Take It Easy With These 50 Chair Puns.

Let’s get rocking and chillax with these 50-chair puns.

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 28th, 2023

The chair has been our long-term friend, there to support us and to take the weight off our feet after a long tiring day. They come in many shapes, sizes, and materials; making them is an art.

One hilarious prank is pulling out someone’s chair and laughing as they fall in a heap to the floor. Circus clowns use chairs for their acts. In comparison, tightrope walkers use chairs in a death-defying routine.

So pull up a chair and take it easy as you check out these chair jokes which will take you so-fa.

  1. What do you call a chair that plays the saxophone? Musical chairs.
  2. I heard his chair was so comfortable it was like sitting on cloud nine. 
  3. Why do chairs make great stuntmen? They can cushion they’re fall.
  4. My sofa was really scared. It had a night-chair.
  5. When I saw the new chairs, I was chair-struck.
  6. What do you call a chair on fire? The hot seat.
  7. The chair was so comfortable it was like sitting in the lap of luxury. My chair is so wobbly, it’s like sitting on a seesaw. 
  8. His chair was so uncomfortable it was like sitting on a bed of nails. 
  9. What’s a chair’s favorite meal? A couch-ed potato with cheese.
  10. How do sofas hold up their covers? With a seat-belt.
  11. I really love that armchair in the shop. I’m a seat-cret admirer.
  12. Why did the couch cross the room? To get to the sofaside.
  13. My couch joined a reading group. It was feeling sofa-ciable.
  14. Chairs love the weekend. It’s easy as Sunday morning.
  15. We love our chair. It’s like part of the furniture.
  16. What do you call a couch who likes to take naps? A slouch.
  17. I’m so good at sitting, I should be a chair-man.
  18. I just got paid to sit around and do nothing – it’s a cushy job!
  19. Why did the couch need a day off? It was feeling a bit worn out.
  20. My sofa looked really sore. I got him a massage chair.
  21. There are no chairs anywhere in the world. It’s an arm-chair-geddon!
  22. What did one couch say to the other couch? I’m sofarsick of you.
  23. Why did the chair get so excited? It heard it was getting a foot stool.
  24. A chair that’s not comfortable is un-easy.
  25. What is a chair’s favorite motto? Every cloud has a silver rec-lining.
  26. Why was the chair invited to parties? It was always rocking out.
  27. What did the chair say to the sofa? “It’s nice to have someone to lean on.”
  28. I’m not a big fan of chairs that squeak, they just don’t sit well with me.
  29. What did the two couches say to each other? Sofa so good!
  30. Why were the chairs so restless? They were in the waiting room too long.
  31. The chair was so tall, it was a head-and-shoulders-above-the-rests.
  32. My chair hurt his leg. He was in mah-agany.
  33. What do chairs do to relax? Take an oak in a bath. 
  34. Why did the chair need a new cushion? It was feeling a little deflated!
  35. I’m chairing a meeting. It’s a nervous seat-tuation.
  36. My couch is such a great chair-acter.
  37. It’s hard to believe how much chairs have taken a seat in our lives. 
  38. ​​When it comes to seating, I’m a bench-mark of excellence!
  39. My chair is sofa-bulous!
  40. Why do chairs love to pic-n-mix? It’s full of suites.
  41. What do chairs shout when they feel in danger? Hit the deck-chair!
  42. I wanted to make a pun about a stool but it just wasn’t sitting right with me.
  43. How do you reprimand a seat? Tell it to get off its high chair.
  44. Electric chairs- what a shocking experience!
  45. This easy chair is so comfy – it’s a real chairy tale.
  46. What do you call a chair tied on the roof of your car? Easy Breezy.
  47. I’m giving out chairs to the homeless. It’s an amazing chair-ity.
  48. I was going to get a new chair, but I decided to just stay put.
  49. What did the teacher say when there was glue on her seat? I’m in a sticky sit-uation.
  50. I always get a sinking feeling when I sit on my couch.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 28th, 2023