Easy and Fun-Filled Birthday Party Ideas for 5-year-olds

Make this milestone celebration one to remember

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on July 24th, 2021

Your child turning five is an important milestone worthy of celebration! Not only have they outgrown toddlerhood, but they will soon be starting elementary school. The countdown before your child enters kindergarten can feel bittersweet, knowing that things are about to change in a big way. While it’s a good change (and maybe you’re not exactly dreading finally getting a full-time job), it is the end of the baby and toddler years. 

Celebrate the person that they’re becoming by choosing a theme that you know they will love. They might have big opinions about this, or you may get away with a mom-approved suggestion. Either way, sitting down and discussing the plan together could help to make the day one they will remember.

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Party ideas for 5-year-olds

These are our favorite ideas to help the two of you start planning the big day.

1. A girlie Lorax party

I love this original party idea over at POPSUGAR. We all know Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, which certainly feels more relevant today than ever. The bright, fantastical colors and storyline in both the book and movie make for the perfect party theme with a great message. Make whimsical Truffula trees your focal point, add in pink, yellow, and orange flowers and pom-poms, and tie it all together with Truffula-inspired cake pops, cupcakes, or cotton candy. 

2. Snow cone party

What’s better on a hot summer day than a snow cone? You can rent or buy a snow cone machine for less than you might think, and kids will love lining up to choose their flavor. Make sure to purchase plenty of ice and flavored syrup for the big day. Set up a slip and slide and sprinkler, and go wild with the rainbow-colored decorations and balloons. If you’re crafty, check out this adorable DIY snow cone garland

3. Robot party

Throw a colorful and entertaining robot party this year, complete with robot party supplies, DIY robots made from boxes wrapped in aluminum foil, and dryer ducts. Robot-inspired cakes and cake pops are as cute as can be, and you can hand out headbands with pipe cleaners as robot antennas. Have the kids make their own robots out of craft supplies and recyclables, or play robot trash pick up with robot arms (toy grabbers).

4. Day at the zoo

You can either take a family day trip to the zoo or book a zoo birthday party. Booking the birthday party is not a cheap option, but if you’re looking for a big celebration for a big year, then it may be worth checking out. Our local zoo offers an impressive party package, including seating for up to 40 people and all-day zoo admission.

5. Wild Kratts party

Wild Kratts is a PBS Kids show filled with educational trivia and adventures featuring wild animals. To bring this theme to life, decorate with animal silhouettes, vines made from butcher paper, greenery, and animal prints. Take it to the next level with a cake and cookies inspired by the Wild Kratts logo and brothers. You can host this at home, a local park, or a community center. Don’t forget the games!

6. Save the drama for your llama

If your 5-year-old has a flair for the dramatic, throw them an adorable and colorful llama party. Llamas are trendy right now, and you can leave out the part about being inspired by your child’s theatrics. You can find “Save the Drama for Your Llama” shirts and prints online, as well as llama plates, pinatas, and party supplies. Throw in some cactus decorations and bold colors, and it’ll come together in a snap.

7. Splash pad

If you want to get outside and out of the house for your child’s birthday, consider reserving a pavilion at a nearby splash pad. Keep the food simple by serving snacks, drinks, and cake, and hand out water guns as party favors. If you don’t have a splash pad near you, there are companies that rent out portable splash pads, inflatable water slides, and water obstacle courses.

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8. LEGO Friends or minifigures party

If your 5-year-old is particularly interested in LEGO Friends or LEGO Minifigures, it’s an easy way to put an original spin on an at-home birthday party. Check out this Friends-inspired birthday party, as well as this Minifigures party on a budget. You can have fun with LEGO bingo printables, friendship-themed activities, brick candy, and mystery Minifigure bags as party favors. The bright colors and popularity of LEGO sets make decorating easy for you.

9. Mani/Pedi party

At this age, most little girls adore having their nails painted and see it as a special treat. Ask your mom or a friend to help out, and set up a manicure station and a pedicure station. Have a few different colored bottles of nail polish to choose from, as well as nail glitter, nail files, toe separators, and nail dryers. Cute ideas include nail polish garland and making cookies with a nail polish cookie cutter.

10. Pottery party

Most 5-year-olds love being crafty and are getting to the age where they’re able to handle painting some pottery without it being a total disaster. Pottery places take party reservations and often have indoor or outdoor seating, although most are still not at full capacity right now. Many also have to-go pottery kits that include everything you need and can be dropped back off to go in the kiln. Paint animal figurines, ornaments, cups, bowls, or plates for a creative party for your 5-year-old.

11. Garden party

A garden party theme is lovely in the spring or summer when everybody can spend most of the time out in the backyard or at a nearby park. Decorate with florals, greenery, and brightly colored tablecloths or outdoor floor cushions. You can also lean more towards a dirty, creepy-crawly garden party. As an activity, guests can decorate a pot and choose a plant to take home. Fruit kebabs, lemonade, sandwiches, and dirt pudding make an easy and delicious menu. 

12. Hello Kitty party

Go retro with a Hello Kitty birthday party for your birthday girl. Decorate with pastel pinks, Hello Kitty garland and stuffed animals, bows, and a balloon arch. Floral centerpieces with big bows, paper lanterns, and macarons can give it a more sophisticated vibe. Hello Kitty cookies and cakes are adorable, and there are some DIY options if you have any cake decorating skills. It may be your last year to slip in a theme that you’ve been secretly dreaming of!

13. Frozen party

Sometimes we go to great lengths to come up with a cute and original party theme when really, buying the plates and napkins with Anna and Elsa on them will thrill them more than anything. If you’re on a budget, Frozen party supplies are easy to find at your local dollar store, as are free printable decorations and invitations. Throw in some winter and snowflake decor that you may already have, and finish it off with plastic crowns and Frozen coloring pages.

14. Doctor party

If your kiddo wants to be a doctor someday, throwing a doctor-themed party is different and lends itself to some fun activities. Decoration ideas include red and white balloons, a first aid kit, an anatomical poster, red crosses, and red cups with a Band-aid stuck on each. Set up an admittance desk for party guests and a medical station with baby dolls and medical supplies (fake or real) where the kids can perform check-ups. 

15. Knight and dragons party

Party-goers can dress up as knights, dragons, or royalty for this fun theme party. You can create a drawbridge at the entrance, and decorate with paper chains and torches. Hand out plastic or balloon swords as an activity and party favor, and decorate foam or cardboard shields with stickers and markers. Other ideas include serving juice in plastic goblets, having a dragon egg hunt, and handing out medieval flags.

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on July 24th, 2021