50 School Puns That Are First Class

There’s no need to play hooky! Try these 50 school puns that are guaranteed to make you top of the class.

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 28th, 2023

There’s no need to play hooky! Try these 50 school puns that are guaranteed to make you top of the class.

Schools as we know them today are great places to make friends and discover new things. In ancient times, students would come to learn from great thinkers such as Plato.

We all love to laugh yet in the classroom it can be frowned upon. Yet recess is a great time when you can share your funny ideas, stories, and tv shows you watched at the weekend.

Here’s your chance to be the class clown and have your friends laughing behind their desks. Try out these school puns for size and fit in a few more.

  1. What do teachers like to eat in restaurants? Curry-culum. 
  2. One of our Royal family members is a teacher. Hi is the Princ-e pal. 
  3. What happened when the school was on fire? The teacher got secondary burns.
  4. What did the English teacher say to the arithmetic teacher at break time? Don’t be a door math.
  5. What did the calculator say to the student in school? “You can count on me!”
  6. In my school we all bang on doors. It’s the school of hard knocks.
  7. Why did the student dress up as Ice Cube? He was too cool for school.
  8. My son growled in class. He wanted to practice his 3 rrr’s.
  9. Did you hear we have a new teacher called Mr Ex Perience. Yes, experience is the best teacher.
  10. Why is that dog sitting in the teacher’s chair? He’s the teacher pet.
  11. How do you get to school? I ride the sylla-bus.
  12. Why are the student always singing at this school? It’s Ain’t No Mountain High.
  13. The students were acting really crazy. It was April’s school day.
  14. Why was the teacher sent home with a warning? His pupils were dilated. 
  15. I’m so excited for school to start, it’s giving me a case of the A-cademics.
  16. Why was the student receive a bronze medal? He was given the third degree.
  17. I dropped the accountancy course I was on. It was too taxing.
  18. What do college students eat in the cafeteria? Cake and cram cheese frosting.
  19. Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems.
  20. The student got all ‘A’s. He majored in effort.
  21. The maths teacher was really sum-thing.
  22. What did the student say when he failed his math test? Oh no, it’s im-plus-sible!
  23. Teachers love watching Frasier. Kelsey Grammar is in it.
  24. What did the student say when the teacher asked him why he didn’t turn in his homework? “It’s still a-work-in-progress!”
  25. What did the student say when his teacher asked for his homework? It’s all ancient history.
  26. The popular school always travelled on the train. They had a first class education.
  27. A teacher’s favorite kind of music? Class-ical!
  28. I heard there are schools in heaven. Yes, they get a higher education.
  29. The army officer finally made it to class. He major-ed in.
  30. If you learn your ABC in school what do you learn in college? PHD’s.
  31. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.
  32. The student felt upset when the teacher marked him down. He was de-graded.
  33. I’m an expert in teaching – I’m a professoressional!
  34. Which insect is great in school? A spelling bee.
  35. The cross-eyed teacher couldn’t control his pupils. 
  36. Why did the Mexican student join the essay club? He was there to make friends.
  37. Our toddler has just enrolled in school. She’s on a creche course.
  38. I’m not very good in geography class. It’s a bit of a mis-map.
  39. You can’t spell biology without a little ‘y’. 
  40. Why did you leave your biology class? Another student was Carbon copying.
  41. Why did the mathematician name his daughter Pi? Because she was the apple of his eye.
  42. What did the calculator say to the math problem? You can count on me!
  43. I went to the award ceremony for English teachers. It’s called the Grammars.
  44. My chemistry teacher is only in class period-icly.
  45. I decided to take a lightening course so I could get ahead quickly. 
  46. My chemistry class is amazing. It’s got a great atom-osphere!
  47. Why did the teacher give me an A? Because I’m really pupil-or.
  48. I don’t know why the math teacher always wears sunglasses; it’s not like the students are that bright.
  49. I heard the principal was really strict, he’s board-ering on rude.
  50. Where do the sour-faced students come from? E-lemen-tary.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 28th, 2023