Trash Puns You’ve Bin Waiting For

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

Trash, it’s not that funny but one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Over the last 10 years or so we have become more aware of what we throw away and how we recycle.

Television programs such as Sesame Street have a character who lives in a trash can called Oscar. Although he is very grumpy, we all laugh at his antics and his grouchiness.

So if you want a heap of fun, have a look at these trashy puns which you can treasure.

  1. If you don’t recycle your trash, you’ll be in a heap of trouble. 
  2. I tried to make a pun about garbage, but it just ended up in the trash. 
  3. Did you hear about the trash superhero? D you mean I-bin man.
  4. What did the trash container say to the rubbish man? Stop dumping on me.
  5. Where does trash go to see movies? The Bin-ema.
  6. The garbage man was so good at his job, he was known as the Trash-o-matic.
  7. Why did the trash go to the doctor? He was feeling rubbish.
  8. What is trash called in Germany? Ich bin.
  9. I’m not a trash talker, but I do like to talk about junk!
  10. Trash is a great learner, especially in litter-acy.
  11. What did the garbage can say to the trash? I’ve bin through a lot lately. 
  12. Mr Junk never pays with cheques. He only uses trash.
  13. What happened to the rubbish container when he was left empty? He waste-d away.
  14. I’m so sick of visiting the landfill. It’s a dump of a place.
  15. The rubbish men didn’t take my trash today. I totally gutter-ed.
  16. How does trash get to the dump? On his re-cycle.
  17. I’m trying to make my trashcan look fancy, but it’s just a waste of time. 
  18. My trash can is overflowing, it’s a real can-undrum. 
  19. Trash won gold at the Olympics in dumpster-diving.
  20. Where do rubbish trucks get fixed? At the gar-bage.
  21. What do you do if there’s a garbage truck in your way? Junk your horn.
  22. Where do you throw away liquids? In the water can.
  23. I’m feeling a bit trashed after that pun session!
  24. Trash loves games especially bin-go.
  25. The rubbish man was late doing his rounds. Yes, but haste makes waste.
  26. Why is trash rolling on the floor? He’s a basket case.
  27. Trash joined a gym. He was feeling a bit dumpy.
  28. Did you hear about the rubbish that likes to watch the preview of a film? He’s trailer trash.
  29. How much trash do you need to play chess? Two cans play that game.
  30. Why did the garbage man quit his job? He was tired of all the trash talk.
  31. How did the garbage can feel when it was full? Pretty trash-tified.
  32. Why can’t you trust a trash can? Because it’s always full of garbage. 
  33. What do you call a pile of trash in a river? A trashtrophe!
  34. How did the garbage can feel when it was full? Can-tented.
  35. What do call an accident involving many garbage trucks? A rubbish pile-up.
  36. Did you hear the song the trash was singing when it was being emptied? Yes, it was ‘Can you feel the love tonight’.
  37. Have you watched the Netflix show? Next in Trash-ion.
  38. Do you remember the trash bags from the 60’s? They were called the heap-pies.
  39. Trash love to go on cruises. On the bin liner.
  40. When your are down in the dumps you better call the rubbish man.
  41. Where does trash like to go on holiday? Can-ada.
  42. How does trash play Hokey Cokey? You put your garbage in, your garbage out!
  43. What do trash trains sound like? Chute Chute!
  44. The pile of trash is so big, it looks like a heap of trouble.
  45. How does trash clean their teeth? They t-oss.
  46. I tried to take out the trash, but it refuse-d.
  47. I heard a rumor that the junkyard is open for business – it must be true because I heard it through the scrapvine.
  48. Eating too much junk makes me feel rubbish.
  49. It was time to throw out the garbage – it was a rubbish decision.
  50. Garbage has a sweet tooth. It loves can-dy
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023