Best Toys & Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys (a VERY picky 2019 list)

Looking for the perfect gift or toys for 9 year old boys? Look no further. We are both parents and nerds when it comes to researching and testing games, gear, and gadgets. We’ve rounded up a list that is sure to be a hit. Each item has been chosen to nurture his insatiable curiosity in the world around him and allow him to share his play with friends.

We’ve rounded up a list that is sure to be a hit. Each item has been chosen to nurture his insatiable curiosity in the world around him and allow him to share his play with friends.

Our Top Picks

- Carefully curated gift ideas for 9 year old boys -

#1 Piper Computer Kit with Minecraft Raspberry Pi

The Piper Minecraft Raspberry Pi Kit (check price on Amazon) represents all that is positive about technology put into an incredibly fun, engaging, and interactive learning toy. Here’s what the makers, Piper, have to say:

“The Piper Computer Kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own computer. Inside, you will also find our revolutionary learning system that teaches kids engineering and programming through a combination of engaging storylines, physical building, and Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.”

The set comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box with an inbuilt LCD screen. An easy-to-follow storybook takes kids step-by-step through the assembly of various components until they have created a genuine working computer.

Once complete, he’ll get playful projects that will teach him coding and programming, including hacking his favorite – Minecraft!

If you’re not convinced yet, the Piper computer kit has one of the highest customer reviews we’ve seen on Amazon, plus it’s picked up a ton of toy and educational awards.

Piper computer awards

Why He’ll Love It: He will literally build his first computer from scratch with easy-to-follow instructions. The design is so colorful and fun that it will make the process highly enjoyable.

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#2 National Geographic Metal Detector

National Geographic Metal Detector

This product has several detecting and sensitivity levels and can find objects buried up to ten feet in the ground. The National Geographic Metal Detector (check price on Amazon) is lightweight and foldable for easy portability and comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can adjust the height so your little man can easily wield this fun tool and, if you don’t mind the occasional hole being dug in the yard, it’s a fantastic way to get your boy out and about.

Why He’ll Love It: Your kiddo will love scouring nearby areas for hidden treasures. It’s also perfect for a day at the beach, as the coil is waterproof.

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#3 Nerf Zombie Strike Sledge Fire Blaster Set

Nerf Zombie Strike Sledge Fire Blaster Set

If the Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that one can never be too prepared for a potential zombie invasion. The Nerf Zombie Strike (check price on Amazon) gun fires three darts at once, and the attached ammo storage makes it easy for your boy to reload quickly.

This toy is great for getting your son outside and active, and you can help him set up targets to work on those hand-eye coordination skills.

Why He’ll Love It: He can play alone and work on his target hitting talents, or grab some friends for a fun game of zombies vs. hunters.

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#4 Force1 RC Quadcopter Drone (with Camera + Headless Mode

Drone with Camera and Headless Mode

Not only does the headless design make flying easier, but this Force1 RC Drone (check price on Amazon) can also be maneuvered to perform tricks while in flight. It also utilizes a six-axis gyro stability and can withstand those slightly windy days.

This product does not broadcast live pictures or videos to your phone, but you can view what the drone captured on the included SD card once you land.

Why He’ll Love It: With your help, he can learn how to do all sorts of stunts with this product. Plus, he’ll love going through the SD card to see what the drone’s camera captured.

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#5 3Doodler 3D Pen for Kids

The future is here with 3D pen technology, and the 3Doodler (check price on Amazon) makes it safe and accessible to children. The 3D pen itself has been carefully designed with no hot touchable parts. It also uses non-toxic eco-plastic.

The 3Doodler creative kit comes with a guide and tools to make it easy for beginners to master 3D drawing.

Why He’ll Love It: He’ll be mesmerized by the quick-drying plastic which leaves a solid trail in the air as he draws. He’ll soon create 3D sculptures and structures.

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#6 Top Race® Remote Control Excavator

Top Race® Remote Control Excavator

This toy can be operated from up to 100 feet away and performs just like a real excavator, so Top Race Excavator TR-211 (check price on Amazon) really digs and can be used to transport the mined materials.

Don’t panic at the thought of your yard being destroyed though. It’s just 16″ long, which is not big enough to dig any major holes, but big enough to see and operate from a good distance away.

Why He’ll Love It: With a rotating cab and tracks that can traverse several terrain types, he’ll get a kick out of having his own little piece of construction equipment.

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#7 Rylai DIY Wooden Miniature Caravan

DIY Wooden Miniature Caravan

Your boy can stretch his creative muscles and build his own little space with this miniature caravan.

It’s small, about 13.8″ x 8.7″ x 8.7″ when assembled, and requires a bit of patience to put together properly.

Since this Rylai 3D Puzzle (check price on Amazon) is a DIY product, you may need to hand-sand or cut pieces to fit. Also, glue does not come included, so be sure to have some on hand.

Why He’ll Love It: He can decorate the little space how he sees fit and put his hard work on display for all to see.

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#8 Merge VR/AR Goggles

Video games are a favorite past time of nine-year-old boys, so when you can enhance their experience by introducing them to something new like these Merge VR/AR goggles (check price on Amazon), they are sure to love it. This immersive headset is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so no matter which device is prominent in your home, you can control it with ease.

Why He’ll Love It: There are more than 300 applications available to enjoy on this system, so the different types of experiences that he’ll enjoy will vary quite a bit, especially if he’s are open to educational as well as gaming content.

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#9 Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Question: Does your 9-year-old boy watch pro scooter vlogs? You know, the videos where spotty teens talk incessantly at the camera before doing the odd scooter trick? If the answer is ‘yes’ but he doesn’t yet own a pro scooter, then he’ll love you for this gift.

(If you are new to the world of kids scooters, then check out our scooter guide first.)

The Fuzion Z300 pro scooter (check price on Amazon) is great for new riders. It is lightweight, durable, and handles nicely. At the same time, it is a serious pro scooter and will keep pace with your child as they improve and learn to perform advanced moves.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a respected scooter that will get him kudos among his rider friends.

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#10 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Every nine-year-old boy loves LEGO, but sets like LEGO Harry Potter (check price on Amazonones are a hands-down smash hit for a boy this age, especially if he’s a Harry Potter super fan. This set is designed to give your kid all of the tools that he needs to build the great hall, and there are even house banners and a moveable staircase to make the world of Harry Potter come to life.

Why He’ll Love It: He will be able to play out his favorite Harry Potter scenes with figures of his favorite characters from the books and the movies, and there are even magical creatures to defeat.

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#11 Deluxe Art Set

Deluxe Art Set

Let’s face it; childhood isn’t complete without at least one art kit. Plus, there are a huge number of developmental benefits that kids get from learning art. This Deluxe Art Set (check price on Amazonis a high-quality set made up of all the materials your boy will need to bring his expressive nature to life; paints, colored pencils, oil pastels, brushes, paper and a painter’s palette.

When buying, be sure to select the pack with the sketch pads if you want these included.

Why He’ll Love It: From doodles to drawings, he’ll be proud to display his hard work on the mantel or fridge.

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#12 Flybar Master Pogo Stick

As a nine-year-old boy, your child is probably looking for fun new ways to explore the neighborhood. He may have a bike or a scooter, but nothing is going to be more enjoyable for him than bouncing around on a pogo stick. The best part is that the Flybar Master Pogo Stick (check price on Amazon) has a foam covered frame and handlebars so that your child can safely enjoy this way of moving around town.

We should probably say, pogo sticks are not what they used to be. They are now highly engineered to enable huge jumps. (Want to learn more? Check out our detailed guide.)

Why He’ll Love It: This pogo stick is an excellent option for tricks, so if your kid wants to show off a few moves, this pogo stick makes it very simple.

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#13 Giant Jenga

You can’t grow into a proper adult without having played at least one Jenga game. This ‘classic’ is a fun and easy way to work on problem-solving, strategy, and fine motor skills.

But wait:

GIANT Jenga (check price on Amazon) takes it to a whole new (crazy) level! With 54 huge wooden bricks, the stack can grow to over 4-foot high. This leads to hilarious consequences and will have him and his friends squealing with delight when it tumbles.

Why He’ll Love It: This is an excellent group activity that he can play with friends or family, but he can also play solo to see how long he can keep the tower standing.

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#14 Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

Destined to become the next ubiquitous tween trend, Razor Jetts Heel Wheels (check price on Amazon) are a whole lot of fun. Like something out of Back to the Future, these futuristic contraptions strap on to your boy’s shoes giving him two wheels on each heel. Now, with a bit of practise, he can push off and then cruise around, rolling on his heels.

The Jetts Heel Wheels can be fitted with proprietary spark pads which leave an awesome trail of sparks when they grind on a concrete surface.

This product fits all shoe sizes (youth 12 through adult 12) and the securing mechanism clips on and off quickly.

Why He’ll Love It: He can seamlessly go between walking and cruising down the street.

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#15 My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

The Mind Blowing Science kit (check price on Amazon) is without a doubt one of the best science kits for kids on the market. It is a best seller and comes very highly rated by parents.

Packed into this one kit are 11 dynamic, colorful, and explosive activities. Each is chemistry based and has been designed to encourage child-led learning. In the box are various scientific test tubes, swabs, a pipette, and measuring scoops, and that’s all before you begin to open the sealed bags full of kid-friendly chemicals and organic substances.

Why He’ll Love It: He’ll make magic ooze, create a volcano, grow giant crystals, witness liquids that incredibly switch colors… and that’s just the start.

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What to Expect From Your 9 Year Old Boy

Your 9 year old boy has reached an important time of transition. He is growing more independent and is ready to take on bigger responsibilities. Friendship and social dynamics now play a huge role in his play.

Here are more milestones to watch out for (Source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • Smoother and stronger muscles allow for more athletic or dance based activities;
  • He may get into competitive sports and enjoys the social aspect of it;
  • Loves physical activities and may not know when to stop

Emotional Development

  • Tends to be more stable and balanced;
  • Becoming more helpful and can be depended upon with bigger responsibilities;
  • Enjoys organization and planning his week and activities;
  • Good at decision making;
  • Can be very critical of girls;
  • May start taking pride in cleaning his own room

Cognitive Development

  • Now very good at reading and writing;
  • Gives full effort to both work and play;
  • Talks about sex with friends;
  • Enjoys picking up facts and information;
  • Is anxious to well at school;
  • Knows his preferred learning methods

Wrapping up

On the cusp of puberty, your little man is about to go through a major change. Enjoy this final moment of childhood before he hits adolescence. He may seem grown up, but it is still important to nurture and love him, he is far more sensitive than he lets on.

When choosing the best toys and games for 9 year old boys, we went for ones which would feed his curiosity and thirst for learning, and also his strong desire to play with friends.

We hope he enjoys them!

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