Let It Rip With These 50 Paper Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023

Wrap your head around these 50 paper puns that will keep you a-news-ed.

It’s always good when coming up with jokes to have paper and pen handy. Paper is the most essential item when writing lists, stories or even drawing a picture.

When looking for funny material, paper is very versatile. We cut and shape paper into anything we can imagine. The result is a hilarious, oddly-shaped mess but a wonderful creative expression.

So check out these jokes and follow this paper trail. You’ll surely be folded over in laughter.

  1. I’m writing a paper on paper puns and it’s going to be a real page turner.
  2. What do novelists give on Valentine’s Day? Paper flowers.
  3. Why was the paper scared of the pen? It was a poisoned pen.
  4. I’m always writing on paper, it’s my forte-folio. 
  5. I wanted to write a song about paper, but it was too flat. 
  6. Writing my ideas on paper is like a breath of fresh air-mail. 
  7. What did the paper say to the pencil? Let’s get to the point!
  8. I was about to write on paper, but I didn’t have the write attitude. 
  9. When a paper airplane is feeling down, it just needs a little fold-ing up.
  10. Paper went to see a therapist. It had many t-issues.
  11. What did the paper say to the pen? I’m stuck on you!
  12. I wanted to write a paper about puns, but the topic was too sheet.
  13. Why was the paper used for an award? Because it was pa-perfect.
  14. The IRS investigated the paper. It didn’t read the small print.
  15. I tried to get a quick signature, but it didn’t pen out.
  16. Why did the paper boat sink? Because it was full of ink!
  17. What did the paper say to the ruler? You measure up.
  18. Why did the paper get so angry? Because it was crumpled up!
  19. The paper felt bored. It was stationary.
  20. Paper or plastic? I’d rather just go with parchment.
  21. The book was apprehended by the police. It was giving too many paper cuts.
  22. Why do birds like to sit on paper? So they can p-arc-ment.
  23. I can write a great book, it’s as easy as pie-per.
  24. Don’t worry, my paper won’t take off – it’s got its landing gear down.
  25. I accidentally spilled coffee on my paper – it was a real java script.
  26. Books are great competitors in boxing. They are paper-weight.
  27. What do you get when you cross a paper and a bee? A bee-liner!
  28. It’s so hard to write on paper when you have a pen-chant for pencils.
  29. I’m so sick of writing papers, I feel like I’m in a paper jam.
  30. I don’t know which is worse: my paper cut or my writer’s block.
  31. The paper was always fighting. He was a scrapper.
  32. What did the angry paper say to the pen? What’s the point of you?
  33. Why doesn’t paper
  34. Papers never work out? They just don’t have the page-tience.
  35. What did the paper say to the depressed pen? It’ll be all write.
  36. Paper doesn’t like scissors as they’re a bit snippy.
  37. Rock really trusts paper. Paper always covers for him.
  38. What are paper’s children called? Pulp-pies.
  39. I was going to buy some paper but I didn’t have enough money – it was a real sheet-uation.
  40. I love that famous paper song; Paperback Writer.
  41. Why not take a break and paper over your problems?
  42. Why did the paper go to the dry cleaners? The ink wasn’t dry yet.
  43. The paper gave up so he let it rip.
  44. Paper didn’t talk very much. He was a closed book.
  45. What did the banknote say when it got ripped? Oh, no cash-tastrophe.
  46. I was so stressed about my paper grade. I was paper-ticularly anxious. 
  47. What is paper’s favorite film? Pulp Fiction.
  48. Paper-cutters, beware! I’m a real cut above the rest. 
  49. How does paper get to the book shop? By paper-trailway.
  50. When paper commits a crime he get put in the pen.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 2nd, 2023