You’ll Be Tickled Pink With These 50 Flamingo Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023

Take a gander at these 50 flamingo puns and you are sure to be chirping with laughter.

The flamingo is a funny-looking bird and also bright pink! They are definitely the celebrities of the bird kingdom.  They would look great on any catwalk with their bright colors and spindly legs. Let’s not forget the dancing skills. Flamin Go!

We all love puns about birds and animals.  The flamingo’s antics provide a lot of hilarious material for us to cluck over.

So let’s flock together and have a laugh at these flamingo jokes til your cheeks turn rosy.

  1. What do you call a flamingo who can’t stand up? A fall-ingo.
  2. Why did the flamingo stand up so straight? He wanted to look his best for the flock photos!
  3. The flamingo felt very happy. It was in the pink.
  4. The flamingo won the race. You could say he had a leg up.
  5. Why was the flamingo banned from the marshland? He was so neck-ative.
  6. What language does a flamingo speak? Flam-lingo.
  7. How did the flamingo get his color? He was tickled pink.
  8. What do you call a flamingo in Spanish? A flamenco.
  9. Flamingos are fabulous at Kung Fu, especially the crane pose.
  10. What do you call a poisonous flamingo? A feather boa.
  11. Why did the flamingo go to the doctor? Because it had pink eye.
  12. What did one flamingo say to the other? “Let’s flamingle!”
  13. I heard a flamingo was arrested for theft. He was caught pink-handed.
  14. Flamingos are leg-ends in the bird community.
  15. Why did the flamingo break up with his girlfriend? She was too flighty.
  16. You can’t miss flamingos, there are pretty in pink!
  17. How do you know a flamingo is feeling good? Everything is rosy.
  18. Why did the flamingo refuse to share its food? Because it was a flaming-greedy.
  19. Flamingos flock together- it’s probably because they can’t stand being apart-y.
  20. Flamingos know how to tell a good joke; they just have to be careful not to get too egg-cited!
  21. That flamingo is so fly!
  22. Who is a flamingo’s favorite singer? Pink.
  23. How do you know when a flamingo means business? When he puts his foot down.
  24. Why are flamingos always stressed? They are always on the flamin-go.
  25. Flamingos must have a lot of patience – they stand still for hours on end.
  26. What’s the study of pink birds called? Flamingo-ology.
  27. What did the flamingo say when it saw itself in the mirror? “Flamazing!”
  28. Why was the pink flamingo so warm? It had a hot pink!
  29. Flamingos are really funny, especially when they beak wind.
  30. What did the flamingo say when it saw the pond? Let’s take a pink-nic!
  31. When the flamingo gets in trouble, it’s never a pretty pink scene.
  32. It’s hard to get mad at a flamingo, they have such a pink-tive attitude.
  33. Flamingos have a hard time getting dates because they’re so pecky.
  34. Why was the flamingo dancing around madly? It was feeling pinking fantastic.
  35. What did the flamingo say when he saw a strange bird? Who-ron!
  36. Why was the flamingo embarrassed? He was stork naked.
  37. When flamingo lost his friend he said, “where oh where has my pink pal gone?”
  38. Why was the flamingo scared? Something was tailing him.
  39. What do you call an angry pink bird? Bursting into flam-ingos.
  40. Flamingos like to go on vacations. They love the hot f-eather.
  41. That flamingo is a real troublemaker. He’s called the flight of the agitator.
  42. Flamingos are comedians. Their stand-up on one-leg routine is great.
  43. Flamingos don’t need to worry about being left out – they stand out in a crowd.
  44. Don’t give a flamingo responsibility. They’re too flighty.
  45. What is the study of flamingos called? Ornament-ology.
  46. Why did the flamingo turn pink? Someone ruffled his feathers.
  47. Flamingos love swimming. They do the nest stroke.
  48. How do flamingos drink? From a beaker.
  49. Where do flamingo scientists work? At the mig-ratory.
  50. Flamingos like day spas especially the hot f-auna.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023