Hilarious Gnome Puns Kids Will Love

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

Those funny little Guardians of the Garden with their pointy red hats have been collected by gardeners for nearly two centuries. Imported from Germany, and we’re thinking the Black Forest here, garden gnomes became very popular in Britain and other countries. 

The Gnome Gnation has spread its influence from garden guarding to online gaming. In the popular Sims4 game, players can purchase gnomes to protect not only flowers and vegetables but the entire property. There are modern computerized gnomes to guard swimming pools, kitchens, bedrooms, and even the family graveyard.

Have fun with the following 50 puns based on the name gnome. You can probably come up with dozens more.

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Ready… Set… Pun!

  1. What is the Gnome allegiance pledge? Gnome matter what, I’ll protect your garden!
  2. Juliet’s burning question: Gnomeo, Gnomeo, wherefore art thou, Gnomeo?
  3. What do you call a hollowed tree trunk in the backyard? A Gnome home
  4. The gnome flunked his spelling test because he forgot it was Friday. If only he’d Gnome!
  5. Why do Gnomes laugh when they play football? The grass tickles their armpits!
  6. What do you call Spanish gnomes? Gnombres.
  7. The gnome girl would have passed her test if only she’d Gnome more geography.!
  8. What song does a Gnome beekeeper sing? Gnome worry, bee happy!
  9. The best Gnome detective in the world is Sherlock Gnomes.
  10. The gnome mommy said to her naughty son, “Oh, Gnome you didn’t!”
  11. The grandma Gnome made a sweet Gnome Sweet Gnome picture.
  12. The miniature golf coach told his players, “Go big or go Gnome.”
  13. My favorite gnome-boy song is “Gnome, Gnome on the Range.”
  14. Gnomes always do their hardware shopping at Gnome Depot.
  15. Some of these jokes are just Gnome-sense.
  16. Grandpa Gnombert says, “Good things come to gnomes who wait.”
  17. The kids’ favorite movie is Gnome Alone.
  18. Gnaomi wrote her autobiography in her Gnome words.
  19. Gnome news is good news, said the broadcaster.
  20. “I just want to go Gnome,” cried little Gnomette.
  21. She’s Gnome-body’s fool, that wise woman.
  22. It is said that Gnome man is an island.
  23. In Latin, it is said that ‘All roads lead to Gnome.’
  24. The Gnome-ad roamed the desert from oasis to oasis.
  25. They started a Gnome Fund Me page to help the Gnome Matters Fund.
  26. You look familiar. Do I Gnome you?
  27. Gnome, Alaska gets very cold in winter. Extra hats are required.
  28. See Gnome evil; hear Gnome evil is an age-old saying.
  29. The Gnomes will sing until til the cows come Gnome
  30. Chickens come Gnome to roost for evil-doers.
  31. Gnome improvement is a favorite Gnome dad hobby.
  32. Be independent and paddle your Gnome canoe.
  33. Extreme Makeover, Gnome Edition is a popular TV show.
  34. Grandparents sometimes live in a nursing Gnome.
  35. Gnome insurance is important if you own your own Gnome.
  36. The boss Red Hat is visiting from the Gnome office.
  37. Coming back Gnome is always a good feeling.
  38. In the far west is where the buffalo Gnome.
  39. You can buy Gnome appliances in the big box store.
  40. The baby gnome cried, “Don’t wanna go Gnome!”
  41. Don’t leave Gnome without your hat!
  42. Gnome Shopping Network sends red hats right to your door.
  43. Sweet Gnome Alabama is a favorite song in Montgomery.
  44. Freedom to Gnome is the right of every grown Gnome.
  45. Gnomish kids love Choose your Gnome Adventure books.
  46. In my Gnome words, I told my story to the class.
  47. Make your Gnome kind of music, whether it’s Country or Rock.
  48. Mind your Gnome business, she told the busybody.
  49. First-time Gnome buyers are always excited about their purchase.
  50. The Garden Gnome General showed his enemies Gnome mercy.


Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 19th, 2023

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