75 Mystic and Mysterious Names for Your New Baby

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Parents in search of a name that defies the ordinary might enjoy a moniker with a hint of mystery behind it. Names with mystic and mysterious meanings are a fun way to add a little intrigue to your baby’s name; these names often have a spiritual twist, which can also be a nice way to honor your family’s faith if you so choose.

It’s time to solve the real mystery here — what will your little one be called?!

Let’s take a look.

Male baby names

  • Houdini – Harry Houdini is one of the most famous escape artists. He is known for his mysterious stunts. It is the perfect moniker for any family who is fascinated by magic.
  • Cabal – A cabal is a group of people that are united around secret beliefs. This enigmatic name is perfect for parents seeking a mysterious moniker for their little one.
  • Sítheach – Sítheach is a rare Irish first name that means “peaceful, mysterious, and fairy-like.”
  • Boaz – This adorable yet gritty Hebrew name means “magic.”
  • Ludwig – Ludwig means “magical” in German.
  • Chak – Chak is a Cambodian name that refers to “the mystical cycle.”
  • Malang – Your parental peers will swoon over this unique Pashto name. IT means “mystic.”
  • Bhugarbha – The name Bhugarbhais comes to us from India. It refers to “the womb of the earth, who keeps secrets.”
  • Naythan – Naythan means “strong and magical.”
  • Nazo – Nazo is the Japanese word for “mystery.”
  • Keme – This indigenous American name comes from the Algonquin tribe. It translates to “secret.”
  • Kester – This traditional Greek name means “different” or “magical.”
  • Payipwāt – The sweet Cree name refers to “the one who carries the Sioux tribe’s secrets.”
  • Runfrid – Okay, we know this one sounds like it came from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but hear us out. Runfrid is actually an Old Germanic name that means “secret peace.”
  • Judah – This popular Jewish first name refers to “one who can keep a secret.”
  • Rune – Rune is a masculine given name that means “secret.” It stems from Scandinavia.
  • Cyfrin – Cyfrin is a Welsh name meaning “mystic.”
  • Ramaj – The Albanian name means “all gods secrets.”
  • Mago – Mago is the Spanish word for “wizard.”
  • Cypher – This boy’s name refers to “a secret code or message.”
  • Jefrin – Jefrin is the name of a biblical character who was one of God’s messengers. Jefrin is also a biblical character that is cloaked in mystery.
  • Austin – Austin is a derivative of the medieval name Augustine. It means “magic dignity.”
  • Devin – This popular Gaelic name means “bard” or “poet.” It stems from the old Irish name Dheb-haan. Dheb-haan means “black magic.”
  • Runi – Runi is a popular variant of the Scandinavian name Rune. It means “secret lore.”
  • Phorkys – This rare Greek name means “of the sea.”

Female baby names

  • Mystique – This feminine French-given name gives its bearer an innate sense of mystery. Mystique is a well-known and mysterious character from the X-Men comic book series.
  • Kendra – This common Anglo-Saxon name has been said to mean “magical water baby.”
  • Lilith – Lilith is a demonic character from classic Jewish folklore. The name means “female spirit of the night.”
  • Erenay – This lovely Turkish name means “saintly, like the moon.”
  • Celene – Celene is the Latin name for the moon. Popular derivatives include Celina, Selena, and Selinda.
  • Mística – This mystical Portuguese appears to have fallen into the depths of history. Misty would make an excellent and equally mysterious nickname.
  • Gizem – Gizem is an oddball Turkish name that means “mystery.”
  • Alchemy – Alchemy is an English word that works well as both a boys’ and girls’ name. Alchemists used a mysterious form of chemistry to search for the so-called philosopher’s stone.
  • Særún– Don’t let the oddball lettering deter you from this stunning Icelandic name. It translates to “secrets of the sea.”
  • Tajna – Tajna is a common Croatian name that means “secret.”
  • Leto – The ancient Greek name means “the hidden one.”
  • Amunet – Amunet was the Egyptian goddess of the air and wind. Her name means “that which is concealed.”
  • Tiana – This breathtaking Romanian name means “mystery.” Enigma – Enigma is a name that means “mystery or riddle.” It is Greek in origin.
  • Vega – Vega is a unique baby name derived from the Latin word for “star.”
  • Ryu – This mythological Chinese dragon name is pronounced “L-yoo.” Kauane – This mystical Hawaiian name refers to “the guardian of secrets.”
  • Leuruna – The name Leuruna means “love for the secret rune.” It is derived from Old English elements.
  • Adelrun – Adelrun is a German name that means “noble secret.” If you ask us, Adel is a super sweet nickname.
  • Brimrún – This charming Icelandic name means “surf secret.”
  • Arnrun – Here’s a name that can be broken apart into two elements. Arnrun means “eagle secret” in Norwegian.
  • Arcana – Arcana is a girls’ name that is derived from the English word arcane. It means “mysterious, esoteric.”
  • Bian – This lovely Vietnamese girls’ name means “secretive.”
  • Hulda – Hulda was the name of a sorceress from Nordic mythology.
  • Yael – Yael is an enigmatic character from the Hebrew bible.
  • Ami – Ami is an easily anglicized Japanese name that means “magic being.”

Unisex baby names

  • Diệu – This unisex Sino-Vietnamese name means “subtle, mysterious.”
  • Asrar – The commonly used unisex name comes from an old Arabic word for “secrets” or “mysteries.”
  • Mystery – A mystery is simply an unexplained occurrence or secret. This enigmatic name evokes wonder and curiosity.
  • Odu – This common Nigerian name means “womb” and “mystery.”
  • Wulfrun – Wulfrun is an Anglo-Saton name that means “wolf secret.” It is officially a female name, but we think it works for both sexes.
  • Huyền – The Vietnamese name means “profound, mysterious.”
  • Magic – Magic is a unisex name that refers to “mysterious or supernatural forces.”
  • Galaxy – The galaxy is a mysterious vacuum that is home to the earth, the sun, and other celestial bodies. It makes a perfect name for new-age guys and gals.
  • Casper – Casper is a given name that means “Treasurer.” It can also be spelled “Kasper.”
  • Darnell – Darnell is an English surname that has taken on popularity as a unisex given name. It consists of two elements that translate to “secret nook.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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