You’ll Be Dead Funny With These 50 Ghost Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 10th, 2023

Lift your spirits with these 50 ghost puns which’ll have you ouij-ing with laughter.

Ghosts, ghouls, and the things that go bump in the night fill us with dread. Yet, there is also something funny about them.

There are days devoted to ghosts like Mexico’s Day of the Dead and our best holiday Halloween.

We put on white sheets and make noises that are not that scary but fill us with glee. Sometimes we also put fluorescent paint on our faces and make spooky noises.

So if you’re spooking for some ghost jokes, check these out. But, watch out!! They might be behind you.

  1. Where do ghosts go swimming? At the gh-ool.
  2. Ghosts have bad eyesight. They need spook-tecles.
  3. When ghosts get enraged they explode with a boo-m!
  4. If a ghost cries, does it make a boo-hoo?
  5. I heard a ghost was seen near the graveyard, must have been a spectre-tacular sight.
  6. Ghosts have a great sense of humor, they just love telling spook-tacular jokes.
  7. I heard a ghost was haunting the library, must have been looking for a phantasmic read.
  8. Don’t be scared if you see a ghost, it’s only a boo-gie man.
  9. Ghosts live on our planet. They’re earth-ereal.
  10. Ghosts can be friendly too, and they have a great spook-sonality.
  11. Why don’t ghosts like chocolate? Because it goes right through them. 
  12. What do ghosts use to brush their locks? A scare-brush. 
  13. Why did the ghost go to the party? To make some ghoul-friends. 
  14. I’m so transparent I’m practically a ghost.
  15. Ghosts don’t like to be photographed because it’s hard to capture their spirit.
  16. You can’t keep a ghost in a bottle, they’ll just evaporate.
  17. Why don’t you invite a ghost to dinner? Because they’re mean-spirited.
  18. Ghost is a real party Boo-ster.
  19. Why do ghosts come out at night? To go Boo-gieing!
  20. The ghost was making a spectre-cle of himself.
  21. Where do ghosts go when they get old? A scare home.
  22. When ghosts dream they have fright-mares.
  23. I got a job haunting a nearby graveyard, but I’m having a hard time getting into the “spirit” of it.
  24. Don’t scare a ghost, they’ll go white as a sheet.
  25. What did the little ghost eat for lunch? A Boo-ger.
  26. What did the ghost say when it got lost? I’m so scared I’m specterfied!
  27. Being a ghostwriter is so much spookier than being a real one.
  28. What did the ghost order at the pizza shop? A spook-aroni pizza.
  29. I have got a ghost of a chance at making puns like these.
  30. Even though I’m a ghost, I’m still capable of scaring up a few puns.
  31. Ghosts can remember things easily. They have a ghost of a memory.
  32. The ghost was so bored, he just sat around phantasming.
  33. What do ghosts use to make copies? A Xerox-cist.
  34. Halloween was a spectre-acluar night.
  35. What did the ghost say when he was made a successful scare? Boo-ya.
  36. Haven’t I seen that ghost before? Yes, this is his local haunt.
  37. What did the ghost say when it was time for bed? Fright night!
  38. I heard a ghost was arrested for haunting a graveyard, they charged him with a grave crime. 
  39. Where did the ghost go to relax? On a boo-cation. 
  40. What did the ghost order at the restaurant? A boo-rito. 
  41. That ghost has a real boos-t in confidence.
  42. Why was the ghost laughing? He was in high spirits.
  43. Everyone likes to go to Ghost’s parties as they’re always chilled.
  44. What’s the most popular dish on the haunted cafe’s menu? Beans on ghost.
  45. I’m really angry with Casper. He’s a dead man walking.
  46. Don’t go near a sick ghost. They might give you the boo.
  47. How long have you been a ghost? A haunt-red years.
  48. You can’t bottle up my spirit.
  49. Ghosts are scarier than they appar-ition.
  50. What are ghosts from the ’50s called? Baby boo-mers.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 10th, 2023