50 Shark Puns to Sink Your Jaws Into

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 19th, 2023

Let’s have a whale of a time with some puns and jokes about our cold-blooded friend, the shark.

Sharks came into existence around 400 million years ago and come in all different sizes. The film ‘Jaws’ shows sharks as blood-seeking predators. In fact, sharks are more fascinating and complicated creatures than we imagine. 

Actually, sharks bite people out of curiosity or to defend themselves from danger.  They also might confuse a human with prey.

Sharks swim to keep from sinking and they are known for their speed in the water. They can swim 32–48 kilometers per hour which is the speed of a car driving through town.  

So have ‘fin’ with these 50 shark puns and hook a few more.

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  1. Sharks are often seen as the bad guys of the sea, but really they just want a fin-ished meal.
  2. What happened to the turtle that lost his house? He went to a loan shark.
  3. You don’t want to mess with a shark.  You’ll swim with the fishes.
  4. Sharks are always fin-icky about their food.
  5. What did the shark say when it swam into a school of fish? That’s gonna sting-ray!
  6. Sharks can be the life of the party, they just need to find their fin-est outfit.
  7. Mr Shark felt sick and went to the doctor and said “It comes in waves”.
  8. The shark said, “Does my bum look good in this?” She was fishing for compliments.
  9. Tiger shark entered the biting competition. He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
  10. Sharks have such a sharp wit, they can cut through the water like a fin.
  11. What did the shark say when it saw a giant whale? Whale, hello there, what a fin day!
  12. Why are dolphins happier than sharks? They have a porpoise in life.
  13. Sharks love watching CNN and catching up on current events.
  14. Sharks are always up for a fin-tastic party.
  15. The best part about a shark bite is that it’s always a surprise!
  16. Sharks! Their bite is worse than their bark.
  17. What did the shark say when he saw a submarine? Sub-marine sandwich.
  18. The shark found himself on a roundabout and exclaimed “ I’m going around in shark-les.
  19. Why are sharks bad at singing? Because they’re always out of tun-a.
  20. Shark went to an auction to buy an antique ship. He was out-squid.
  21. The shark was banned from the internet for life. He was always ph-fishing.
  22. Mr Shark was great at boxing. He had the eye of tiger.
  23. The presenter said “We go live to the super-fish bowl where the sharks are having a whale of a game.
  24. Why did the shark get a ticket? He was double-sharked.
  25. Hammerhead sharks are great at construction. They hit the nail on the head.
  26. What did the apprentice shark say to his boss? I think you’re jaws-ome.
  27. What do sharks snack on before their main meal? An aperi-reef.
  28. The two shark gangs had a horrible fight. What a comm-ocean.
  29. What did Mrs Shark’s divorce lawyer say to her? “There is plenty of fish in the sea.”
  30. Sharks love reggae music especially the song ‘Don’t worry sea snappy”.
  31. Why are leopard sharks not trusted? They can never change their spots.
  32. I heard sharks love coral music. It must be the tuna-s.
  33. What did the shark say to a fish. ‘Resistance is fu-tail.
  34. Mrs Shark was a real fish-wife. She kept c-arping on.
  35. Why did shark lose all his money? He was catfished!
  36. The shark was so depressed. He had lost his sh-ark.
  37. How can you get a shark to back down? Just say “Reel your neck f-in.
  38. Why did the shark go to the hospital? He bit more than he could chew.
  39. There was a shark frenzy at the shopping mall. There was a s-ail on. 
  40. The shark hunter gave up on finding the bull shark and slung his hook.
  41. Where do sharks sit before seeing the doctor? The b-aiting room.
  42. Sharks love swimming especially at the pool.
  43. How do sharks get to school? By sea bus.
  44. Why don’t sharks ever get bored? They always have plenty of fin-gs to do.
  45. Why did the shark cross the road? To get to the other tide!
  46. The shark got a fish stuck in its throat. It was a bite-sized problem.
  47. Did you watch the shark cabaret? It was a jaw-dropping performance.
  48. Tiger sharks are very ambitious. They jaw their way to the top.
  49. Why was everyone afraid of sharks’ temper? He was a reel bull-dozer.
  50. What did the little fish do when he saw the hungry shark? Prey-ed to the cods.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 19th, 2023