Smoking Hot Fire Truck Songs for Kids

Sorry parents, these songs will be on non-stop loop!

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Written by Kumar Grant Updated on October 11th, 2022

Kids love firefighters and firetrucks, from their bright red gear to their flashing lights and sounds. There are countless themed toys that celebrate their love of our community heroes as well as fun songs they can sing along to. Music helps kids use their bodies and minds in tandem, and songs with lyrics help younger kids develop language skills. Whether it’s at home, in the car or around the campfire, here are 7 fire truck songs your kids will love to sing.

The kiboomers – hurry hurry drive the fire truck

Featuring lots of cute animals, this sweet video borrows a melody from the classic children’s folk tune Ten Little Indians. A pig, bear and bunny ride in the fire truck to a burning building, following simple instructions like “drive the fire truck”, “turn the corner”, “climb the ladder” and more. Once the fire is out, the tired firefighters head back to the station, ringing the bell as they do after each action.

Bounce patrol – fire trucks rescue team

Bright, cheerful and upbeat, this catchy tune will get both you and your kids up and moving. The three members of the Bounce Patrol sing about the different items they bring with them when they are fighting fires, such as their axe, walkie talkie, helmet, mask and others. Kids can watch the team fight an animated fire, rescue a kitten from a tree, slide down a pole and sing about the basics of firefighting.

James Coffey – Great big fire trucks

If you’re looking for a video with lots of real fire truck and flame footage, look no further! Kids can listen to a catchy tune about great big fire trucks while they watch trucks in action traveling to fires, hear radio conversations and see fires being fought. While the footage is real, it’s presented in a way that’s not scary for kids and that they’ll love watching thanks to the real lights, sounds and logos.

Little Angel – firefighter and fire truck to the rescue!

This cute pick for little ones features an animated mom and dad and their three kids exploring the local fire station. The kids sing back and forth with the firefighter, asking him questions that he then answers about items like the fire truck, fire fighting gear and others. The cheerful song is very repetitive and uses simple words, so it’s a good pick for toddlers – they’ll learn it quickly and love singing it.

Ralph and Rocky – fire truck song

This song is shockingly catchy for one designed for kids, with a sassy rock edge and minor key that’s still fun and upbeat. The lyrics reflect on the fire trucks’ journey from the station to the fire, teaching kids about how cars must clear the street to make way for emergency vehicles. As the vehicles arrive at the fire, kids will watch Ralph, Rocky and others put out an animated blaze and head back down the road to safety.

Gecko’s garage – Fiona fire truck song

A fun British accent sings this upbeat song about helpful fire engine Fiona Firetruck, who navigates the neighborhood assisting those in need by rescuing pets and extinguishing fires. Fiona also helps the mechanics when they need assistance. They sing to kids about her many features, like seating inside for the whole crew, room for them to change and a powerful pump for fighting fires.

Tayo the little bus – on the way! Fire truck

Brave fire trucks make their way to put out fires in this recognizable ditty, sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Kids watch a fleet of colorful fire trucks traveling down the road to a fire at the guest house as a trapped person panics. The trucks unleash their water, putting out the fire, and the person is saved. The simple song uses short phrases younger kids will understand and plenty of repetition for memorability.

Kumar Grant family pic
Written by Kumar Grant Updated on October 11th, 2022