Best Toys & Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls (a VERY picky list)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on November 22nd, 2023
2 year old girl plays with toys

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Your little angel is no longer a baby. She’s officially a toddler! It’s an incredible time as she develops at an astounding rate. It is usually, however, a challenging time as she flexes her willpower, often defiantly.

The best toys for a 2 year old girl will match her hand and finger skills and her cognitive abilities. We’ve carefully researched and created a list of awesome toys that do just that. Plus, they come highly recommended by other parents.

Our top picks of gift ideas for 2 year old girls


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Balance bikes are small peddle-less bicycles that allow toddlers to develop their balance and have fun before they are ready for a regular bike. She’ll use her feet to push and when she’s mastered it she’ll be able to whizz along at quite some speed.

This gorgeous wooden balance bike by Kinderfeets  (check price on Amazon) is a favorite of ours. It has a carefully crafted frame made out of birch. This simply looks and feels stunning. The handlebars have handle grips for a secure hold and a rubber bumper to protect your tot’s hands should they bump into anything on their sides.


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If your daughter is a fan of the Stella doll, this is the perfect accessory to gift to her.

Any doll from the Stella line will fit into this stroller (check price on Amazon), as well as other brand dolls in her collection.

It is lightweight and easy to push, but don’t expect it to double as a walker for your tot; it’s not quite sturdy enough for that task.

Why She’ll Love It: Whether she’s practicing how to be a big sister, or just loves playing Mommy, this accessory will add plenty of joy to her free play.


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This is a beautifully crafted wooden toy kitchen by Hape (check price on Amazon) which will aid your little girl in her imaginative play for years to come. It has lovely red dials, a moveable tap and an oven door that opens and closes. It also has plenty of storage for all the kitchen accessories you’ll need to accompany it (we recommend Hape’s wooden kitchen accessories and wooden food set.)

What we love
  • This kitchen has everything your daughter will need to make delicious food for you and her friends to enjoy.
Watch for
  • Hape recommend this kitchen for ages 3+, however, our kids were ready for it sooner.


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Is your daughter looking to add some flair to her tea parties? These little cakes by Bee Smart (check price on Amazon) can add color and class to any get-together your tot has arranged for her dolls.

Realistically detailed and well made, these wooden cakes are small but can provide the finishing touch to an afternoon teddy bear brunch.

Why She’ll Love It: If your little girl loves being the perfect host, she’ll love setting out these stuffed desserts for her guests.


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This is a toy that is great for developing hand-eye coordination and creative thinking skills. For even more building options, these MerryHeart  Rainbow Stackers (check price on Amazon) pair fantastically with other block sets. However, they are great fun even when used by themselves. You can also work with your child on identifying colors with this award-winning toy.

Why She’ll Love It: If your kiddo loves building things, or enjoys knocking things over, there’s plenty of fun to be had with these stackers.


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If you’re looking for that special something to engage your daughter and give her a head start on schooling, this Vtech Activity Desk (check price on Amazon) might just be the toy for her. It includes a five-page learning activity book, transforms into an art station and chalkboard for doodling, and you can buy expansion packs for even more fun lessons on math, reading and more.

Why She’ll Love It: The diversity of this toy means that she won’t easily be bored. She’ll also love having her very own workstation for drawing.


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Your daughter can work on her fine motor skills and problem-solving skills as she figures out how to unlatch the doors and windows on this board. Once opened, they reveal the hidden illustrations that are both colorful and adorable. Together, you can work on counting skills, as well as animal and color recognition. The Melissa & Doug Latch Board (check price on Amazon) is high quality and sanded, so no need to worry about sharp corners.

Why She’ll Love It: Your tot will love uncovering the scenes hidden behind the wooden panels, and will feel a real sense of accomplishment as she figures out how the different latches work.


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Another member of the award-winning Stella doll line, this toy is perfect for encouraging caregiving skills. It comes with a magnetic binky, a removable onesie, and a doll-sized diaper.

The 15-inch Baby Stell Doll (check price on Amazon) is soft, snuggle-worthy and has adorable detailing. There are plenty of accessories you can purchase for the Stella dolls, including a stroller and extra outfits.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a wonderful toy for free play and will provide constant companionship for your baby girl.


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Roarin’ Tyler (check price on Amazon) is an engaging, interactive and adorable toy that your little girl will fall head over heels in love with. He has over 100 different movements and sounds, plus he responds when he’s given his favorite toy.

Why He’ll Love It: A clever, super cuddly and adorable toy. Your little girl won’t want to put him down!


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This is the little red wagon (check price on Amazon) with a modern twist. It features a removable canopy for sun protection, two seat belts for its passengers, and smooth plastic wheels that provide a quiet ride.

The assembly is easy, the materials are durable, and the wagon can support up to 75 pounds.

It’s a great way to get your kiddo outdoors and is easy to pull around while you take her for a spin around the yard.

Why She’ll Love It: She will love going on rides with her friend or sibling sitting next to her.


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This nifty Melissa & Doug wooden vacuum (check price on Amazon) will give your new little walker more confidence in those early standing stages. This colorful vacuum comes with a cleaning checklist and little wooden pieces that the vacuum will pick up as it is pushed over them. You can interact with your little precious and toss the pieces on the floor and watch in admiration as she tries to pick them up.

Why She’ll Love It: Mimicking adult behavior is so much fun for little ones! Doesn’t mean that they are training to be professionals, right?


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Here’s a fun, little interactive game you can play with your little sweetheart. Peaceable Kingdom Where’s Bear (check price on Amazon) is a perfect way to introduce her to board games while helping her develop her fine-motor skills. You can enthrall her while telling her tales of monkeys and showing her the different parts of the animals. She’ll also be able to learn tossing and catching with her little hands as well as maneuvering the colorful cards that will get you both up and moving as you follow their instructions.

Why She’ll Love It: She loves spending time with you! It’s a great way to help her with learning skills while enjoying quality time with her.


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If you live in a climate with chilly winters, you already know why warm winter-wear like this Soft Pom Pom Beanie Hat (check price on Amazon) is important for your little one. Protection against the harsh temperatures keeps her both safe and comfortable, and the warm fleece lining of this cute pink hat will help her retain body heat while also looking stylish and adorable.

The hat features a classic cable knit pattern with a ribbed, folded cuff, and is topped with a fluffy pink pom pom that makes a fun accent. Parents should note that in order to preserve the integrity of the pom pom, this hat should be hand-washed only.


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Encouraging engagement with musical instruments at an early age is great for kids, as it boosts their creativity, encourages motor skill development, and can help them establish a sense of rhythm. This sturdy little drop from PlanToys (check price on Amazon) features a triangular red and blue tribal-style pattern which runs around the circumference of the side.

On the top, a swirling cutout creates different sound areas – when your child strikes each area of the drum with her mallet, a different melodic sound will be created. She’ll love exploring the different sounds she can create, and will stretch her creative muscles as she begins endeavoring to arrange them into a tune.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a sturdy drum that makes different sounds depending on where it’s being struck, allowing kids to create their own tunes.


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Playing with trains encourages two-year-olds to use their hands for grasping, placing, and pushing. It also motivates creative storytelling play, which is an important part of the way they learn to relate to others. My First Railway from Brio (check price on Amazon) features safe, easy-to-connect wooden track pieces which ascend and descend via a cute rainbow suspension bridge.

There’s also a land bridge and on and off-ramp pieces that add a cute realistic touch, and an engine and wagon with fun, engaging audio features. It’s very basic, which is perfect for her at two, but it’s also compatible with the rest of the Brio railway system, so the set can easily be expanded upon later if it becomes a favorite toy.

Why She’ll Love It: The tracks are easy to assemble, she can change the layout, and it’s a fun vehicle for creative storytelling play


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Around two years of age, kids begin to engage in important creative role play in the form of mimicking the adults around them. They’re eager to pretend they’re spending time in the kitchen, office, or garage, play which teaches basic life skills, social skills, and empathy. This fully stocked kitchen playset from Step2 (check price on Amazon) has fun details that go a step beyond the average play kitchen, including an articulated “stone” awning over the stovetop, opening cabinets, an archway with a photo, and even a stocked-up spice rack.

She’ll also love the play fridge, which opens and features a front “ice-maker”. A pull-out recycle bin and two storage bins also add extra nooks and crannies for storing play food and accessories.

Why She’ll Love It: There’s tons of cool details to enjoy, including an oven, stovetop, coffee maker, sink, microwave, fridge, ice maker, utensils, decorations, and storage


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Sensory play is one way that two-year-olds learn through interacting with their environment, and a water table is a great way to encourage water play in a way that’s totally safe and keeps mess contained. This Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table (check price on Bed Bath & Beyond) stands 32″ tall and is topped with a “rainfall” water feature triggered when she pours water from the bucket into the table’s top basin.

Also included are a water wheel, extra scooping cups, and frog and fish water squirters that are perfect for playtime with her friends. Playing with her water table can help her learn cause and effect, and there’s plenty of room for her to share the table with pals or siblings.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a great way for her to get the sensory engagement of water play without soaked clothes or a messy, muddy backyard


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Pushing, pulling, grasping, and placing are all an important part of your two-year-old’s motor development. Melissa & Doug are all about making toys that facilitate learning and imagination, and these colorful pull-back construction vehicles (check price on Target) encourage your child to improve their mental and motor skills by rolling, pushing, and using their imagination. A crane, loader, mixer, and dump truck are all included in this safety-focused set, which has wheels that won’t pinch her fingers and soft, squishy vehicle bodies that are easy to grasp.

The wheels also have an exciting “rev-up” mechanism that works with only a little push, so she’ll love seeing her vehicles take off at fun, toddler-safe speeds.

Why She’ll Love It: These soft cars are easy to grap, have real, working wheels, and even have an acceleration boost that makes play more exciting


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If your little one has a special affinity for her collection of stuffed animals, there’s no doubt that she’ll be excited by the addition of this soft and plushy pachyderm to her menagerie. KINREX’s Baby Elephant Plush (check price on Walmart) has great big ears and a flipped up trunk that make him look extra-sweet. He’s covered in a soft polyester plush that’s comforting to touch, and he makes a great bedtime companion for kids who like to take their stuffies to bed. At 9″ x 9″, he’s not a huge plush — just the right size for your toddler, but he won’t take up tons of space in your already-packed playroom.


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If your toddler’s favorite nighttime activity is wiggling around on the family room couch, this might just be a gift for both of you. This 2 in 1 flip open Minnie Mouse sofa (check price on Walmart) is made just for her – it’s toddler-sized, made of durable, comfortable foam, and even flips out into a sleeping pallet for her to take a nap or stretch out and relax as she watches a movie or plays with her toys.

Cheerful Minnie adorns the front of the pink-patterned sofa, making it a great pick for little Disney lovers. It’s an ideal addition to your living room that gives your little one a sitting spot that’s just for her, and the washable, removable slipcover makes it simple to keep her sofa clean.

Why She’ll Love It: These soft cars are easy to grap, have real, working wheels, and even have an acceleration boost that makes play more exciting

What to expect from your 2 year old girl

Your little girl has moved on from a phase which was all about touching and tasting. Now, her cognitive abilities are blossoming and she will begin to problem solve and realize the principle of cause and effect. In turn, her play will take on a new, more advanced level of sophistication.

Here’s what to expect between the ages of 2 and 3 (Source):

Body, hand and finger skills

  • Jumps whilst standing;
  • Starts to run;
  • Able to grip pens;
  • Can walk up and down stairs;
  • Can do simple jigsaws

Emotional development

  • Doesn’t share (which is to be expected so don’t feel you need to teach or force her);
  • Sings nursery songs;
  • Watches other kids and begins to play with them;
  • Expresses new emotions such as sympathy and pity;
  • Enjoys praise;
  • Knows her place within family;
  • Takes her time and won’t be rushed!

Cognitive development

  • Can identify several body parts;
  • Learn up to 1000 words this year!
  • Informs you that she needs the toilet;
  • States her name when asked;
  • Begins to enquire, “what’s this?”

Wrapping up

This year, your little girl will begin having some pretty decent and incredibly adorable conversations with you. Her cognitive abilities, and especially her language, is coming along in leaps and bounds.

We’ve chosen toys that will fit nicely with her growth, both physically and mentally. They ought to be perfect for engaging her problem-solving mind and keeping her body and hands busy.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on November 22nd, 2023