50 Bread Puns That’ll Make You Loaf Out Loud

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 9th, 2023

Let the good times roll and check out these 50 bread puns.

The statement ‘give us our daily bread ‘ is accurate. Bread is a staple of our diet and we can eat it at every meal. We may have our toast in the morning, soup and bread for lunch, and pizza for dinner.

From ancient times, bread is a source of nourishment and comfort. These days we have so many bread-related dishes from around the world. With social media posts, we can view and make a variety of bread.

As bread can be used in different ways it’s also the but of many jokes.

So, let’s get cooking with these bread jokes and have some bun.

  1. If you knead a little love, then you can make bread for everyone.
  2. You can always count on bread to rise to the occasion.
  3. The breadwinner was always looking for an extra loaf.
  4. The baker was always looking for ways to earn a little extra dough.
  5. I bready made up my mind on what kind of bread to get. 
  6. Bread doesn’t play games as there’s always a stalemate.
  7. When do you eat hot cross buns? At Y-easter.
  8. Why did the baker throw bread at the mental patients? He wanted to make dough-nuts.
  9. If you knead a pun, just ask a baker.
  10. I just ate the most delicious sandwich, it was a real bread-winner.
  11. When the baker had a problem, he kneaded help.
  12. What did the bread say when it was stuck in the toaster? I’m toast!
  13. The bread felt really grateful that day. He took time to smell the flours.
  14. Baking puns is a piece of cake.
  15. What did the sandwich say when it saw the lettuce? Lettuce celebrate!
  16. The condiment went to bread’s house and asked, Mayo come in?
  17. I’m really into bread-ucation.
  18. If bread could talk, it would be a real yeast-sayer. 
  19. What did the bread say when it was served for dinner? Dough’nt mind if I do!
  20. If you cover yourself with bread, what are you? Toast-ie.
  21. Bakers like to keep up with the news. They read ‘The Daily Bread’. 
  22. What did the bread say when it was put in the oven? Here I dough!
  23. If you can’t stand the yeast, get out of the kitchen.
  24. What did the baker say when he was making bagels? Let’s get the hole thing rolling.
  25. Why did the baker quit his job? He was feeling dough-pressed.
  26. What did the bread say when it bumped into the wall? Oh, crumbs!
  27. Bakers are always kneaded, not wanted.
  28. Why are crusts so crusty? It’s because they have a crumb-ination of ingredients.
  29. I’m a real crust-omaniac when it comes to making the perfect crust. 
  30. I don’t know why people always try to baguette away when I ask them to hang out at the bakery.
  31. The baker was so proud of his loaf he couldn’t wheat to show it off.
  32. I’m rolling with these bread puns.
  33. The baker kneaded the dough too hard. He was rolling with the punches.
  34. This bread is bun-sational!
  35. Eating buns is one of my favorite hobbies, I’m a real bun-atic.
  36. What do you call a loaf’s baby? A bun-dle of joy.
  37. This sandwich is un-bagel-ieveable.
  38. Where does bread go when it feels sick? A dough-tor.
  39. I’m always looking for a knead to im-prove.
  40. I bought different kinds of bread at the bakery. It’s a real mixed bag-uette.
  41. Eating bread is soup-er.
  42. How does bread say cheers? They raise a toast.
  43. I’m so full of this portobello sandwich. There’s not mush-room.
  44. Let’s get toasted with this panini-licious sandwich!
  45. I’m focaccia-mazed by your puns.
  46. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what kneads to be done, just ask the bread.
  47. I don’t always eat burgers, but when I do, I go buns-ness class.
  48. When I heard about a burger with a side of fries, I said, That’s a patty-perfect meal.
  49. This bread is really sour-doughing my mood.
  50. These bread puns are making me roll with laughter.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 9th, 2023