50 Country Puns That Are Ghana Make You Laugh

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on September 29th, 2023

You won’t need a visa to come over and Czech out these 50-country puns to keep you laughing.

There are around 197 countries in the world. Most are divided into states, as we have here in America. 

When we see differences in culture and speech in other countries it can make us laugh. Sometimes when we go abroad we may be the object of laughter for a mistake we’ve made.

So don’t get yourself in a state! This is your tourist guide to have fun and impress your friends with country-related jokes. 

  1. Why was Japan in trouble? They broke China.
  2. Brazil had the best football team. They’re Brazil-liant.
  3. I hear France is the crème de la crème
  4. What do you need before traveling to Italy? A Pisa
  5. Did you hear about the tourist who went on a trip to Germany? It was Deutsch-astrous.
  6. Why did The Netherlands win the skipping competition? They went double Dutch.
  7. Which country is known for its vegetables? Swede-n.
  8. Germany turned up late for the Olympics. So it was prost-poned.
  9. Russia is always Putin on a show.
  10. Greece is the word when it comes to ancient ruins.
  11. Where do Americans go to fix their teeth? Gnashville.
  12. Why do patriots drink beer? It comes In flagons.
  13. Canada’t some maple syrup!
  14. I would love to go to Switzerland. I heard it’s hill-arious.
  15. What did the Spanish waiter say when I asked for the menu? “No way, Jose”.
  16. What’s Indians’ favorite dessert? Angel Delhi-ght.
  17. What do you call a man from South America? Ur-u-guay.
  18. I’m a bit of a globe-trotter, I’m always looking for my next country-side. 
  19. The Canadian people have a real Canad-o attitude.
  20. I’m never going to Eygpt. There are too many pyramid schemes. 
  21. South Korea is an awesome place. It has great Seoul food.
  22. The U.K. needs to go to parenting classes. It has no boundaries.
  23. I’m finally going to Australia. What an passport-unity!
  24. If you ever visit Germany, don’t forget to have a beer-lin.
  25. Japan really is a land of the rising pun.
  26. Don’t go to Canada it’ll be a wild goose chase.
  27. I missed my flight to the Middle East. O Man!
  28. I wanted to travel to the wizarding world but got stopped by the Border of the phoenix. 
  29. When I’m in Africa I like Togo buy a sandwich. 
  30. I’m very good at keeping secrets. It’s my confi-nationality.
  31. Don’t get too close to the Czech Republic border, you may get Czech’d out.
  32. My friend got arrested in Spain. It was a Tapas-trophe.
  33. Where do they make passports? In Pass-Portugal.
  34. I’ve heard Austria is really wiener-ful!
  35. Be careful in Poland. The police Krak-down hard.
  36. While in Paris I mispronounced a word. A French man had the gaul to laugh at me.
  37. Ireland is known for its dance music, especially its Dub-lin step.
  38. Robots are built in Romania. Transform-ania.
  39. France is full of brie-lliant ideas!
  40. All the nations were gathered together for a summit, but it was just a lot of country bumpkins.
  41. We are in a support group with other countries. We are united nations.
  42. I found myself in London. It was sur-realm.
  43. Cuba was a protected country. You could say it was a lami-nation.
  44. I’m not sure I want to go to China. I noticed some red flags.
  45. When it comes to food Italy is a Rome-antic destination.
  46. Cuban’s never run out of cigars. They can always Hava-nother.
  47. I’m British. I’m a union jack of all trades.
  48. Which country is really cool? Iceland.
  49. I love to chat with Belgians. They really waffle.
  50. India is a real curry-ous place.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on September 29th, 2023