Best Toys & Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys (a VERY picky 2019 list)

Are you missing the days when you could wave something shiny in front of your boy’s face, and he would act like you just gave him the moon? Picking a gift that evokes a similar response can seem pretty challenging now that he is growing into adolescence. But have no fear, friend!

Here at We The Parents, we pride ourselves in tirelessly scouring the internet, not stopping until we find the best presents for kids of all ages. Some might call us superheroes but alas, we are but humble nerds intent on making your life easier.

So, step slowly away from the gift card and check out these ten gift ideas for 11 year old boys.

Our Top Picks

- Carefully curated gift ideas for 11 year old boys -

#1 AMSCOPE M30 Kids Microscope with Case

If your kiddo is more likely to hang posters of Neil Degrasse Tyson than of Tom Brady on his walls, this nifty tool is right up his ally. Perfect for fledgling scientists, your boy can magnify his specimens up to 1200x’s with this battery-powered microscope. The AMSCOPE M30 (check price on Amazon) has a metal frame, but the scope remains remarkably light, if slightly difficult to clean.

Did we mention it comes with 52 accessories? Everything from slide covers to a specimen slicer is included, so you won’t have to waste time hunting for materials to get your boy’s science show on the road.

Why He’ll Love It: This easy to use microscope will open a world of things for him to explore. We bet he’ll love starting his journey by hatching the included brine shrimp eggs!

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#2 Razor “Dirt Rocket” Electric Motocross Bike

If you just guffawed a little when you read the word ‘motocross’, hear us out. This item is a scaled-down version of an adult’s bike, so you won’t have to worry about it dwarfing your boy. The Razor Dirt Rocket (check price on Amazonhas large tires, coupled with a dual suspension system and adjustable handlebars, make for a comfortable ride. The battery is good for about 40 minutes when fully charged, and the bike has a maximum speed of around 15 mph. You will need about 18 hours of charge time to get that battery to full power, so be sure to plan ahead when giving this gift.

Why He’ll Love It: If you have a boy who loves tooling around on a bicycle or skateboard, this next level vehicle won’t by any means be a tough sell.

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#3 Kano Computer Kit

If your special guy is interested in computers, it’s never too early to give him the tools he needs to expand his tech abilities. Compatible with any HDMI capable screen, the Kano Computer Kit (check price on Amazonallows him to build his own little computer. The step by step instructions will not only show him how to put his device together but will also introduce him to the world of coding.

Why He’ll Love It: There are plenty of challenges that will keep him engaged with this activity set. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to point to something and say they designed it all by themselves?

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#4 Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

To make outdoor play appealing to the younger, tech-oriented generation, sometimes you just need to add a little pizzaz. The extra-wide bounce tip gives this pogo stick extra stability, while still allowing for your boy to fine tune his balancing skills as he plays. The Flybar Foam Master (check price on Amazonhas foam-covered handles and non-slip foot pads which make for a safe pogoing experience. Ideal for kids in the 80 – 160 lb weight range, your boy will surely stand out when he shows off this unique present.

Why He’ll Love It: Learning how to pogo like a pro is a challenge, but once he masters it, he will be able to show off plenty of awesome tricks to his buddies.

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#5 Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

The Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition (check price on Amazonis definitely is a quality, well-made product (unlike the actual movies!). Anki designers put a lot of thought and ingenuity into this track. Your boy can add a unique personality to each character and race. There are six ways to play and there is an accompanying Fast and Furious app. This track combines advanced technology and hands-on play.

Why He’ll Love It: The Fast and Furious app has street racing and he can add weapons to make things more interesting.

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#6 Photosynthesis Strategy Board Game

The Photosynthesis strategy board game (check price on Amazon) is an ideal learning game for family night. It teaches about the simple and stunning life cycles plants go through. This is a great gift for a kiddo who loves to see the best in life and appreciates the artistic picture of nature. This game will teach the family how and where to sow seeds. He will create a green strategy and cultivate the best forest with this realistic game. Going green never looked so fun! He will also learn about the life cycles of trees from seedling to adulthood and the rebirth of plant life.

Why He’ll Love It: He will earn points from the leaves that gain energy from the sun.

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#7 Playz Kaboom!

The Kaboom Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit (check price on Amazon) is a whole lot of fun in one box. There’s nothing more exciting to a young boy than receiving a gift that says “explosive” on the box. Boys are curious creatures and this kit will teach him how to make his own rockets with hands-on activities. Yes…tangible fun and learning! Have him put away his video games and explore with 25 experiments and hours of learning fun.

Why He’ll Love It: He will be able to make a fuzzy bomb and explosive bag.

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#8 Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Does your boy need an edge in the latest Nerf war that is raging among his friends? This HyperFire Blaster (check price on Amazonshould do the trick. When the trigger is held down, this blaster can rapid-fire five darts per second, sending them spiraling up to 90 feet forward. A quick pull and release of the trigger will launch one dart at a time, great for those precision shots. When fully loaded, the attached drum can hold twenty-five foam projectiles, which are included with your purchase. Just remember that you will want to keep batteries at the ready; once they start to lose their power, so will the blaster’s rapid-fire abilities.

Why He’ll Love It: With this capable toy, he will be able to best anyone who dares challenge him to a Nerf off.

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How many gifts can you list that are great for family adventures AND can unearth buried treasure? If you said zero, we have great news. Capable of detecting virtually any metal, from gold to zinc, the Bounty Hunter metal detector (check price on Amazonwill sound the alarm on objects the size of a coin. Smaller targets can be identified under up to six inches of earth and larger items will register on the device even when they are hidden two feet deep. Lightweight and armed with a seven inch, waterproof coil, this metal detector’s power and sensitivity can be adjusted so that your boy doesn’t waste time digging up trash and only finds the good stuff.

Why He’ll Love It: This gift turns any camping trip, hike, or simple romp around the backyard into an exciting treasure hunt. Indiana Jones better watch out, because once your boy has this toy, there might just be a new king of adventurers.

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As the go-to family-friendly console, Nintendo has been wowing kids since the 1980s. With their latest gaming system, your boy will never know the annoyance of being stuck in front of one TV as he struggles to beat a seemingly impossible level of his favorite Mario game. The Nintendo Switch (check price on Amazonis just what its name suggests; your boy can seamlessly go from playing on the television to a handheld system. Easy to set up, it also allows friends to link up with each other’s consoles and compete against each other.

Why He’ll Love It: Nintendo’s seemingly endless library of games means that your boy will always be able to find something that interests him.

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#11 GoMoji Poop Emoji Bean Bag Chair

Are you looking for a gift that will light up your eleven-year old’s face? If so, have you considered a poop-emoji bean bag chair (check price on Amazon)? If not, it’s a good thing you found this article! In all seriousness, this silly chair comes covered in soft, cozy polyester with seams that are double stitched. And don’t worry; if you are not totally sold on giving your son a literal poop chair, it does come in other fun designs.

Toilet humor: if you can’t beat it, join in. Haha. Come on, you know he’ll love it!

Why He’ll Love It: It’s so light that he can drag it into any room in the house. Plus, the fart joke potential is endless with this gift!

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#12 Dragonwood Board Game of Dice & Daring

Since your boy is a few years off from being able to enjoy Game of Thrones in all of its, ahem, glory, why not sate his desire for a fantasy adventure with a kid-friendly game? Dragonwood (check price on Amazonis an epic board game that will transport the whole family into the realm of dragons and knights. A roll of the dice decides how he can proceed with his exciting journey and what maneuvers he can perform.

Why He’ll Love It: As he vies to be the player with the most points at the conclusion of the game, he will get to spend plenty of time in a makebelieve land fraught with dragons and heroes.

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#13 Thames & Kosmos Onyx Magic Set

If your boy is an aspiring magician or simply has an interest in playing tricks on Grandad, then the Onyx Magic Set (check price on Amazonis a fantastic gift option. The set provides 200 different tricks which he can practice before amazing his audience.

Thames & Kosmos are renowned for their science and engineering toys, so this kit is more serious thought through and designed than some of the cheaper alternatives.

It comes with 67 props and a 96-page color booklet. Also, your boy can jump online and watch tutorial videos to help him master the tricks in no time.

Why He’ll Love It: This backyard sport is an excellent way for her to have a bit of friendly competition with her family or her peers and it also helps her fine-tune her teamwork skills.

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What to Expect From Your 11 Year Old Boy

Your little boy is growing up quick. Pretty soon, birthdays will be less about toys and more about hitting the town with friends. His, not yours, we’re sorry to report. But before you are sitting with him, bickering about curfews and giving him girl advice, you get to enjoy a bit more ‘kid’ time. As he begins to round the corner into teenhood, plenty of things will be changing in his life

Here are some developments you will be seeing:

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • Continued development of coordination and balance;
  • Increased growth of muscles;
  • Small muscle coordination improves

Emotional Development

  • Admiration and/or imitation of older peers;
  • May be prone to mood swings;
  • Argumentative with authority figures;
  • Enjoys group activities;
  • Loyal to friends

Cognitive Development

  • Black and white thinking habits;
  • Increased attention span;
  • May mature slower than girls

Wrapping up

There will be days when you are talking to your eleven-year-old can feel like you are speaking to a peer, and times when you wonder if perhaps his crankiness is due to him needing a diaper change. Hey, no one said adolescence was easy and these next few years can certainly make you feel like you are living in some bizarre Twilight zone.

Your son will be going through plenty of emotional and physical growth over the next few years. While it might often seem like he doesn’t need you, we promise you he does. One great way to show him that you respect him as a maturing individual is making sure that when those gift giving events roll around, you choose a present that appeals to his interests.

Picking out toys for 11 year old boys can be tricky, so we hope this list has pointed you in a helpful direction. And remember; teach your little man that there is room for play in every day!

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