75 Elegant Baby Names That Mean Shadow or Darkness

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Male baby names

  • Zalaph — Zalaph is a biblical name that means “shadow.”
  • Ohanzee — In Siouan, Ohanzee means “shadow.”
  • Erebus — Erebus is a Greek name that comes from the Latin word for “darkness.”
  • Senko — Senko is the masculine form of the Slavic name Senka. It means “shadow.”
  • Caligo — Caligo is the Latin word for “darkness.”
  • Kageki —This name comes from the Japanese elements for “shadow” and “hope.”
  • Humi — Humi comes from the Old Norse word for “twilight.” This Icelandic name is perfect for any baby born just before sunset.
  • Inei — This masculine Japanese name means “dark, shadow.”
  • Apsephion —Apsephion is a Greek name that means “darkness.”
  • Cethin — Cethin is a Welsh name that means “dusky” or “dark.”
  • Kardama — In Sanskrit, Kardama means “shadow.”
  • Hiei — The Japanese translation for Hiei is “flying shadow.”
  • Araysh — This simple Muslim name means “shadower.”
  • Devroop — Devroop means “shadow of God.”
  • Antubra —Antubra is the name given to annual solar eclipses. We thought this astrological moniker would be perfect for any science-loving family.
  • Kage — Kage is Japanese for “shadow.”
  • Dell —In Malta, this name translates to “shadow.”
  • Erebus — In Greek mythology, Erebus is “the place of darkness.”
  • Betzalel — Betzalel is a traditional Hebrew name. It translates to “shadow of God.”
  • Orpheus — Orpheus is a character from Greek mythology. His name means “the darkness of night.”
  • Zelophehad — Zelophehad means “dark shadow.” He appears in the Hebrew bible.
  • Tirich – Tirich is the name of a valley in Mulkow. As a name, it means “shadow.”
  • Niratap – This Bengali name means “one who is filled with shadows.”
  • Tenebris — This Tanzanian name means “God of darkness.”
  • Tirich — Tirich is a Pashto name that means “shadow” or “darkness.”
  • Donovan — The Gaelic name Donovan means “dark.”
  • Duncan — Duncan is a Scottish name that means “dark warrior.”
  • Blagdan — Blagdan is a name that means “one from the dark valley.”
  • Ozul — Ozul is a Gothic boy’s name that means “shadow.”
  • Kage — Kage means “shadow” in Japanese.
  • Ash — This name plays reference to the dark remnants of fires.

Female baby names

  • Senka — Senka is a popular girl’s name in Serbia and Croatia. It means “shadow.”
  • Delaney — This playful Gaelic name means “black.” It is likely a reference to the dark waters of the River Slaney.
  • Seber — The feminine Kurdish name means “shade” or “shadow.”
  • Ciara – Ciara is a popular Irish girl’s name. It means “black.”
  • Brunetta — This name means “brown-haired.”
  • Charna – This intriguing Yiddish name means “dark.”
  • Adrienne — The French name Adrienne means “dark one.”
  • Raven — This name plays reference to the blackbird.
  • Lila —Lila is a popular Indian given name. It comes from the Arabic word for “night.”
  • Sayagul — This lovely Persian name means “shadow flower.”
  • Sayah — Sayah is a common girl’s given name in Algeria. It means “shade” or “shadow.”
  • Ebony — Ebony is a name with Latin roots. It means “deep black wood.”
  • Amaya — This name means “night rain.”
  • Achlys — Achyls is the Greek goddess of the mist of death.
  • Chhaya — Chhaya is the name of the Hindu goddess of shadows.
  • Keyara — Keyara is a Celtic girl’s name that means “little dark one.”
  • Jett — Jett is a simple yet cool name that means “black stone.”
  • Humbelina — Humbelina means “one who produces a little shadow.”
  • Leila — Leila is a popular Arabic name. It means “dark” or “night.”
  • Melaina — The name Melaina is derived from the Greek Melanie. It means “shadow.”
  • Keket — Keket is the Egyptian goddess of darkness.
  • Ebda — Ebda is a vintage-sounding English name. It means “dark beauty.”
  • Ombretta — The meaning of this name is “shadow.”
  • Tamala — Tamala is a common African name. It means “dark tree.”
  • Bruna — Bruna is an Italian name that means “brown-haired.”
  • Krishna — This name comes from the Sanskrit word for “black” or “dark.”
  • Duabntxoo — Duabntxoo is the Hmong word for “shadow.”
  • Pangari – According to indigenous Australians, this name means “shadow.”
  • Nisha — Nisha is an uncommon Indian girl’s name. It means “night” in Sanskrit.
  • Siber — In Kurdish, this name means “shade” or “shadow.”
  • Melanie —Melanie is a feminine Greek name that means “blackness.”
  • Tinueviel — This name means “daughter of twilight” or “nightingale.”
  • Adie — Adie means “dark one.”

Unisex baby names

  • Shadow — Shadow is a gender-neutral name. It means “shade from the sun.”
  • Cary – Cary is a unisex Celtic name that means “black.”
  • Kumori — This gender-neutral name means “shadow” in Japanese.
  • Yami — In Japan, the name Yami means “darkness.”
  • Varjo —This gender-neutral Finnish name means “shade” or “shadow.”
  • Night — If you’re a fan of darkness, you’ll love this gender-neutral name. Make no mistake; it means “evening.”
  • Shade — Shade is a unisex Arabic name that means “singer.” It is also an obvious reminder of the darkness cast by shadows.
  • Erembourc – According to French mythology, Erembourc is a character that hitches a ride on the back of a shadow. This name stems from the Latin word for “darkness.”
  • Darcie – Darcie is a unisex name that means “dark-haired.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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