The farmer moved the cows to the udder side of the field.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023