Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on July 23rd, 2021

The Never-Have-I-Ever game is a fun activity for small or large groups.

The rules:

  • Beginning with at least three players, everyone puts up all ten fingers in the air.
  • The first player states an activity they have never done.
  • The remaining players put one finger down if they have done that activity.
  • The game continues around the circle until one player has put all ten fingers down.
  • The winner is the player with the most fingers still in the air.

Although the game specifies that each questioner can ask whatever they wish, the following are some fun statements that questioners can borrow.

Never have I ever…

  1. Fed my dog my unwanted dinner under the table.
  2. Fallen out of bed while I was asleep.
  3. Spilled soda in a textbook.
  4. Made an ugly face behind my grandma’s back.
  5. Waited for a loose tooth to fall out without pulling it.
  6. Blamed my brother or sister for something I did.
  7. Embarrassed my parents in front of guests.
  8. Taken the last cookie secretly.
  9. Blamed the dog for something I did.
  10. Taken spare change that wasn’t mine.
  11. Told a lie to my parents.
  12. Tried to make my own breakfast but made a mess instead.
  13. Passed gas then blaming someone else (or, the dog).
  14. Eaten a spoonful of sugar.
  15. Tried a sip of mom or dad’s coffee in secret.
  16. Drank bathwater.
  17. Walked farther from home than your parents allowed.
  18. Lied about your homework to your teacher.
  19. Raised your hand in class to answer a question you didn’t know the answer to.
  20. Taken some of the money for yourself that you were given for the Sunday School collection.
  21. Said you finished a book before you wrote the book report.
  22. Tried to trick someone by substituting salt for sugar.
  23. Gone to bed naked.
  24. Hidden a bad grade from my parents.
  25. Fallen asleep and snored while in class.
  26. Realized I had food stuck between my teeth all day.
  27. Pretended to be sick to get out of going to school.
  28. Read a book under my bedcovers instead of sleeping.
  29. Copied an answer from a neighbor in class.
  30. Drawn a cartoon face on a sleeping sibling or friend.
  31. Told on a brother or sister to your parents.
  32. Tried on mom’s jewelry without her knowing.
  33. Hidden a broken dish in the trash without telling your parents.
  34. Made fun of your teacher when they were out of the classroom.
  35. Fed your pet human cereal instead of pet food.
  36. Gone to the bathroom outside.
  37. Given a funny nickname to a teacher without them knowing.
  38. Sniffed my underwear to check if it’s dirty.
  39. Forged my mom’s or dad’s signature on a report card.
  40. Cheated on a test.
  41. Shouted at my parents.
  42. Started a fight.
  43. Eaten a mud pie.
  44. Spit out food I didn’t like.
  45. Torn clothing I hated instead of wearing it.
  46. Cut in line.
  47. Lost a library book.
  48. Made a mess in the kitchen and lied about it.
  49. Lied to your brothers or sisters.
  50. Pulled your dog’s or cat’s tail.
Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on July 23rd, 2021

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