50 Corn Puns (Just Lend Me Your Ears)

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023

If you are up for a laugh, here are some corny jokes and puns, you can sink your teeth into.

Corn is our favorite vegetable, it pops up everywhere. At the movie theatre, for breakfast, and at barbeques and events. We love that crunch when eating our cereal or biting into a corn-on-the-cob.

As corn is one of our food staples, it is also a main ingredient when telling jokes.

You’ll a-maize your friends with these 50 corn puns that are so hilarious you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

  1. Why is it easy to harvest corn? They have so many corn-ers.
  2. Spiders love cornfields. That’s where they make their cob-webs.
  3. If puns were corn, I’d be a-maize-ingly good at them.
  4. Corn-gratulations, you’ve just ear-ned an earful of puns!
  5. What job does an ear of corn do? A Cob-bler.
  6. The corn was feeling so proud of itself when it was harvested, it was positively ear-flated.
  7. Why is corn stinky? They’re always popping off.
  8. What did the corn farmer say when his crop was particularly bountiful? I’m cob-smacked!
  9. The corn likes the open air and goes for long stalks.
  10. I’m a big corn-noisseur.
  11. Corn can really sing. He could be a pop star.
  12. What do you call a shop that sells corn? A pop-up store.
  13. Why was the corn ignored? It was too flakey.
  14. I’m going to make a corny joke, so here goes nothing.
  15. Corn is great! Very pop-tastic.
  16. Why did the corn take his partner for a tractor ride? He was popping the question.
  17. What did the corn do when it needed to relax? It took a kernel off.
  18. What do you call corn’s offspring? Children of the corn.
  19. Why was the farmer embarrassed? The corn was starch naked.
  20. Did you read that article about corn? Yes, the author is a great cob-umnist.
  21. What did the corn say when it wanted to get married? Let’s maize it official!
  22. Why did the corn throw a tantrum? He was feeling a bit cob-fused.
  23. What did the angry farmer say to the corn? Shuck up.
  24. Corny as it may seem, I’m sure you’ll get a cob out of these puns.
  25. How do you cheer up corn? Corn-fort it.
  26. Corn’s always looking for a cob-petitive edge.
  27. The corn was so embarrassed when it got lost, it was cob-sciously avoiding everyone. 
  28. What did the determined corn say? Where there’s a mill there’s a way.
  29. The corn life coach is great. He helps me fuffil my polent-ial.
  30. Corny jokes are music to my ears.
  31. The corn was so sweet and juicy, it was un-kernelievable.
  32. I’m not sure what happened to the corn – it just disapp-ear-ed.
  33. Those kernels of corn were really popping with flav-ear.
  34. Why was the corn happy? It was a field day.
  35. How do you know you’ve eaten too much corn? When you’re lost in the maize.
  36. What did the corn say when it was asked to be quiet? Not a kernel!
  37. What did the corn say when it was asked to leave? I’m outta ear!
  38. Corn farmers love dogs especially husk-ies.
  39. The corn field in the moonlight was very ear-ie.
  40. Why did the corn join the army? To become a kernel.
  41. What did the corn say when it saw a tractor? Cob this way!
  42. Why was the corn cob so popular? He was a real ear-throb.
  43. You could say that corn is clever. They have more than a grain of salt.
  44. Corn brings a lot to the vege-table.
  45. He was so pleased with his crop, it was a-maize-ing.
  46. When the other farmers saw his corn field they were cob-solutely jealous.
  47. The corn farmer was so punny, he could make you laugh with just a few kernels.
  48. How does the farmer gather his crop? He blows his corn.
  49. It’s cob-vious I’m the king of corn puns.
  50. How do you clean a cornfield? With a crop-duster.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023