101 Weather-Based Names That Mean Lightning, Electricity, and Storm

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Like a storm, your new little addition is sure to be a force of nature — they might destroy some diapers and block towers along the way, but they’ll bring joy to your life just as the rain gives life to the crops.

Baby names that mean lightning, electricity, and storm are part of an age-old tradition of nature-based baby names, and parents who have close ties to the great outdoors might prefer names of this type. Many cultures have deities who were thought to preside over these elements, which can also provide great options for weather-centric baby names.

Let’s get cracking!

Male baby names

  • Meriweather – This funky English name means “good weather.”
  • Haruto – Haruto means “good weather” in Japanese.
  • Barak – This energizing Jewish name means “lightning.”
  • Edahi – Edahi is the Aztec god of the wind.
  • Erion – This Albanian moniker translates to “wind from the Ionian sea.”
  • Buraq – Buraq means “lightning” in Arabic.
  • Sturm – Sturm means “storm” in German. In Germany, Sturm is a nickname given to moody or quick-tempered individuals.
  • Asteropaios – This grand name stems from Greek mythology. It translates to “of lightning.”
  • Kidlat – In Tagalog, Kidlat means “lightning.”
  • Barakiel – This Hebrew name means “lightning of God.”
  • Raiden – This Japanese name means “lightning and thunder.”
  • Keanu – Keanu means “breeze” in Hawaiian. This name gained notoriety thanks to actor Keanu Reeves.
  • Ghayth – This name means “rain” in Arabic.
  • Kurai – Kurai is a Japanese word that means “gloomy.”
  • Raiden – Raiden is a Japanese name that means “thunder and lightning/.”
  • Taufan – This Indonesian name means “typhoon.”
  • Bijuli – Bijuli means “lightning” or “electricity.”
  • Zephyr – This masculine Greek name means “west wind.”
  • Brennan – This Irish surname means “rain.”
  • Wintry – Wintry is an English given name. It is a reminder of snowy weather.
  • Ra – In ancient Egypt, Ra meant “sun.”
  • Niall – This common masculine Irish name means “cloud.”
  • Sunniva – Sunniva is a Norwegian name that means “sun gift.”
  • Anori – This Greenlandic name means “wind.”
  • Saar – In Hebrew, Saar means “storm.”
  • Bohoz – This Kurdish moniker means “storm.”
  • Caelus – According to Roman myth, Caelus is the god of the sky.
  • Horus – Horus is the ancient Egyptian god of the sky.
  • Donar – In Germanic mythology, Donar is the god of thunder.
  • Thorberg – This Norse name means “protection from thunder.”
  • Steropes – In Greek mythology, Steropes is a cyclops that brings lightning.
  • Aybora– This unique Turkish name comes from the elements for “moon” and “storm.”
  • Veton – In Albanian, Veton means “lightning.”
  • Hannish – Hannish means “one who warns of storms.”
  • Chaac – Chaac is the Mayan god of storms and rain.
  • Ahohako – Ahoako is a Polynesian baby name that means “storm.”
  • Fisaga – This sweet Samoan name means “good weather.”
  • Taranis – Taranis is the Celtic god of thunder.
  • Taran – This Gaelic name is an offshoot of Taranis, the name given to the Celtic god of thunder.
  • Donder – Doner is the Dutch word for “thunder.”
  • Buhawi – Buhwai is an uncommon Tagalog name. It means “tornado.”
  • Aegaeon – Aegaeon is the Greek god of storms of the Aegean Sea.
  • Hareta – Hareta is a masculine Japanese name that means “clear weather.”
  • Corentin – This unique name means “hurricane.”
  • Tal– Tal is a nonbinary Hebrew name that means “dew.”

Female baby names

  • Tondra – Tondra means “thunder” in Esperanto, the official language of international communication
  • Brugmo – Brugmo is a Tibetan name that includes the elements for “thunder” and “woman.”
  • Saudamini – Saudamini is a commonly used Hindu name. It means “lightning.”
  • Ashni – Ashni is a Sanskrit girl’s name that means “lightning.”
  • Ramagua – This uncommon Spanish name means “thunder.”
  • Asterope – Hesperid is a character from Greek mythology. Her name translates to “starry-faced” and means “lightning.”
  • Shampa – This feminine Hindu name means “lightning.”
  • Dagr -Dagr is the Norse goddess of day.
  • Gale – A gale is a strong wind. However, this English name means “cheerful.”
  • Summer – This seasonal girl’s name conjures up images of sunny, warm weather.
  • Neve – In Latin, Neve means “snow.”
  • Vaivora – This is the Lithuanian word for “rainbow.”
  • Audra – In Lithuanian, this name means “storm.”
  • Ziazan – Ziazan means “rainbow” in Armenian.
  • Aolani – This lovely Hawaiian girl’s name means “beautiful cloud.”
  • Caixia – This Chinese moniker means “rosy clouds” or “mist.”
  • Heepuenui – Heeppuenui is a Naurau girl’s name. It means “to lie in a cloudless sky.”
  • Meghana – This unique Indian name means “cloud.”
  • Nebula – Nebula means “mist” in Latin.
  • Mist – Most welcome this sort of gentle precipitation.
  • Tsiatsan – This is the name of an Armenian village. It means “rainbow.”
  • Iridian – This name comes from the Sanskrit word for “rain showers.”
  • Caihong – Caihong means “rainbow” in Chinese.
  • Lumi – This lovely Finnish girl’s name means “snow.”
  • Zilan – This Kurdish moniker means “storm.”
  • Misty – This informal name serves as a reference to the lightest form of precipitation.
  • Tempest – This name was made famous by Wiliam Shakespear. Tempest is a rare English name that means “storm.”
  • Idalia – This ancient Greek name means “behold the sun.”
  • Alizeh – Alizeh translates to “wind” in Persian.
  • Vetra – This name means “to blow.”
  • Haruna – Haruna is a Japanese name that reminds us of springtime and good weather.
  • Aello – Aello is a character from Greek mythology. This name means “storm.”
  • Rainey – While Rainey means “queen,” it is also a reminder of wet weather.
  • Brekhna – This is the Pashto word for “lightning.”
  • Astrape – This girl’s name means “lightning.”
  • Bronte – This Sicilian city name translates to “thunder.”
  • Fulgora – Fulgora is the Latin word for “lightning.”
  • Cyra – This girl;’s name means “sun.”
  • Blicard – Blicard means “blizzard.”

Unisex baby names

  • Haru – Haru is a unisex Japanese name that means “spring.”
  • Amane – This unisex Japanese name means “sounds of the heavens.”
  • Sunny – Sunny is a moniker that reminds us of good weather.
  • Boroo – In Mongolian, Boroo means “rain.”
  • Mok – This unisex Lao name means “mist” or “fog.”
  • Sadetta – This Finnish moniker means “rain.”
  • Bengy – This name means “threatening rain” in Old English.
  • Hareru – This rare Japanese name means “to be sunny.”
  • Yuting – This unisex Chinese name has many translates, including “clap of thunder” and “sunny weather.”
  • Aqillutaq – Aqillutaq is an Inuit name that means “new snow.
  • Raviv – Raviv is a unisex Hebrew name that means “rain.”
  • Vajra – Vajra means “thunderbolt” in Indian.
  • Ruofei – The name Ruofei means “to fly like snow.”
  • Warun – This easily anglicized Thai name means “rain.”
  • Maloney – Maloney is the Romani word for lightning.
  • Myrksy – Myrsky is a Finnish name that means “storm.”
  • Uteki – This fairly common Japanese name means “raindrops.”
  • Indra – Indra is the Hindu god of rain and sky. Indra means “possessor of raindrops.”
  • Sessi – This sweet unisex name means “snow” in Inuit.
  • Rain – Rain is an English moniker that refers to precipitation. It means “blessings from above.”
  • Pailan– This fierce Armenian moniker means “lightning.”
  • Aure – Aure comes from the Latin Aura, meaning “wind.”
  • Lightning – Lightning is an unusual weather-related name. It is the middle name of Olympic athlete Usain Bolt’s daughter.
  • Stormi – Stormi is the name of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter.
  • Hekili – This Hawaiian name means “thunder.” While it is unisex, it is usually given to girls.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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