Top 10 Best Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys (New for 2017)

Searching for the perfect toy or gift for a 7 year old boy? Look no further. As parents and nerds we got busy compiling the ultimate list. We focused on his physical ability and expanding social skills. Each toy plays to his strengths and tests him in a way that is challenging but fun.

7 year olds are generally past the ‘transformative’ years of physical development. Now, it’s about slow and steady refinement of motor skills. He will be constantly embracing new challenges and will revel in showing you new tricks on his stunt scooter or fidget spinner.

Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

#1 Kano Computer Kit

“Make a computer, learn to code”

We love it!

This ingenious machine is a simple and fun self-build computer for kids. Kano, the company behind it, has done a brilliant job of making computer building and coding easy-to-follow, exciting, and accessible for all kids – no prior experience needed.

The kit features a beautifully designed book which explains and demonstrates step-by-step how to build the computer from scratch using various real-life components.

The fun and learning don’t stop once the Kano computer has been built. With the computer fully operational, children will then follow along with various interactive projects which teach how to code art, music, and games. This is problem-solving at it’s best and real preperation for the technical career that may lie ahead.

Why He’ll Love It: He will also be able to use his self-made computer to play games, write stories, browse the web, and watch YouTube!

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#2 K’NEX Building Set

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set

The best thing about K’Nex is that your little guy can build things that are moveable. Not to mention, he will be working on his fine motor, creative, problem-solving, and even his engineering skills.

Some of the mini-pieces might be a bit tricky for some younger kids, but it’s certainly a kit that has plenty of building options. Better yet, it comes with a “treasure chest” so that those pieces don’t go missing after playtime.

Why He’ll Love It: The included instructions show your boy how to build 35 models, so there are enough activities to keep him busy for more than one play session.

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#3 Cozmo the AI Robot

Cozmo, your child’s first robot, with artificial intelligence. Welcome to the future! This cute and clever robotic toy has gone viral, quickly topping many toy charts. Cozmo has face recognition and gets excited when he recognizes people. He can also laugh, joke, and express hundreds of other emotions.

As he moves about Cozmo maps out his surroundings, meaning he won’t crash nor fall off tables. Add to this the Code Lab smartphone app, and things really get exciting: Kids can use their smartphones to learn code and program Cozmo to do various things with the power cubes, such as building towers or arranging them in custom ways.

Finally, Cozmo has several interactive games which he will challenge your child to. Kid vs Robot… GO!

Why He’ll Love It: Cozmo is super intelligent and feels like a robotic playmate. Plus, he’ll get to learn basic programming.

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#4 Dodge Tag

Diggin Active Dodge Tag

As the name suggests, this game promotes a marriage between dodgeball and tag. Designed for two players, each child wears a mesh vest. Whoever can get the most balls to stick to the other’s vest is the winner. It’s a simple game that promotes strategy thinking, hand-eye coordination, and physical activity.

It’s a simple game that promotes strategy thinking, hand-eye coordination, and physical activity.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a great outdoor game and your boy will love throwing and dodging the soft, light balls.

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#5 Nerf N-Strike StratoBow

Nerf N-Strike StratoBow Bow

This is a fun way to work on that hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Your boy can fire 15 darts up to 85 feet away without having to stop and reload. As he pulls back the string and releases, one dart fires and the next is immediately ready to go. Set up a little target course, and your kiddo will have plenty of fun.

Why He’ll Love It: We think you would be pretty hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t want his very own bow.

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#6 Venom Remote Control Boat

Venom remote control boat

Your boy can work on those spatial awareness skills as he races this boat in a pool, lake, or calm river.

It can move forward, backward, right, and left and has a range of about 300 feet. This RC boat also comes with a self-right feature that can be activated if the ship rolls over, and a low battery warning so that your little guy knows when to start bringing the boat to shore.

Why He’ll Love It: He’ll have a great time with a solo “boat trip” and can also race with other RC boats without having to worry about interference from the other controllers.

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#7 The Original Walkaroo Lightweight Stilts

The Original Walkaroo JR. Lightweight Stilts

Your kiddo can work on his balance with these adjustable stilts. The legs have non-slip grips on their feet, and there is an ergonomic “S” design where the shoulders rest to prevent the aluminum frame from digging into your his upper back. They’re lightweight but sturdy and will encourage your son to get active.

Why He’ll Love It: As he masters walking with the foot rests on the lower levels, you can raise them higher to give him yet another challenge so that he won’t get bored.

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#8 Thames & Kosmos TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope

The TKx400i is a serious microscope but also easy to use for youngsters. Objects are lit by two powerful LEDs and magnified up to 400-times by quality optic lenses. Your child can get creative, placing various objects and substances under the microscope. As they do, they will be transported into the incredible microscopic world.

An accompanying full-color 48-page handbook provides tons of ideas for what to look at and teaches kids all about the science and art of microscopy.

Why He’ll Love It: Although it’s child-friendly, this microscope doesn’t feel “kiddy”. It’s serious and will encourage some true scientific discovery.

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#9 LEGO CITY Fire Station

LEGO CITY Fire Station

Your son can construct his very own firehouse and garages with this kit. It has a total of 919 pieces, and six LEGO figures, a pole for the firefighters to “slide” down, and several other accessory pieces come included.

Not only is this set great for promoting direction following and motor skills, it also provides the perfect opportunity to go over important fire safety lessons.

Why He’ll Love It: There’s plenty to build in this kit and, with the included accessories and figures, he can have a blast engaging in free play once the buildings and vehicles are put together.

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#10 Power Wheels Wild Thing

Power Wheels Wild Thing

This wild ride-on toy has a top speed of 5mph and can turn on the spot. It’s intuitive to maneuver, so your kiddo will have it mastered in no time. After that, he’ll be racing around the garden like Mad Max.

Make sure he’s supervised if using it on the street – it’s very low which makes it difficult for car drivers to see.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s easy to use and 5mph feels speedier than you imagine.

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What to Expect From Your 7 Year Old Boy

7 year olds are becoming more self-aware and form stronger opinions. Indeed, they may start to act, walk and talk pretty grown up, but remember, they are still fragile and need your warmth and encouragement. Make the most of the cuddling and hand-holding whilst you can, it won’t last for long!

Here are a few things you can look out for as your little man goes through his eighth year (source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • There is now a real variety in activity level between boys;
  • Rides a bike and starts doing tricks (if he’s into it);
  • Great at running;
  • Perilously good at climbing!

Emotional Development

  • More independent;
  • Able to get on and finish tasks by himself;
  • Tends to sulk when upset;
  • Has high expectations of himself and gets disappointed if he fails to meet them;
  • Sensitive to how others see him; especially to praise or blame;
  • Doesn’t like to lose and will cheat or storm off if it’s about to happen;
  • Thoughtful of others;
  • Conscious of right and wrong

Cognitive Development

  • Speaks fluently including idioms and slang;
  • Gets cause and effect;
  • Gets very focused and filters out background distraction;
  • Very good problem-solving ability;
  • Getting better at sensing and judging time

Toys & Gifts by Age

Looking for another toy or gift? Have another child in mind?

Check out our carefully curated lists of games, puzzles and toys for different ages and stages. The items on each have been chosen to match your kid’s physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

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Quick, make the most of your little sweetheart whilst he is still okay with a kiss and a cuddle. Soon he’ll be embarrassed and feel like he’s too old for it.

Our list of toys has been carefully chosen to suit his physical skills and his appetite for problem-solving. We hope he enjoys them.

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