You’ll Be Leaping for Joy With These 50 Dolphin Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 13th, 2023

Come and sea 50 dolphin puns that you will flip out over.

When we think of dolphins we all dream of swimming and playing with them. They are cheeky, friendly creatures that love to play. These sea creatures communicate with us through their squeaks and fin movements.

We laugh at their antics in the water as they are the clowns of the sea. Dolphins are also said to be healing and bring a sense of peacefulness a calm when swimming with them.

So let’s have some fin and laugh at these dolphin jokes with a sense of porpoise.

  1. Why don’t dolphins ever get lost? They always have a built-in sonar system.
  2. Why did the dolphin get detention? Because it was too flippant.
  3. Dolphins are incredible in business. They always seal the deal.
  4. Dolphin had traveled around the world many times. He was a jet setter.
  5. Where do dolphins go dancing? A wave.
  6. What song do dolphins like to exercise to? The Fin-al Countdown.
  7. Dolphins are so friendly, they always make a splash.
  8. What pet do dolphins keep? Sea dogs.
  9. Did you hear about the dolphin who was looking for a new job? He wanted a porpoise-ful career.
  10. Dolphins make money through fin-ancing.
  11. What did the dolphin say when he saw a boat? Hullo!
  12. What do call dolphin psychologists? Head-sinkers.
  13. Dolphins like to eat at Mc Donalds and order the quarterback-ers with cheese.
  14. Why did the dolphin cross the ocean? To get to the other tide.
  15. Mr Dolphin plays the violin in the sonar-chestra.
  16. Dolphins are tone-deaf. They can’t hold a tun-a.
  17. What did the ocean say to the dolphin? Nothing, it just waved!
  18. What did the dolphin say when it was asked to race? Ready, jet, go!
  19. Dolphins like smart phones. Especially flip-er ones.
  20. When dolphins are happy they sing Flippety Do Dah!
  21. What did it say on the dolphin’s gravestone? Dolphin Fin.
  22. Dolphins go to the drive-fin cinema.
  23. Everyone loves dolphin. He has such a porpoise-ive attitude.
  24. What did the dolphin say when it swam into a wall? Dam!
  25. Did you hear about the dolphin chef? He cooks great deep-sea fishes.
  26. How do dolphins communicate? Through fin-terpretation.
  27. What do dolphins wear to the beach? Flipper flops.
  28. The dolphin won the race by a nose.
  29. What did the dolphin say when it got caught in a net? “Flippersticks!” 
  30. Don’t be so flippant. Dolphins have feelings too!
  31. What did the dolphin say to the whale at the party? Let’s blow this joint.
  32. Why was the dolphin angry? His feelings were bottled up.
  33. What do dolphins do in an emergency? Send up a sonar flare.
  34. Do dolphins wear hats? Yes, bottle caps.
  35. What did the dolphin say when it was hungry? Fish me!
  36. Dolphins have large noses. I think it’s scent-sational!
  37. What did the dolphin say when it saw a whale? “Whale-come to the party!”
  38. Dolphins make good interior designers. They can re-porpoise anything.
  39. What did the dolphin say when he hit the dock? Whoa, pier pressure! 
  40. When dolphins get lost they’re always good at fin-ding their way back home.
  41. What did the dolphin life coach say to the fish? Carp-diem!
  42. When dolphins go to the gym they do their flipper-cizes.
  43. What did dolphin say when he lost the family shells? I’m feeling really gill-ty.
  44. Did you see that beautiful dolphin at the royal ball? Yes, her name is Fin-derella.
  45. How did the porpoise say morning to his wife? Hi, Doll! Phin day?
  46. What did dolphins say to his 8l egged employee? Let’s call it squids.
  47. Dolphins have so many friends. As they click together.
  48. Dolphin didn’t get the job. He really blew it.
  49. Mr Dolphin was very successful in fishing boats. Their net profits were sky-high.
  50. The dolphin needed a check-up with the doctor. His head was swimming.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 13th, 2023