25 Tenacious Names That Mean Stubborn or Strong-Willed

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

A strong will is an invaluable quality, helping those who possess it to steady their sails throughout life’s journeys and hold tight to their sense of self. 

These are wonderful qualities to bestow on a new child, and baby names that mean stubborn or strong-willed are plentiful. Though parents may sometimes feel like they’ve jinxed themselves with such a double-edged moniker, fear not — if your little one winds up as strong-willed or stubborn as their name indicates, they’re likely to assert themselves and go far in life!

No reason to dig in our heels; let’s dive in. 

Male baby names

  • Liam – This Irish name means “strong-willed warrior” or “helmet of will.” It is derived from the name Ulliam.
  • Hugstari – In Old Norse, this name means “the stubborn one.”
  • Pertinax – Once the name of a Roman Emperor, Pertinax is a name derived from the Latin words for persistence and stubbornness.
  • Sarkash – Sarkash is an Urdu name that means “headstrong” and “rebellious.”
  • Concobhar – This underused Irish boy’s name “strong-willed” or “wise.”
  • Cornelius – Cornelius is a lyrical offshoot of the name Conchubar. It also means “strong-willed” or “wise.”
  • Tiergan – This Irish name also means “one who is strong-willed.”
  • Brefew – In Persia, it is not uncommon to come across a boy named Brewfew. This easily anglicized name means “strong-willed.”
  • Griffin – Your kiddo is deserving of a name of mythical proportions. It means “strong lord” in Welsh.
  • Alsi – The masculine name Alsi is said to mean “stubborn.”
  • Hector – Hector is a common Spanish name. It means “tenacious.”
  • Ethan – The Hebrew moniker means “firm.” “enduring,” and “strong.”
  • Valiant – There’s no mistaking the fact that this name means “strong” or “valiant.” We love that it can be shortened to Val.
  • Aonghas – The Irish name Aonghas means “one choice.” It is often changed to Angus and shortened to Gus. The anglicized versions of this boy’s name have gained popularity in recent years.

Female baby names

  • Isa – The one-syllable Persian name means “stubborn.”
  • Cornelia – The feminine alternative of Cornelius is the perfect moniker for “one who is strong-willed and wise.”
  • Gun – The feminine Korean girl’s name is easily anglicized. We love that translates to “strong.”
  • Zinaida – The Russian translation for this name includes adjectives like strong-willed, progressive, and original.
  • Gabriella – Gabriella is a feminine offshoot of the name Gabriel. It means “strong man of God.” This name serves as an excellent base for a nickname. You can choose between Gabby, Brie, Ellie, Gabs, and more.
  • Ararinda – In German, this name means “tenacious.”
  • Bedelia – Bedelia is a variant of Brigitte. It means “one who is strong or powerful.”
  • Capri – This exotic-sounding Italian name means “stubborn” or “goat.”
  • Mirium – The biblical character was known for her strong will and stubborn nature.
  • Kemelete – This incredibly uncommon Mordvinic name means “stubborn,” “firm,” and “strong.”
  • Maya – One might use this name as a reference to Maya Angelou, an author who is often remembered for her courageous and stubborn nature.
  • Alanoud –The Arabic translation for this name is “strong-willed person.”
  • Alcina – As the feminine alternative of Alcinous, this name is said to mean “one with strong will and valor.”
  • Brigitte – This old fashioned Irish name means “power and strength.” It is the perfect moniker for a tenacious little girl.
  • Veruca – Veruca Salt is a very stubborn and sometimes downright rude character from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Still, any Roald Dahl fan would get the reference.
  • Aila – This Gaelic name can be pronounced “eye-luh” or “ay-luh.” It means “one from a strong place.”

Unisex baby names

  • Drew – While the name Drew is said to mean “strong and manly” in Greek, it has become a popular name for boys and girls.
  • Elosiebo – The Igo people of Nigeria use this name to reference “a willful instance.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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