Easy but Epic Birthday Party Ideas for Your 10-Year-Old

Celebrate this double digits milestone in style

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on August 9th, 2021
birthday girl blowing out candles on her cake

Turning 10 is often seen as a milestone year since your child has been alive for a whole decade and is now entering the double digits.  Even parents that don’t throw a birthday party every year (guilty!) may want to make this year feel extra special. Luckily, having a birthday party or planning a celebration doesn’t have to be stressful or cost a lot.

Location ideas include an at-home birthday party (inside or outside), a park with a pavilion, or a local party venue or activity center. Talk the guest list over with the birthday boy or girl to decide whether they want to invite classmates, teammates, neighbors, or family. Choosing a theme helps to focus your direction for decorations, desserts, menu, and invites.

Read on for our favorite birthday party ideas to make this day one to remember.

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1. Trampoline park

Trampoline parks are all the rage right now, and for good reason- they’re a ton of fun! No hosting or cleaning for you, just let those energetic kids loose to bounce and play. You can book a party room or take a few friends for open play.

2. Jewelry party

Looking for something fun to keep a group of girls busy and happy? Try hosting a jewelry party with a few different stations. You can have them make beaded necklaces, earrings, friendship bracelets, or flower crowns. Ten years old is the perfect age to be able to focus on the task at hand and make something really pretty to bring home. You may want to get younger siblings out of the house for this one. 

3. Indoor game night

A perk of the kids getting older is that they can play board games without needing constant direction. Most kids this age are still interested in board games but are patient and mature enough to play them correctly with some friends. Set up a few game tables with games like Charades, Pictionary, Jenga, Apples to Apples Jr., Uno, Jenga, or Twister. Don’t forget the snacks!

4. Outdoor game day

If you do not have the kind of kid who is interested in playing board games, maybe an outdoor game day will be more up their alley. You can host at home if you have a nice backyard or at a local park. Game ideas include ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, flag football, dodgeball, or kickball. Put a fun spin on it by having an after-dark game night with flashlight tag or glow-in-the-dark frisbee. Here are some creative decoration ideas for a night party to remember. 

5. DIY slime party

If you’re a glutton for punishment or the coolest mom ever, a DIY slime party might be for you. The kids can make rainbow slime, or add in Slime Ballz, glitter, or sand. There are a ton of easy slime recipes online, as well as slime kits. Cover your space with disposable tablecloths, drop cloths, or purchase personal-sized inflatable slime stations to contain the mess. Get inspired by this amazing slime party for kids.

6. Ninja warrior party

To make this party idea come to life, you’ll want to have ninja-themed invitations, decorations, and have your party guests wear their best ninja costume. The most important part, however, will be building a ninja warrior obstacle course that’s cool enough to challenge a group of 10-year-olds. Watch American Ninja Warrior for inspiration, and get to work! There may be a local facility near you that has a ninja obstacle course available to book.

7. Around the World

As kids get older, they start to get more interested in the world around them, including different cultures and countries. Since most people haven’t been able to travel lately, bring the world to them with an Around the World birthday party. Decorate with flags, maps, globes, and iconic landmarks. Choose a few cuisines from other countries to sample, whether it’s homemade or take-out. Menu ideas include spring rolls, jerk chicken, Swedish meatballs, churros, fish and chips, and Scottish oatmeal rolls. 

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8. Cheer sleepover

Cheerleading is a popular sport for young girls and boys, and they are usually very passionate about what they do. If your child is a cheerleader, you can invite the whole team over for a team sleepover. If they’re an aspiring or interested cheerleader, invite their closest friends. You can bedazzle cheer bows, decorate foam megaphones, make team bracelets, or decorate water bottles. Go all-out with cheer-themed decorations and cake, and finish the night with a cheer movie- there are plenty to choose from!

9. Disco party

Go retro with a groovy disco party for your 10-year-old and their friends. You can provide costumes for everybody to wear, including bell bottoms, platform shoes or tall boots, fringe vests, and a lot of costume jewelry. Play some old-school music, and set up a disco ball and karaoke machine. The kids will have a blast singing and dancing their hearts out just like people in the olden days.  

10. All-out color war

Color war parties are popular for bigger groups of kids or adults and can include a game like capture the flag. You can put the color powder into squeeze bottles, Dixie cups, or make powder balls. Provide everyone with a plain white T-shirt and cheap sunglasses to protect their eyes. A color war is fun, competitive, and makes for awesome pictures- especially if you decorate with every color of the rainbow.

11. Horseback riding

Taking your 10-year-old for a horseback riding lesson or trail ride is a special way to spend the day together doing something that they love. If your horse-lover would prefer to have a party, some local farms offer party packages that can include trail rides, pony rides, petting zoos, barn tours, and use of a pavilion or party space.

12. MasterChef junior

Channel Gordon Ramsay (minus the cussing) with a MasterChef birthday party. Stage a mystery box challenge, where every participant or team opens a box with specific ingredients that they must use. This party will likely work best if it’s on the smaller side, and you have another adult or two to help out. Have the kids make or decorate their own pizzas, tacos, fruit kabobs, or desserts. Hand out aprons and chef hats as party favors.

13. Science party

If your daughter or son is a budding scientist, this is a one-of-a-kind party idea that they will love. For an easy and impressive centerpiece, fill beakers with water and food coloring and drop dry ice in from time to time. Keep the theme going with test tube garland, goggles, lab coats, science-themed invitations, and cupcake toppers. Set up a station with a few STEM experiments to keep your party-goers busy. 

14. Minecraft party

If you need to throw a party at home on a budget, you can get pretty crafty with a Minecraft menu, cake, and decorations. Here are some easy and creative DIY ideas to get you started. Based on the fact that this party will likely involve a lot of high-energy boys hyped up on sugar, plan some games like a Nerf gun fight, water balloon fight, obstacle course, or treasure hunt.

15. Candyland party

This is one of those themes that can be cool for a toddler, a Sweet 16 party, or anywhere in between. All the colors, candy, and whimsy will make it a day to remember for your birthday girl or boy. Decorate with a colorful balloon arch, huge swirly lollipops, and plenty of glass jars and containers filled with every kind of candy. Use the Candyland board for inspiration, from the Gumdrop Mountains to the Peppermint Forest, or set up stations for each of the five Candyland areas.

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on August 9th, 2021