125 Charming Celtic Boys’ Names and Their Meanings

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

If a baby name with a touch of magic and whimsy is just what you’re after for your little boy, you may wish to consider a Celtic name. Though they’re sometimes mistakenly associated exclusively with Irish heritage, Celtic names also encompass the cultures of the Scots, Gaels, Welsh, Manx, Breton, and Cornish nations, with some etymologies even tracing back to pre-Roman language like Gaulish. 

A Celtic name might be a particularly meaningful choice if you’re a proud descendant of the British Isles. They’re also popular choices among fans of literary fantasy, as elves are a part of Celtic mythology and their names in fiction are often inspired by those of the Celts.

Let’s take a look.

Baby male names

  • Ably – Starting off our list of Celtic boys’ names is Alby. It means “white” or “bright.”
  • Aden – Aden is one variation of Aidan. This name continues to top the charts. It means “fiery one.”
  • Aeron – This rarely used Celtic name comes from the Welsh word for berry.
  • Aidan – Aiden continues to top the nation’s name charts. It means “fiery one.”
  • Aonghus – Aonghus is an Irish mythological name. Aonghus was the Irish god of love and youth.
  • Arthur – While this name has many roots, most believe it stems from the Celtic words for “bear” and “king.”
  • Bairre – This quaint Irish name is a diminutive of Fionnbharr.
  • Fionn – We love the lyrical pronunciation of this masculine Irish given name.
  • Berach – Saint Berach of Termonbarry was a celebrated Irish Saint. It means “sharp.”
  • Barry – Barry is a diminutive of Berach.
  • Ciar – The name Ciar is Irish in origin. In Gaelic, it means “dark” or “black.”
  • Aodhan – This ancient variation of Aidan means “fire” or “brightness.”
  • Are – This haunting yet sweet Celtic name means “stone” and “bear.” It is a diminutive of Arthur.
  • Clancy – This casual Irish surname means “red warrior.”
  • Cody – This name comes from the Irish surname Ó Cuidighthigh. Where glad the descents of Ó Cuidighthigh thought to simplify this mouthful for us! Codie is a unisex variation.
  • Conan – This masculine Irish given name means “little wolf.”
  • Conn – Conn means “chief” in Gaelic.
  • Doyle – Doyle is a common Irish surname. It would be an excellent first or middle name for a descendent of Dubhghall or Doyle clans.
  • Maoilios – This Celtic name stems from Scotland. It means “servant of Jesus.”
  • Math – This name is derived from the Proto-Celtic Matu, meaning “good” or “fortunate.”
  • Mathghamhain – The ancient Irish name means “bear.”
  • Monroe – This Scottish surname was once given to the people of the Roe river valley.
  • Mostyn – The Celtic/Welsh name means “moss town.” It’s a good pick for parents looking for monikers with earthly connotations.
  • Rhys – This is an old Welsh name that means “enthusiasm.”
  • Taranis – We pulled this name from the bowels of Gaulish mythology. Taranis is the Gaulish thunder god. He is thought to be a diminutive of the Roman god Jupiter.
  • Colm – This sweet Celtic boy’s name means “drove.”
  • Brian – Brian is a Celtic boy’s name that means “nobleman of the hills.”
  • Rowan – This nature-inspired Celtic name comes from the rowan tree. It also means “little redhead.”
  • Brody/Brodie – Brody is a Scottish name that means “broad island” or “muddy place.”
  • Kaelan – The name Kaelan is Gaelic in origin. It means “slender” or “thin.”
  • Óengus – You might want to leave out the accent marks when you claim this ancient Irish name. It’s an offshoot of the Irish Aonghus. The name stems from the Irish words for “one strength.” Angus and Gus are two popular English alternatives.
  • Sluaghadhán – This ancient Irish name is quite a mouthful. Sluaghadhán means “raid.” It might be the perfect moniker for your soon-to-be warrior babe.
  • Sluaghadhán – This upper-class Irish surname means “ruler of the people.” It is a variant of the English surname Tudur.
  • Abbo – Abbo is a Gaulish name that means “river.”
  • Adietumarus – The Proto-Celtic name means “great zeal and jealousy.”
  • Boidmal – This Old Irish name means “victorious chief.”
  • Carantus – This Gaulish name means “loving.”
  • Neely – This fairly exotic Celtic boy’s name means “great champion of the nation.”
  • Nevan – In Celtic tradition, Nevan is a young saint or spiritual person.
  • Garvy – This name comes from the Gaelic surname Ó Gairbhith. It means “rough peace.”
  • Piran – Perin is the Irish patron saint of miners.
  • Tarmon – The boy’s name that means “land that belongs to the Church.”
  • Sheehan – Sheehan means “peaceful child.”
  • Keon – This name is a Celtic alternative to John.
  • Sloan – Sloan is “one with the nature of a warrior.”
  • Seamus – The Irish male given name is the equivalent of James.
  • Girvin – This Old Gaelic name means “little rough one.
  • Gaven – The Scottish and Welsh name means “white falcon.”
  • Pwyll – King Pwyll of Dyfed is a character from Welsh mythology. He
  • Annwn – In Celtic mythology, Annwn is the king of the underworld. This may be a bit of a dark name for a child, but it is certainly intriguing.
  • Antaine – This outdated Irish name means “flower.” It is derived from the Greek Anthos.
  • Tor – A tor is a small, craggy hilltop. These landscapes are common throughout Ireland and Scotland.
  • Phelan – Phelan is a Celtic name with animalistic roots. It means “like a wolf.”
  • Torean – Torean means “watchtower.”
  • Calvin – This name means “from near the river.”
  • Doran – Doran means “stranger.”
  • Quinn – The Irish and Gaelic name means “counsel.” While it is surging in popularity as a girl’s name, it’s yet to take off as a modern boy’s first name.
  • Riobard – Riobard was an ancient Celtic poet.
  • Trever – This name means “big village.” It certainly takes a village to raise a boy!
  • Odell – This offbeat Irish boy’s name means “ otter.”
  • Braden – This preppy Irish name means “salmon.” There are numerous ways to spell it, including Bradan, Braedan, and Braydon.
  • Cumhall – Cumhall means “champion” or “stranger.”
  • Daighre – The Irish boy’s name means “fiery.”
  • Devland – Devland is the perfect given name for a brave boy.
  • Lee – Lee is an Old Irish word for a clearing, field, or pasture. It’s an excellent moniker for any baby born into a farming family. It can also be spelled, Leigh.
  • Case – This incredibly popular name means “brave.”
  • Brychan – Brychan Brycheiniog is an ancient Irish man who is said to have been the father of 36 saints. Brychan means “speckled” or “freckled.”
  • Rogan – As a given name, Rogan means “redhead.”
  • Aengus – Aengus was the Celtic god of love and youth.
  • Déadach – Déadach is a personal name meaning “toothy.”
  • Ewan – The Scottish name represents green and nature.
  • Crowley – Crowley is an old Irish and English surname that is making waves as a boy’s first name.
  • Cormac – According to Celtic legend, Cormac is the son of a raven.
  • Foley – The name means “plunders.”
  • Sean – Sean is an incredibly popular gender-neutral name. It means “gracious.”
  • Teague – In Gaelic, this name means “poet” or “philosopher.”
  • Gwili – This Irish river name has a nice ring to it.
  • Wyllow – Wyllow was the name of a 6th Century Cornish Saint.
  • Ysaig – The Manx alternative to Isaac sounds noble and sophisticated.
  • Zennor – This rare Celtic name is derived from Saint Sernara’s moniker.
  • Brogan – Ground your kiddo with this masculine Celtic name that means “sturdy shoe.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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