100 Baby Names That Mean Storm, Rain, Sky, and More

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

When it’s time for that special sister, in-law, or best friend to graduate to aunt status, finding the perfect moniker is a must. That said, it’s a very personal decision — should it be cute, fun, and personalized, or is a classic title a better fit?

Let’s dive in and find the perfect nickname for the aunt-to-be in your life!

Names that mean storm

Male baby names

  • Gale – a boy’s name that means ‘very strong winds’ or ‘sea storm’; a popular character in The Hunger Games
  • Hanish – this is a Hindi name that means ‘someone who warns of storms’
  • Zryan – a Kurdish boy’s name that means ‘storm’ or ‘storm-like intensity’; also spelled ‘Zaryan’

Female baby names

  • Audra – an Old English girl’s name that means ‘storm’; ‘quiet strength’; a less popular alternative to Audra that is more commonly used in Scotland
  • Aella – a Greek name that means ‘storm wind’ and ‘whirlwhind’; an Amazon warrior in Greek mythology who is killed by Heracles; alternative to the very popular ‘Ella’
  • Arashi – a multicultural name that is both a rare Japanese boy’s name meaning ‘storm’ and an Indian name meaning ‘beautified by God’
  • Asifah – a Muslim girl’s name that means ‘storm’; Asifah is mentioned in the Quran
  • Corentine – a lovely and rare girl’s name that means ‘storm’, ‘tempest’, and ‘hurricane’; has French and Irish origins
  • Tormenta – this is a Spanish name that means ‘thunderstorm’; also a surname

Unisex baby names

  • Saar – a boy’s Hebrew name that means ‘storm’; could be used for either gender
  • Storm – this is straight to the point and cute for a boy or girl
  • Stormy/Stormi – an English name, meaning ‘windy and rainy conditions’; ‘impetuous nature’; Kylie Jenner has a girl named ‘Stormi’
  • Tempest – a bold English name meaning ‘stormy’ and ‘turbulent’
  • Tufani – an African name that means ‘storm’

Names that mean rain

Male baby names

  • Baran – a multicultural word that is Turkish, Kurdish, Slavic, and Persian; this is the Persian word for ‘rain’
  • Bengy – an English name that means ‘threatening rain’
  • Dalfon – a Hebrew boy’s name that means ‘raindrop’; also spelled Dalphon
  • Lokni – a Native American name that means ‘rain falling through the roof’
  • Sade – a Finnish name that means ‘rain’; also an African name meaning ‘honor earns a crown’
  • Zenebe – this is the African word for ‘raining’; popular in Ethiopia

Female baby names

  • Amaya – a beautiful multicultural name that means ‘night rain’ in Japanese; also a Spanish surname and village
  • Huyana – a Miwok tribe (Native American) name meaning ‘falling rain’
  • Jora – a beautiful Hebrew name meaning ‘autumn rain’; ‘queen/king’; an alternative to ‘Nora’ with a beautiful meaning
  • Kiša – this is the Bosnian word for ‘rain’
  • Reeham – an Islamic girl’s name that means ‘light rain’; ‘little’; ‘Ree’ makes a cute nickname
  • Reva – a beautiful Hindu name that means ‘rain’; one of seven sacred rivers in India
  • Shaoni – an Indian girl’s name that means ‘monsoon’
  • Varsha – a Hindu name that means ‘rain’, ‘rainy season’
  • Talia – a girl’s name that means ‘rain from heaven’ or ‘gentle dew from heaven’; Hebrew origin

Unisex baby names

  • Ame – a Japanese word meaning ‘rain’; it is pronounced ‘ahmeh’
  • Eső – of Hungarian origin and means ‘rain’
  • Freyr – a Norse name that means ‘god of rain and sunlight’
  • Indra – a Sanskrit boy’s name that means ‘possessing drops of rain’; Indra is the Hindu warrior god of rain and sky
  • Puleng – a Sotho name meaning ‘out in the rain’; Sotho is spoken in South Africa
  • Tal – this is a Hebrew baby name that means ‘rain’ or ‘dew’
  • Tempest – this makes a bold choice for your little boy or girl and means ‘a violent storm’, ‘turbulent’; French and English origin
  • Rain – keep it simple and name your baby boy or girl Rain
  • Rein – this is the Frisian word for ‘rain’
  • Regen – the German and Dutch word meaning ‘rain’
  • Yok – this is a Hopi name that means ‘rain’

Baby names that mean sky

Male baby names

  • Akash– a popular Indian name that means ‘sky’ or ‘open space’
  • Amphorn – a Thai name meaning ‘upper sky’
  • Caelus – this is a Roman name that means ‘sky’ and ‘heavens’; the god of the sky in Roman mythology; would make a strong and original boy’s name
  • Céu – the Portuguese word for ‘sky’
  • Himmel – the Swedish word for ‘sky’; a unique choice for your baby boy
  • Jove – another name used for Jupiter, the Greek sky god, meaning the ‘father of the sky’
  • Jupiter – a boy’s name with Latin origins; Jupiter was the Greek sky god
  • Langit – this is an Indonesian word meaning ‘sky’
  • Nebo – this is the Russian word for ‘sky’; the Babylonian god of wisdom
  • Neven – this is a Breton name meaning ‘sky’
  • Ouranos – a Greek name that means ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’; the Greek god of the sky
  • Payne – meaning ‘sky blue’, of Mapudungun origin
  • Skye – an alternate spelling for ‘Sky’ that is more commonly used for boys
  • Sepehr – this is a Persian boy’s name that means ‘sky’
  • Zeru – a word of Basque origin that means ‘sky’
  • Zeus – Zeus was the Greek god of sky and thunder; a powerful name for your little boy

Female baby names

  • Ahana – a Japanese name meaning ‘sky flower’; a Hindu name meaning ‘born during the day’
  • Alya – a name with Arabic, Russian, and Turkish origins that means ‘sky’ and ‘heavens’
  • Anga – this is the Swahili word for ‘sky’ and ‘weather’
  • Araceli – this is a Spanish name that means ‘altar of the sky’
  • Amaterasu – a Japanese name that means ‘heaven and sky’; the name of the Japanese sun goddess and ruler of the heavens
  • Azurine – a sophisticated French name that means ‘sky blue’
  • Celeste – a girl’s name of Latin origin that means ‘of the sky’; ‘heavenly’, ‘celestial’
  • Celestine – similar to Celeste, this is an English name meaning ‘sky’
  • Kalani – a Hawaiian name meaning ‘sky’, ‘heavens’; ‘royal one’
  • Lulani – another beautiful Hawaiian girl’s name that means ‘sky’, ‘highest heaven’; similar to ‘Leilani’
  • Mapiya – this is a Sioux name meaning ‘sky’ and ‘heavenly’
  • Sora – a Japanese word that means ‘sky’; unisex name in Japan
  • Tsisana – a Georgian name that means ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’
  • Zerua – a Basque name meaning ‘sky’; variation of ‘Zeru’

Unisex baby names

  • Anu – the king of the gods in Mesopotamian mythology who is associated with the sky and heavens
  • Azure – this name means ‘sky blue’; of Spanish origin
  • Ciel – this is the French word for ‘sky’, ‘from heaven’
  • Haneul – a unisex Korean name that means ‘sky’
  • Miku – this is a Japanese name meaning ‘beautiful sky’
  • Moe – this Burmese name means ‘sky’
  • Rakia – a Hebrew word for ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’ that could be used for either gender
  • Sky – an English gender-neutral name that means sky; Norse origins meaning ‘cloud’

Other weather-based baby names

  • Amun – the Egyptian god of the sun, air, and wind
  • Aria – an Italian and Hebrew name meaning ‘air’; ‘song’
  • Alizee – a fun French name that means ‘wind’
  • Amitola – this is a Native American word meaning ‘rainbow’
  • Auretta – this is an Italian name that means ‘light breeze’ and makes a beautiful girl’s name
  • Bayu– this is an Indonesian boy’s name that means ‘wind’
  • Breeze – an English girl’s name meaning ‘a gentle wind’; nickname could be ‘Breezy’
  • Chewmani – this is a Sioux name that means ‘dewdrops’
  • Coro – this is the Native American word for ‘wind’; could be used for a boy or girl
  • Iris – a Greek word meaning ‘rainbow’; the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology; a flower
  • Keanu – a Hawaiian name with the meaning ‘cool breeze over the mountains’
  • Lumi – a Finnish name that means ‘snow’; a Top 50 name in Finland
  • Makani – this is the Hawaiian word for ‘wind’; pronounced mah-KAH-nee
  • Meriweather – a Middle English name meaning ‘happy weather’
  • Naseem – a popular name in the Middle East and South Asia, this Arabic name means ‘breeze’
  • Neve – the Italian word for ‘snow’; would be a nice unisex name
  • Neil – this is a Gaelic boy’s name that means ‘cloud’
  • Samson – this is a Hebrew boy’s name that means ‘sun’
  • Seren – a Turkish girl’s name that means ‘star’
  • Sulien – this is a Welsh name for boys, meaning ‘sun born’
  • Van – this name is Vietnamese for ‘cloud’
  • Yuki – a unisex Asian name that means ‘snow’
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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