50 Dessert Puns to Sweeten Your Day

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

C-ake a look at these 50 dessert puns guaranteed to put a twinkle in your pie.

We all love desserts and wait with anticipation for that final course, whether in a restaurant or at home.

Jokes and desserts go hand in hand with many performances on TV, where cream pies are thrown in faces.

When watching cooking shows like Masterchef, making desserts is the hardest challenge. The many dessert flops with chefs crying into their aprons. It makes for sweet watching!

You’ll take the cake with these dessert jokes and also have a belly full of laughs.

  1. Can the bakery serve me a pizza? No, it’s just desserts.
  2. Don’t worry if your cake collapses – it’s just having a little meltdown.
  3. The best thing about a doughnut is that it’s always a hole lot of fun.
  4. I’m not sure why people say it’s hard to make a soufflé – it’s actually a piece of cake.
  5. What’s the best day to eat desserts? Sundae.
  6. The homework that I get from the dessert teacher is as easy as pie.
  7. I was trying to think of a good dessert pun, but I just couldn’t sweet-talk it.
  8. The pastry shop’s motto was; Don-ut Worry Be Happy!
  9. The gateau made it over the obstacle course. It was a piece of cake.
  10. I heard the pancakes at the restaurant were terrible. It was a piece of crep-e.
  11. I lost the dessert baking competition. I had to eat humble pie.
  12. Why did the cake go to court? To show proof of the pudding.
  13. What’s dessert’s favorite game? Cream bun-opoly.
  14. How do you make a lighter dessert? Whip it into shape.
  15. What do you call fast food desserts? Sugar rush. 
  16. Why was the pecan pie taken to the hospital? It was too nuts. 
  17. What’s wiggly and eats desserts? A jelly belly.
  18. What was the award for best-looking dessert? Dish of the day.
  19. Mr Cake really loves his wife. He greets her by saying Hi honey pie.
  20. I e-clair that I love desserts.
  21. I’m so jelly of the person who gets to eat the pudding.
  22. What’s a pudding’s favorite film? Vanillas in the Mist.
  23. When the cake went out with the pudding you could say they were having a court-whip.
  24. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect dessert. I guess you could say I’m a real pie-oneer. 
  25. You know I love ice cream. It’s a scoop-tacular experience. 
  26. My desserts earned me some real brownie points with my customers.
  27. The cake joined the circus in Switzerland. It can do a Swiss roll.
  28. Just tell the pastry chef when you’ve had e-muff-in.
  29. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.
  30. I love banana splits. There so a-peeling.
  31. How do you know if a cafe serves waffles? A waff-t blew past me.
  32. I’m a real sucker for sweets. 
  33. Let’s get this party started with some s’mores fun.
  34. I’m a real ice cream cone-noisseur. 
  35. When you tell dessert jokes you’ll need your s-puns.
  36. This cake is not great. We need to be raisin the bar on dessert.
  37. Why is my trifle not cooked? I feel like pudding my head in the sand.
  38. This pudding a-mousses. Me.
  39. Pies are flan-tastic.
  40. What did the baker say when he finished making a cake? It’s just the icing on the cake.
  41. Why did the journalist interview the ice cream seller? To get a scoop.
  42. Why did the cheesecake go to the gym? To get a whipped body.
  43. What did the pie say when someone asked it out on a date? Crust me, I’m not interested.
  44. Why was the pastry chef angry with the banana? Because he split.
  45. Did you hear about the jelly donut band? Yes, let’s see them jam.
  46. When we went to the dessert party the cake gave us a frosty reception.
  47. I’m really fond-ant of cake.
  48. I locked myself out of my pastry shop. I did find the key-lime pie.
  49. My pastry business is booming and my profit-eroles are up.
  50. Why was the dessert chef annoyed with the donut? Because it was glazed over.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023