Light Up With Laughter With These 50 Candle Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023

Check out these 50 candle puns and you’ll be glowing with laughter.

Candles, they shine in the darkness and cast shadows on the walls. We all love playing hand shadows and coming up with funny creatures. When there is a black out or we find ourselves in the dark, candles bring a feeling of warmth and security.

We offer them in prayer to remember our loved ones. They are also used at milestone events such as birthdays, a candle-lit dinner or at Haloween.

Candles give a feeling of anticipation and fun. So get fired up by checking out these candle jokes.

  1. I was going to tell a joke about a candle, but it just went up in flames.
  2. What did the candle say when he was blown out? “That was wick-ed!”
  3. Why did the candle go to the movies? He wanted to watch a flick.
  4. I need to learn how to make my own candle scents. I’m completely in the dark.
  5. I’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to make candles for my new business.
  6. What did the candle do when it was tired? It went to bed and snuffed it.
  7. I’m trying to decide between a scented or unscented candle. It’s a real wick-or-miss situation.
  8. I’m waxing poetic with these candle puns.
  9. What did the candle say when it was scared? “I’m in a wick-y situation!”
  10. What did Mr. Candle say when he was teaching his students? “Let there be light.”
  11. Why did the candle go to the doctor? It had a burning sensation.
  12. I’m lighting up the room with my candle puns.
  13. Why was the candle so happy? He was feeling on top of the wick.
  14. I went to the candle party. It was lit!
  15. The candle was depressed. It had lost its spark.
  16. Why did the flamingo go to the beach? To get a ‘pink-tini’!
  17. The candle won the race. He snuffed out the competition.
  18. I don’t care a wick for my candle problems.
  19. Why did the candle jump out of an airplane? He wanted to be a candle in the wind.
  20. Don’t make the wick angry. It’ll fly off the candle.
  21. Candles love playing soccer. They kick the whole ball of wax.
  22. Why was the candle crying? Someone left him at the altar.
  23. When it comes to wax, don’t be a drip!
  24. Why was the cow angry with the farmer? He made a moo-stake.
  25. Why did the candle get so hot while studying? It was burning the midnight oil.
  26. The paper turned red. It was about to flip.
  27. My candle puns will shed some light on the situation.
  28. Why was candle so popular? He had a glow about hime.
  29. Did you go to the theatre production by candles? Yes, it had a glowing review.
  30. Why do candles go to the gym? To feel the burn.
  31. When candles are burned for too long it’s like torch-ure.
  32. How do candles celebrate their birthday? Blow themselves out.
  33. Why did the candle have to go to the doctor? It had a wick-ache.
  34. When two candles come together it spark off a conversation.
  35. Nobody likes candles as they’re a bit of a drip.
  36. Where do candles like to visit? Madame Tussaud’s.
  37. How do you know which path to take in life? Light a candle.
  38. Who’s that with candle? Oh, that’s just his recent flame.
  39. Candles love the moon when it’s waxing.
  40. Don’t worry, my puns are not gonna burn out anytime soon. 
  41. Where do baby candles go? To candle-garten.
  42. What do candle magicians say? Abra-candelabra.
  43. Why is everyone wanting to buy this candle? Cause it’s smokin.
  44. The candle was taken off the shop shelf. It had no scent-s.
  45. What do candle do at dinner? Table-talk.
  46. Candle love to dance especially tap-er dancing.
  47. When candles sleep they lan-tern in for the night.
  48. Why was the candle not afraid when he got lost in a tunnel? There was a glimmer of hope.
  49. Candle was a Karate champion. He could wax on and wax off.
  50. What sweets can you make out of wax? Candl-ies.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023