50 Soup Puns That Will Bowl You Over

On the menu today: some hilarious soup puns to get you stewing!

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 1st, 2023

During the cold winter months, soup warms our body and spirit. Now let’s warm our hearts with some soup-related giggles.

The first bowl of soup was prepared around 20,000 BC when prehistoric folk began cooking broths in clay pots. Do you know the four main categories of soup? They are: thin, thick, cold, and national. Soup is popular all over the world with different countries having their own traditional varieties. There is noodle soup from China, Gazpacho from Spain, Borscht in Russia, and many more.

So get a spoon and plunge in.

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  1. What did the soup say when it was feeling burnt out? I need to take stock.
  2. I was so hungry, I could have eaten a soup-er sized meal!
  3. Why were the carrots sad? They were really in the soup!
  4. The soup was admired far and wide. It was a ‘seasoned’ broth-essional.
  5. Why did the bone broth cross the road? To get to the soup kitchen!
  6. What’s Soup’s favorite film? Oh Broth-er Where Art Thou!
  7. Waiter, my bowl’s empty! Sorry sir, I think your soup has a leek.
  8. How did the soup figure out what ingredient was missing? He used his noodle.
  9. Why did the health inspector shut down the restaurant? Too many cooks spoiled the broth.
  10. Soup was on the menu everyday at the cafe. It was their bread and butter. 
  11. Where does soup like to holiday? Stew York.
  12. Did you hear about the soup that fired the nutmeg? It was soup-erfluous.
  13. What did Gordon Ramsay say to the soup? What’s cooking!
  14. Why did the soup give me wind? It was gas-pacho.
  15. The soup filled me up. My tummy didn’t have mush room.
  16. Why was soup off the menu? It was out of stock.
  17. Soup was tired. It had bean a long day.
  18. What do you call a rich soup? A bou-llionaire.
  19. The soup was boring. He needed spicing up.
  20. What did the soup say when the vegetables left? I’ll really miso you.
  21. Why did the broth go to the spa? To re-soup-erate.
  22. The soup was fast. It drove a borscht. 
  23. Have you heard the famous classical soup piece by Vivaldi? The Four Seasonings.
  24. The soup missed the bowl. It was thick.
  25. How do chefs call for their soup in Switzerland? By Ladle-ing.
  26. The broth saved the day. It was a soup-er hero.
  27. There was an explosion in the kitchen. It was gun-chowder.
  28. Soup made a complaint to the police. He got mugged.
  29. Why did the soup feel uncomfortable? He was squash-ed.
  30. What planet does soup come from? Soup-iter.
  31. Soup had a tooth-ache. He went to get some lent-al work done.
  32. What did the bread say to the broth when it spilled over? You’re stew-pid!
  33. How did the soup relieve itself? It went to the can.
  34. Which day of the week does soup love to be seen? Stews-day.
  35. What did the soup say when asked to go into the bowl? Tureen or not Tureen that is the question.
  36. I just made the best soup, it’s sure to bowl you over!
  37. The romantic broth serenaded the spoon. It sang the song: ‘Three Times A Ladle’.
  38. Soup needed some help from the chef and said, “Can you do me a flavor”?
  39. What did the soup seller say to the customer? We’re out of stock.
  40. Why did the soup rock? It got a roll with it. 
  41. Veggies go well with soup. They’re like two peas in a pod.
  42. Why was the tomato soup red? It was a laughing stock.
  43. What do you call a playful soup? A hop-scotch broth.
  44. The soup was over-excited. It was full of beans!
  45. Broth was invited to an a-list event. He was a consomme-te professional.
  46. Soup’s favorite Christmas song is ‘Tis The Season’.
  47. I heard soup pea-fers American brands.
  48. The article in Food and Wine was great! It was the soup of the century.
  49. How does soup hug? They spoon.
  50. On Valentine’s night soup can-noodle. 
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 1st, 2023