Dastardly! 50 Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

Perfect for sleepovers or party games

Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on May 31st, 2022

Beginning with the youngest child in the game, one at a time, players can choose to answer a Truth question or take a Dare instead. When either the truth is told or a dare is completed, the next child takes their turn. There are no winners or losers. When everyone has had enough fun, the game stops with everyone knowing more about each other.

It’s important not to ask questions or pose dares that are not age-appropriate, kind, or in the spirit of fun. An adult needs to be present for the entire game to keep the game fun and clean.
Before the game starts, have some of the things players may need to fulfill the dares. Paper, pencil, lipstick, and other items will help keep the game moving and hilarious.

  1. Truth: Do you like big dogs?
    Dare: Sniff a piece of dog food. (Inhale deeply now!)
  2. Truth: Who is your prettiest or most handsome teacher?
    Dare: Put on some lipstick without a mirror.
  3. Truth: Have you ever taken money that wasn’t yours?
    Dare: Sing Happy Birthday three times or backward once.
  4. Truth: Would you rather be early or late to class?
    Dare: Hop around the room like a bunny.
  5. Truth: Would you rather be a garbage collector or a janitor?
    Dare: Sweep the kitchen floor.
  6. Truth: How many pets would you like to have?
    Dare: Lick your hand.
  7. Truth: What are most afraid of?
    Dare: Sing Twinkle Little Star in a pirate’s voice.
  8. Truth: Have you ever pinched your brother or sister?
    Dare: Pretend you are a cat washing.
  9. Truth: What do you hide under your bed?
    Dare: Draw a picture of the person on your right.
  10. Truth: Have you ever lost a library book?
    Dare: Comb your hair.
  11. Truth: Have you ever peed outside?
    Dare: Dance with the person next to you.
  12. Truth: Would you rather eat candy or a salad?
    Dare: Drink a glass of water with a spoon.
  13. Truth: Have you ever said a baby was cute when it wasn’t?
    Dare: Stand and turn around until you’re dizzy.
  14. Truth: Have you ever blamed someone else for something you did?
    Dare: Stand in a corner and sing a song.
  15. Truth: Have you ever read under your covers when you were supposed to be sleeping?
    Dare: Read a page from a book backward.
  16. Truth: Have you ever fed your dog under the dinner table?
    Dare: Stand on your head or do a somersault.
  17. Truth: Have you ever faked being sick to get out of going to school?
    Dare: Memorize all the other game players’ middle names.
  18. Truth: Which grandparent do you like best?
    Dare: Go outside and walk like a model.
  19. Truth: Who is your secret crush?
    Dare: Draw a face on the palm of your hand and use it to pretend to talk for the rest of the game.
  20. Truth: What is the last lie you told your mom or dad?
    Dare: Eat a cookie or cracker like a rat would eat.
  21. Truth: Who is your favorite singer?
    Dare: Sniff your neighbor’s bare feet.
  22. Truth: Would you eat a fried mouse?
  23. Truth: What is your favorite movie?
    Dare: Empty the trash into the outside bin.
  24. Truth: What is your favorite smell?
    Dare: Write a poem on a piece of paper.
  25. Truth: Who is your favorite superhero?
    Dare: Put socks on your hands to use as puppets for the rest of the game.
  26. Truth: What is your worst habit?
    Dare: Let your friends give you a new hairstyle that you must keep for the rest of the game.
  27. Truth: What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?
    Dare: Speak with a Spanish accent until your next turn.
  28. Truth: Who is funnier than you are?
    Dare: Sing a song while sticking out your tongue.
  29. Truth: What is the worst gift you ever received.
    Dare: Go outside and shout, “I’m a doggie” to someone.
  30. Truth: What position do you sleep in?
    Dare: Pretend to swim across the floor.
  31. Truth: Have you ever cheated on a test?
    Dare: Hold a doll or stuffed animal like a baby for the rest of the game.
  32. Truth: If you could time-travel, when would you go?
    Dare: Begin every sentence with, “When I was a chicky-chick.”
  33. Truth: If you could only pick one food to eat for a week, what would it be?
    Dare: Let other players pain your nails with markers.
  34. Truth: If you had $1,000, what would you buy?
    Dare: When other players speak, come to attention, salute, and say, “Yes, sir.”
  35. Truth: Do you keep a journal or a diary?
    Dare: Raise your hand before speaking for the rest of the game.
  36. Truth: What three things do you like about yourself?
    Dare: Don’t move for three minutes.
  37. Truth: Did you ever sneak snacks into a movie theater?
    Dare: Have a conversation with a toy.
  38. Truth: Can you keep a secret?
    Dare: Play the ‘air violin.’
  39. Truth: Would you rather be a tiny person or a giant?
    Dare: Go check the mail.
  40. Truth: Have you ever cheated playing a board game?
    Dare: Do the robot dance.
  41. Truth: What was the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?
    Dare: Mime being in the shower.
  42. Truth: What is your secret talent?
    Dare: Use ‘jazz hands’ when speaking for the rest of the game.
  43. Truth: Who is your best friend?
    Dare: Repeat everything other players say.
  44. Truth: Which famous person would you not like to meet.
    Dare: Wear a trash bag over your clothes.
  45. Truth: What makes you angry?
    Dare: Pretend to vacuum the floor.
  46. Truth: What is your happiest memory?
    Dare: Give a standing ovation to every player who chooses truth.
  47. Truth: What do you do when you think no one is watching?
    Dare: Pretend to take a shower.
  48. Truth: Which actor should play you in a movie about your life?
    Dare: Shake every player’s hand.
  49. Truth: What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?
    Dare: Act like you’re in an earthquake.
  50. Truth: Do you want to have children when you’re grown up?
    Dare: Draw a self-portrait.


Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on May 31st, 2022