Have a Ball With These Bowling Puns

These hilarious bowling puns are sure to strike your funny bone.

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

Ten-pin bowling is an indoor game loved by children and adults alike in countries all around the world. The aim of the game is to roll your heavy ball down the lane and knock over the pins – strike!

In the game of cricket and baseball, the pitcher bowls the ball to the batsman in an attempt to hit the wicket.

Bowling encourages children to have fun and learn their numbers in a relaxed way.

So have a laugh with these 50 jokes which will be right up your lane.

  1. Bowling has been a real pins-piration for me. 
  2. I’m not the best bowler, but I can strike a pose.
  3. The bowler kept stopping the game. He was on pins and needles.
  4. The lights went out at the bowling arcade. The bowler was up a blind alley.
  5. The bowler was sharp in his game. He could pin-point any problem.
  6. Did you hear about the bowler who beat a clairvoyant? He striked a happy medium.
  7. The bowling expert was so chatty. He’d always strike up a conversation.
  8. Why was the bowler busy? He was fielding offers.
  9. The bowling alley wouldn’t let me bowl. I have a strike against me.
  10. The bowler was called ‘The Silent Assassin’. You could hear a pin drop.
  11. What do you call a rude bowler? A gutter mouth.
  12. Get ready to “strike” it lucky at the bowling alley!
  13. Where do bowlers like to go on holiday? Alley-fornia.
  14. Why do bowlers choose their own shoes? So they can step up their game.
  15. What’s a space bowler? Alley-ien.
  16. I had a strike of genius when I thought up this bowling pun.
  17. Bowling Ball canceled his trip to Louisiana. There were too many alley-gators.
  18. What did the bowler do when he had an idea? Stuck a pin in it.
  19. Mr Bowls lost the game. He bowled his eye out.
  20. What did the bowler say after the game? Ball’s well that ends well.
  21. What’s the name of the move the bowler made? The Bo-wler Con-strike-tor.
  22. The bowler was out of order. He was in the gutter.
  23. Why do bowling balls busk? They get lots of money in their bowler hat.
  24. Bowlers are great at poker. They have a dead-pin face.
  25. Miss Bowls left home. She wanted to strike out on her own.
  26. The bowler fell over whilst cleaning his trophies. It was a trip down memory lane. 
  27. What did the bowling detective say at the crime scene? Things don’t add up.
  28. Joe tried his luck bowling. It was pretty average.
  29. Bowlers love driving cars. They take them for a spin.
  30. Why did the bowling ball split up with his other half? He was over it.
  31. Bowling balls are so romantic. It’s adora-bowl.
  32. The bowling alley has a strict no-shoe policy, so you can really bowl in your socks.
  33. The bowler won a dancing competition. He received a gutter-ball.
  34. The bowler graduated from university. He got a master’s in spin.
  35. How did the bowler get to the game? He got a wicket to ride.
  36. What do bees bowl with? A whole ball of wax.
  37. The bowler was losing. His competitor spared him.
  38. Where do balls go to become famous? The Hollywood Bowl.
  39. Bowling for kids has really ramped up.
  40. What does a bowler like to eat? A banana split.
  41. The bowler’s car broke down. Luckily he had a spare.
  42. The bowler lost the game. There is no point crying over split milk.
  43. I’m bowl-dazzled by your puns!
  44. Why are bowling alleys so quiet? So you can hear the pin drop.
  45. My first job was at a bowling alley. I was tenpin.
  46. The pin was arrested for murder. He was framed.
  47. The bowling ball is gorgeous. It’s a perfect ten-pin.
  48. How is a bowling ball like a child’s explanation? They’re both full of holes.
  49. When my bowling husband needs help I’m always ready to lend a finger.
  50. My friend is amazing at bowling. He’s got a good frame of mind.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023