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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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Parents know and trust Baby K’tan and Moby products, but many find themselves at odds when deciding between the Baby K’tan Original wrap and the Moby Evolution wrap.

If you’re choosing between these two products, knowing the facts makes all the difference — while they have similar functionality, there are some practical differences you should know about. I’ve taken an eagle-eyed look at both these wraps to help you with your choice.

Side by side comparison

Baby K’tan OriginalMoby Evolution Wrap
PriceCheck priceCheck price
Our Rating4.754.5
Weight Limit8 - 33 lbs8 - 33 lbs
Color Options412
Carrying PositionsNewborn carry, front inward facing carry, front side facing carry, front outward facing carry, hip carryNewborn carry, front inward facing carry, hip carry
Materials:100% cotton70% viscose fibers, 30% cotton
Washing Instructions:Wash separately before first use; machine wash in cold water with like colors only and tumble dry on lowMachine wash in cold water on normal cycle, tumble dry on low heat; Do not iron, bleach or professionally dry clean
Manufactured In:China and GuatemalaChina
Size Options:XXS, XS, S, M, L, XLOne size fits all
Hip Healthy:YesYes

Baby K’tan Original: A quick overview

The Baby K’tan Original (check price on Amazon) is a popular choice because it offers a great variety of size options. Ranging from XXS – XL, parents can find an ideal fit for their body, essential when it comes to wearing your baby ergonomically.

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This wrap has two parts: a large double loop of fabric secured in the middle (think butterfly wings) and a sash, offering extra support around the waist.

The sash converts into a carry bag which the rest of the wrap packs into easily when not in use. The carrier offers front inward and outward-facing carries, front side carry, and hip carry while accommodating newborns safely and easily.


  • The range of sizes ensures you have the best possible fit for your body
  • The unique double loop and sash design makes wearing easy, without struggling with a longer wrap
  • Offers front outward-facing carry, which moms and babies often prefer as baby grows bigger
  • Has a convenient store-and-carry bag to make transporting the wrap simple when not in use


  • Choosing one size means it’s hard to share the carrier between parents and other caregivers
  • Sizes can run a little small, so be sure to choose a larger option if you’re not sure
  • Very tall or short wearers may have difficulty with the sizing

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Selected features

  • Wide range of sizes: Carrying your baby with a wrap that fits your body well is essential to both your baby’s safety and your comfort. The Baby K’tan Original wrap is available in six sizes, from XXS to XL. This means most parents can find a carrier that fits them comfortably, that’s easy to use, and feels right every time instead of having to find that sweet spot with a longer fabric wrap.
  • Easy to use design: The double loop and sash design of this wrap makes it a lot easier to master than a long fabric wrap. It still takes time to figure out, but the way the Baby K’tan is designed does a lot of the work for you by making the process more efficient. The manufacturer’s website offers videos showing how to put the carrier on and wear your baby in every carrying position.
  • Offers front outward-facing carry: As your baby gets bigger, the front outward-facing carry position is important — baby wants to interact with the world around them, and, when they can’t, they’ll pull your hair, grab your earrings and generally let you know! The Baby K’tan Original accommodates the front outward-facing carry position, which is something a lot of longer wraps can’t do safely. This gives larger babies the freedom to see what’s going on and makes the wearer’s life much easier.
  • Stores easily and neatly: No matter what size Baby K’tan Original you have, it’s easy to store the wrap in the convertible carry bag. The bag doubles as the wrap’s waist support sash, so you’re never carrying around extra pieces you could lose. When the wrap returns into its storage bag, it’s secure and compact — while most large diaper bags and purses find plenty of room for it.

What makes the Baby K’tan Original Carrier better than the Moby Evolution Wrap?

  • The double loop and sash design makes wrapping a much neater and easier experience than with the Moby, which is one long strip of fabric
  • Six sizes make it easy for parents to find their perfect fit, while the Moby is one-size-fits-all and can feel bulky for smaller wearers
  • You can use front outward-facing carry with the Baby K’tan Original, whereas the Moby Evolution doesn’t allow for this
  • Unlike the somewhat bulky Moby Evolution, the Baby K’tan is small when placed inside its carry bag and fits easily into a diaper bag or large purse

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Moby Evolution Wrap: A quick overview

Soft and comfortable, the Moby Evolution Wrap (check price on Amazonis a cotton blend, one-size-fits-all wrap that many parents love.

It’s a long, one-piece wrap that can be shared easily between wearers of different sizes without any straps, buckles, or harnesses to adjust.

You can use newborn carry, front inward-facing carry, and hip carry with the Moby. The breathable material keeps your baby comfortable, plus it’s a long wrap, which means they can be bundled up a little more when it gets chilly.

Lots of fun color and print options are exciting for moms who love to mix and match, and the wrap comes with a carry bag for storage.


  • Made of a soft, stretchy, breathable, cotton blend that’s comfortable for you and your baby
  • Extra color options allow parents to pick a wrap that perfectly matches their style
  • Because it’s one-size-fits-all, the wrap can be shared between moms, dads, and anyone else who takes care of baby


  • Longer wraps like this take a little longer to master, so parents will need to practice before getting it ‘right’!
  • It does come with a carry bag, though this can prove somewhat bulky when stored and doesn’t fit easily in a diaper bag
  • Because the fabric is long, it can be hard to wrap in public areas without the wrap dragging on the ground and picking up dirt

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Selected features

  • Made of stretchy, breathable cotton blend: Any baby carrier you wear should be made of a comfortable fabric — uncomfortable, scratchy textures will annoy baby and irritate your skin. The breathable cotton blend of a Moby wrap is perfect for giving baby a temperature-controlled experience. In the summer months, they won’t overheat and be uncomfortable, yet this wrap is long enough to still provide plenty of extra bundling and warmth in winter.
  • Cute color options and prints: Okay, so I admit that this isn’t a “functional feature”, but it’s still noteworthy. The Moby Evolution features 14 color and print options in a decent variety of styles — enough for most parents to find something they both agree upon. Variety is the spice of life, and a style range definitely matters when looking for a specific aesthetic for your baby gear.
  • One-size-fits-all wrap is easy to share: A wrap that can be shared among wearers is an ideal choice, and the Moby Evolution shines here. As a long fabric wrap, it’s wearable by pretty much everyone, with room to spare. Although petite or tall wearers might have issues, the range is significant enough that it probably won’t be a concern.

What makes the Moby Evolution Wrap better than the Baby K’tan Original Carrier?

  • It’s a long, one-size-fits-all wrap and easy for sharing, unlike the specifically sized Baby K’tan wrap
  • The Moby Evolution wrap has lots of fun color and print options, while the Baby K’tan Original Carrier has only five to choose from

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Which carrier is right for you?

This is a tough choice. Both the Baby K’tan and the Moby have great features — the Moby is great for sharing between wearers, and the Baby K’tan is compact and super easy to use.

I really like the Baby K’tan Original wrap (check price on Amazonbecause most of the work is already done for me and wrapping the kiddo is simple.

Once we’re ready for some free-range toddling, the wrap fits into the diaper bag — no muss, no fuss. The right wrap for you, of course, is the one that meets the needs of you and your baby. Now you know the facts, make the choice that’s right for you!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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