Horse Around With These 50 Cowboy Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on September 29th, 2023

Here is a roundup of 50 cowboy puns that’ll keep you laughing in your britches.

Young boys growing up all loved the idea of being a cowboy. Riding a horse, shooting pistols, and generally being a cool dude. Since we have had films, cowboys or western films have captured our imagination.

In fact, being a cowboy is hard grueling work. They’re up early moving cattle and working on their ranch. They love to compete in rodeos and are known for their large hats and long boots.

So even if this is not your first pun rodeo, check out these cowboy jokes and you’ll be saying ‘howdy doody’ in no time.

  1. What did the cowboy say when he saw a herd of horses? “Neigh-ver saw so many!” 
  2. He rode into town on his trusty steed, looking to stirrup some fun. 
  3. What did the cowboy say when he saw the longhorn? “You can hang your hat on that”.
  4. Why did the cowboy go to the doctor? He was feeling a little hoarse.
  5. What did the cowboy say when he saw a herd of cattle? “Moooove it!”
  6. The cowboy put two saddles on his horse. He wanted to ride high.
  7. Where do cowboys get their money? From a cash cow.
  8. Cowboys love driving cars. They like the steering.
  9. Cowboys like the classics like Rodeo and Juliet.
  10. How did the cowboy regain his land from the villain? He had a Trojan horse.
  11. I’m no lassoer, but I’m always up for roping a good time.
  12. What are a cowboy’s favorite vegetables? Bronco-li.
  13. Where does a strong-willed cowboy buy his footwear? Bossy Boots.
  14. I was going to try to break a wild bronco, but I decided to neigh-gotiate instead.
  15. What does a cowboy call his wife’s parents? His outlaws.
  16. The cowboy thought that his horse had run away. It was only a night-mare.
  17. Cowboys ride horses easily. They can colt-rol them.
  18. Cowboys always have a great kick in their step!
  19. Why was the cowboy angry at the restaurant? There were too many chefs and not enough Indians.
  20. How does a cowboy speak with his cows? With a cattle call.
  21. Why was the steer embarrassed? He saw the rancher dressing.
  22. Where do cowgirls go to get their hair styled? The hair saloon.
  23. How did the cowboy calm the bovine? “Don’t have a cow!”
  24. What did the cowboy say when he stepped in a pile of manure? Cowdy Doody!
  25. My carriage is very modern. It’s all the stage.
  26. What do you call a cowboy with only one leg? Hop-a-long Cassidy.
  27. Why are flamingos not allowed to play poker? They’re flamin cheaters.
  28. What did the cowboy say when he forgot his horse? “Oh shoot, I’m horsetified!”
  29. Why did the cowboy cross the road? To get to the hoedown on the other side.
  30. The cowboy always wore a mask. He was very my-steer-ious.
  31. When cowboys want to go fast, they just Tex-accelerate.
  32. Cowboys love playgrounds, especially the yee-haw!
  33. How did the cowboy learn to ride? On the hoof.
  34. Cowboys love to eat Italian food. Their favorite is spaghetti westerns.
  35. Why don’t cowboys make good gardeners? They put the hoe-down.
  36. That cowboy doesn’t talk to anyone. He takes his job steer-iously.
  37. Why was the horse angry? He was saddled with another cowboy.
  38. The cowboy was very happy as he had a stable relationship.
  39. What does a cowboy say to make the cattle cross through water? Come on you reservoir dogies.
  40. When is a cow too old for driving? When it’s long in the horn.
  41. Cowboy’s horse has been put out to pasture. It cant-er go anywhere.
  42. Why was the cowboy always snacking? He was a midnight cowboy.
  43. What did the Oklahoman say when the store ran out of oranges? “Oh no-range!”
  44. Cowboys love driving and honking the horns.
  45. Where do cowboys go when they get old? The raisin ranch.
  46. What do cowboys do when they get lonely? Blame it on Patsy.
  47. How do cowboys send their mail out? With a stamp-ede on it.
  48. Cowboys mean business. You can see the Clint in their eyes.
  49. Why are cowboys good at fighting? They can do marshall arts.
  50. How does a cowboy like his apple pie? With pistol-whipped cream.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on September 29th, 2023