Make Your Move with 50 Chess Puns

Check out these hilarious chess puns to keep you on your game.

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 1st, 2023

According to legend, chess started around 200 B. C. by a commander, Hán Xin, who created the game as a battle simulator.

Like on a battlefield, chess has its army. Rooks(chariots), knight(horse), bishop(elephant) and pawns(soldiers).

It levels up our brainpower and improves our maths skills. We can learn to be patient, slow down and take our time.

Like chess, creating puns requires intelligence and some strategizing. So if you’re feeling board and need a laugh have a look at these ‘pawns’.

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  1. What did the knight do when he ran out of money? Went to the pawn shop.
  2. The chess piece kept out of the sun. He was fair game.
  3. Why couldn’t the chess player sleep? He kept having knight-mares.
  4. Why did the rook leave the game? His opponent sang ‘I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal’.
  5. What did the chess player say when he looked in the mirror? Check me out!
  6. The pawn wasn’t too sure about its future, it was always wondering what it would become.
  7. The chess player couldn’t make his next move. He was between a rook and a hard piece.
  8. What did the pawn say when he got across the board? Piece of cake.
  9. I’m a rook, but I’m no rook-et scientist!
  10. Why did the chess piece turn in his sleep? He was having a knight-mare.
  11. Where do bishop’s live? Diagon-ally.
  12. When I play chess, I’m a rook-ster!
  13. What do pirates say when purchasing their rum? Do you take check mate?
  14. A chess piece flew in a plane. He thought he was a castle in the sky.
  15. Why did the pawn go to see the doctor? He had a chess-ty cough.
  16. Knight had a losing problem. He went to gambits anonymous. 
  17. Why did the king lose his crown? He had no more moves to play.
  18. Pawn lost his job. He was out of board-er.
  19. Why was the pawn winning? He was on the w-ight side.
  20. The bishop was sent to the castle dungeon. He had a check-ered past.
  21. Whats a chess board favorite music? Rook and Roll.
  22. Where do chess pieces live? In a Board-ing house.
  23. The pawn stopped dreaming he would become Queen. He had a reality check.
  24. Why was the knight asked to cut the ribbon for a new chess club? It was his opening move.
  25. Rooking for a new job? Consider becoming a chess teacher!
  26. Why did the horse take the knight in a game of chess? He was a rook-ing horse.
  27. The chess piece bowed to the Queen. She was Queen of the knight.
  28. Chess players love their families especially their Grandma-sters.
  29. Did you hear about the blind chess player. He played by ear.
  30. Why are the King and Queen the two most important pieces in chess? Because it’s a Game of Thrones.
  31. What did the chess piece call his brand new car? Knight Rider.
  32. The queen reads to the pawns every knight. It begins ‘Once a pawn a time’.
  33. Why were the chess players excited to start? They were part of the feder-action.
  34. What’s a chess pieces’ favorite meal? B-ish-op chips.
  35. Why did the knight leave the board? It was a blame game.
  36. The chess player discovered he had eczema. He had skin in the game.
  37. What did the chess master do when he made a mistake? He gave an a-prodigy.
  38. The winner of the chess tournament was given a cake. It was the piece de resistance.
  39. What happened when the king was check-mated? There was feeling of anger across the board.
  40. The chess tournament was cancelled because of bad weather. The organisers said it would be a rain check.
  41. One of my knight pieces was knocked out of the game. It was a one horse race.
  42. Why did the chess piece move in quick erratic moves? She was a drama queen.
  43. The knight went to the bank to cash his check.
  44. The grandmaster was invited to the ball. She was the best Ch-essed.
  45. Why did the chess player order a gold inlaid board? It was fit for a king.
  46. What’s a chess pieces’ favorite story? Jack and the queen-stalk.
  47. Why are chess players good mothers? Their car always says ‘baby on board’.
  48. The black took the queen in a surprising move. He was a dark horse.
  49. What do you call a homeless chess player? A Tr-ampion.
  50. What does a chess piece do to relax? Have a knight-cap.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on March 1st, 2023