Bike Puns Geared to Make You Laugh

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

The humble bike, invented in 1885, would have been a marvel to those who first rode it. It must have felt like flying, as they sped across unimaginable distances using just their own body power.

When a child rides a bike for the first time it’s a rite of passage. First wobbling and then shooting off at speed… ah the sense of accomplishment! 

We all love bikes so let’s take our foot off the brake and ride these awesome bicycle puns.

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1. Why did the bike run away?  She felt wheelie bad. 

2. The bike had a dizzy spell. It was taken for a spin.

3. Why did the bike drop its load? He couldn’t handle it. 

4. I was going to make a pun about a bike, but it was two-tyred.

5. How did the bike cross the pond? On a pedal boat.

6. Did you hear about the cycle that won American Idol? It was a drop-the-bike moment.

7. I love dancing to the song ‘I’m Bad’ by Cyc-ael Jackson.

8. Why did the bike go to a therapist? He was trying to brake a cycle.

9. On Sunday, Bike got an award. He was a law-a-riding citizen.

10. A tidal wave swept away 20 bikes. It was an act of quad.

11. Why was the bike arrested? He took someone for a ride. 

12. Mrs Cycle checked the time and told her class, “Put things away it’s brake time.”

13. Where do bikes like to holiday? To the seat-side.

14. What’s the bike’s favorite subject at school? Gear-ography.

15. My bike ignores me all the time. It has a gear-ing problem. 

16. Bike came third in the race. He received a bronze pedal.

17. What did the wheel say when it was having a bad day? I’m wheel-y stressed! 

18. When the bike made an inappropriate joke he quickly backpedaled. 

19. Why are off-road bikes so shy? They are intro-dirts.

20. My bike’s not getting out of bed.  He’s tyred and feeling flat.

21. What did the coach shout at my bike? Try-cycle harder!

22. Did you see my bike fly? Yes, it was a hang-rider.

23. Why did my cycle stop? It was at the park and ride.

24. Bike was winning at the roulette table. He was on a roll.

25. Why do bikes keep going? They have a long life cycle.

26. Bikes love gaming. They are great at pedal-ing up.

27. Chef Cycle uses a pep-gear grinder to season his food.

28. Why did the bike go to the gym? To exercise his quads.

29. Miss Cycle left the afterparty early. She wanted to get away from the pedal-arazzi!

30. What song does a bike love to hear when feeling down? ‘Pump it Up’!

31. Cycle’s favourite meal in brake-fest. 

32. Where do bikes go when they are old? A re-tyrement home.

33. My bike’s stopped growing. It’s growth is stunted.

34. Did you know my bike went to India. Why? To study transit-ental meditation.

35. Why did Captain Cycle go to sea? He was on a treasure stunt.

36. I heard your bike got an amazing job as a ghost-rider.

37. Why did the cycle take part in the debate? She was the spokesperson.

38. What did the bike say as he was leaving work? Seat you later!

39. Dr Quad was a bike doctor; a pedal-itrician.

40. How do you know there is a bicycle ghost in you house? Something goes pump in the night.

41. Why did the bike become president of the Green Party? He was best a re-cycling.

42. What do you call a bike that jumps far? A long pump.

43. I was going to make a joke about cyclists, but I didn’t want to wheelie offend anyone. 

44. What’s a bike’s weak spot? It’s achilles’ wheel.

45. The bike got a F in grammar. It is terrible at puncture-ation.

46. What happened when the police knocked on the cyclist’s door? He skid-saddled.

47. Little bike loves the movie, Hotel Transit-vania.

48. How did the bike keep fit? Joined a spin class.

49. My bike fell in love with the road. It’s head-over- wheels. 

50. I’ve got a brand new bike. It’s off the chain!

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023