Get Warmed Up With These 50 Sun Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 6th, 2023

Take a squint at these 50 sun puns and you’ll radiate with laughter.

The sun, that beautiful hot orb in the sky gives us warmth, joy, and nourishment. Ancient cultures like the Incas and the Egyptians used to worship the sun as a god.

And you can see why it’s hot!!!

We worship the sun in a different way now like sunbathing and we generally feel better when the sun shines. The sun can also be extreme in the desert, and many jokes use it as inspiration.

So put your shades on and bask in the hilarity of these sun jokes. Be careful not to get burnt. Phew!

  1. I’m so grateful for the sun – it’s a really bright spot in my day!
  2. With the sun out, I’m feeling over the moon!
  3. Life without the sun would be pretty dim.
  4. What did the Incas call their boats? SunWor-ship.
  5. The sun was afraid. He was yellow-bellied.
  6. Why was the moon happy? The sun took a shine to him.
  7. The sun had an earache. It was full of hot stuff.
  8. Why was the sun feeling happy? He got a ray raise.
  9. How do solar panels communicate with each other? Through the waves.
  10. Why did the solar panel go to the doctor? He was feeling a little irradiated.
  11. Don’t let your sun puns burn as they’re too hot.
  12. When the sun’s covered it’s a total eclipse of the h-eat.
  13. Why did the sunshine it’s rays on the moon? It was a blue moon.
  14. The sun loves to watch Star Trek. They’re always beaming everywhere.
  15. The red-faced detective is amazing. He caught the sun.
  16. Why are beach umbrellas so rude? They always throw shade.
  17. The sun loves gospel music as they let their light shine.
  18. I heard the solar system was on a tight orbit, it was always running around. 
  19. Why does the sun keep its distance from the earth? It doesn’t want to be grounded.
  20. Do you know the reason we eat ice cream when the sun’s out? Because it’s Sun-dae.
  21. I have a flare for solar puns.
  22. The sun always makes sure I get my daily dose of vit-A-min.
  23. What do you do when the sun is hot and very bright? Turn a blind eye.
  24. The competition had some very hot judges on it. They were the solar panel.
  25. What do you say when the sun comes out? Hoo-ray.
  26. I always like to rise and shine before the sun.
  27. Where does the sun go to relax? Vitamin Sea.
  28. Why did the sun go to the petrol station? To get sun-filled.
  29. Where does the sun go to get cleaned? The sun-bathe.
  30. How can the sun see in the dark? With a sc-orch.
  31. The sun is very lucky. He can reach for the stars.
  32. The sun likes to go to the drive-in movies. He watches the film on the sun-screen.
  33. How do you know when the sun is pregnant? There’s a sun in the oven.
  34. The sun is so bright that it’s like a spotlight on my day.
  35. What is the sun’s favorite singer? Ray Charles.
  36. Tan I tell you a sun pun?
  37. Why was the sun banned from Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen? He kept burning things.
  38. There are fish that live in the sun. The basking shark for one.
  39. The sun and moon had an argument. They had s-olarized points of view.
  40. What plants grow in the sun? Sun-flowers.
  41. The sun likes summer songs, especially It’s another ray in paradise.
  42. Why do chickens like to lay their eggs in the sun? Because it’s sunny-side up.
  43. The tree didn’t like the sun. It burned a new leaf.
  44. Everyone loves the sun. It’s so sun-taneous.
  45. The clouds covered the sun. They were cirrus-ly angry.
  46. What does the suns-baby wear in her hair? E-clips.
  47. Bees come out in the sunshine. It’s like a bee-con for them.
  48. The sun doesn’t need to go to the movies to watch a good flick; they can just watch their own brilliance.
  49. How does the weather reporter let you know when it’s sunny? They say ‘Here comes the sun’.
  50. I’m having a sun-believable day!

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 6th, 2023