150 Precious Names That Mean Silver or Gold (Boys, Girls, & Unisex Included)

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Nothing is more precious to you than your new bundle of joy, and a name that reflects something of great value can be a charming way to let the world know their worth. Names meaning gold and silver or referring to the qualities of these valuable and beautiful metals have cross-cultural popularity, and there are numerous male, female, and unisex options.

Ready to see which of these options shines for you? Let’s press on.

If you draw inspiration from the beauty of the night sky, a name that means night or refers to the moon, stars, or dusk might feel like the perfect pick for your little one. Names meaning night have found popular use in many cultures, as have names referring to heavenly bodies, constellations, and deities associated with the night, sky, and moon.

Ready to have a gaze at your options? Let’s read on.

Baby names that mean gold

Boys names

  • Chryses – Chryses was the father of a woman captured during the Trojan War. It is derived from the Greek word for “golden.”
  • Ketan – The Hindi name means “pure gold.” It is a common moniker throughout India.
  • Eurig – This Welsh boy’s name means “golden.”
  • Oriol – Thi Catalan boy’s name means “golden.”
  • Gullskeggr – Your baby boy will have to grow into this name which means “golden beard.”
  • Hem – In Sanskirt, this name means “gold.”
  • Zereen – This breathtaking Arabic name means “golden.”
  • Blane/Blaine – Blane is an Irish boy’s name meaning “yellow” or “golden.”
  • Aurelius – Marcus Aurelius was a powerful Roman Emperor. It comes as no surprise that this high-society name means “golden.”
  • Anargyros – This ancient name comes from the Greek word argyros, meaning “silver.”
  • Kham – Kham means “gold” in Laos.
  • Aurelius – Stemming from the Latin vernacular, this underused ancient Greek name means “golden” or “gilded.”
  • Flavius – This name, which means “yellow hair,” can be traced back to a well-known family of Roman emperors.
  • Dizchin – This masculine Circassian name is not all that common. It means “silver.”
  • Ardit – The Albanian name means “gold day.” It’s an excellent pick for expectant parents who are on the lookout for a strong and unique masculine moniker. Plus, you get your pick of fun nicknames, such as Ardi, Ardy, and Ard.
  • Zlatan – This name, which means “golden,” is common throughout Croatia.
  • Zarathustra – The Old Iranian name means “golden camel.”

Girls names

  • Zahavi – This sparkly Hebrew name means “gold.”
  • Sovanna -The feminine Khmer name means “golden dream.”
  • Zareen– Zareen is Persian for “golden.” The same goes for the Persian name Zarina.
  • Topaz – Topaz is a yellow gemstone that is known for its healing properties. It’s also the birthstone for individuals born in November. Fall babies, we’re looking at you!
  • Sunny – This bright and shining name brings to mind gold and warmth.
  • Marigold – This English name refers to a well-known golden flower. It comes with a full lineup of lucrative nickname options, including Mari, Margo, and even Goldie.
  • Xanthe – With X names rising in the ranks, you might want to checkmark Xanthe. This Greek name means “golden” or “yellow.”
  • Amber – Amber is a distinctly golden fossil that is derived from the resin of conifer trees. It just so happens to also be a common feminine first name. Ambi and Ama are perfectly suitable nicknames.
  • Orla – Orla is derived from the old Gaelic name Órfhlaith, meaning “golden princess.”
  • Aurelia – Aurelia is the female form of the Latin name Aurelius. This name comes from the Latin word aureus. It means “golden.”
  • Sona – The Sanskrit definition for this word is “good color.” However, it’s also a feminine Hindu name meaning “gold.”
  • Ardit – Ardit is derived from the Albanian saying “golden day.”
  • Saffron – This pricey golden spice is harvested from the crocuses and often incorporated in fine dining.
  • Deshi – We love the casual sound of this Chechen name. The Chechnyan translation for the moniker is “gold.”
  • Altynai – Altynai is a common Kazakh first name that means “gold moon.”
  • Zolta – This name comes from the Polish word zloto, meaning “gold.”
  • Afwerki – Afwerki was the surname of an Eritrean independence leader. The now-common Ethiopian name means “mouth of gold.”
  • Dahab – Your little one will shimmer in this stunning Arabic girl’s name. It translates to “gold.”
  • Eurddolen – Eurddolen is derived from the Welsh words for “gold” and “ring.
  • Fulla – According to Norse mythology, Fulla is “a lady in waiting.” The name translates to “gold woman.”
  • Genji – This Chinese girl’s name means “valuable gold.”
  • Goldi – Goldi is a variation of the Golda. Both names are Yiddish and mean “gold.”
  • Altantsetseg – While this Mongolian moniker is quite a mouthful, its meaning is quite simple. Altantsetseg means “golden flower.”

Unisex names

  • Voski – This is a gender-neutral Armenian name meaning “gold.”
  • Paz – This sweet Hebrew moniker translates to “gold.”
  • Yari – Yari is a common unisex name in the Caribbean. It means “gold jewelry.”
  • Sonal – Sonal is a unisex Indian name that means “gold” or “precious” in Hindi. It’s also the first name of the well-known Indian actress Sonal Chauhan.
  • Aurum – Aurum is the Latin word for gold. It’s also the source for the element’s chemical symbol, Au.
  • Kulta – Call your little one by this Finnish moniker meaning “gold” and “darling.”

Baby names that mean silver

Boys names

  • Bac – This masculine Vietnamese name means “silver.”
  • Gin – This short Japanese boy’s name means “silver.”
  • Vendi – This masculine Indian name means “silver.”
  • Workneh – Workeh is a common Liberian name meaning “gold.”
  • Goldmund – Herman Hesse was the creator of this unique name. He derived it from the German words for “gold” and “protection.”
  • Argenta – This Italian surname means “silver.”
  • Silver – Silver is one of the strongest and most revered elements.
  • Argyros – Argyros is an ancient Greek name meaning “silver.”

Girls names

  • Arianrhod -Arianrhod comes from the Welsh words arian and rhod. Together, the phrase translates to “silver wheel.”
  • Lujayn – This sparkly Arabic name means “silver.”
  • Orabela – This lovely O name means “gold” and “beautiful.”
  • Eun-bi – Eun-bi is a hyphenated Korean name that translates to “silver rain.”
  • Gina – This easily anglicized Japanese name means Silver.”
  • Simon – Simin is a simple Persian name that means “silvery and white.”
  • Ginko – Not to be confused with Ginkgo Biloba, this Japanese name means “silver child.”
  • Gulsim – Gulsim is a rare Kazakh name meaning “silver flower.”
  • Kumisay – Midnight’s child deserves a symbolic title. This fitting moniker means “silver moon” in Kazakh.
  • Silvermist – Silvermist is a fictional female given name from the feature film “Tinker Bell.”
  • Simay– Simay is a Turkish name that means” silver moon.”
  • Arcene – If you’re looking for a name with a French twist, why not Arcene. It translates to “silvery.”
  • Argenta – Argenta is a popular offshoot of the Italian surname Argento. Thus, it means “silver.”
  • Jumana – The Arabic translation for this name is “silver pearl.”
  • Argiope – Argiope translates to “silver face.” This ancient name stems from Greek mythology. Argiope was the daughter of Nile, the Greek god of the river.
  • Casiphia – This name is likely derived from the Yiddish term keceph, meaning money.
  • Chandani – Your baby will delight with this Sanskrit name meaning “silver moonlight.”
  • Arian – This given name is derived from the Welsh word for silver.
  • Fidda– This easily anglicized Arabic name means “silver.”
  • Vanna – In Hebrew, this name means “God’s gift.” However, the Cambodian translation for the moniker is “golden.” You might know it thanks to television personality Vanna White.
  • Tatyana – This feminine Latin name means “silver-haired.”
  • Arianwen – This intriguing Welsh name means “holy silver.”

Unisex names

  • Gumus – Gumus is the Turkish word for “silver.”
  • Fedah – This Swahili name means “silver.”
  • Plata– Check out this short and sweet name. It is derived from the Spanish word for silver.
  • Bạc – The unisex Vietnamese name means “silver.”
  • Argenis – This unisex Italian name is an offshoot of the Italian surname Argento. It means “silver.”
  • Zilver – Switch the S in silver for a Z, and you get a lovely Dutch first name with the same meaning.
  • Sunaar – Sunaar is a name derived from the Hindu cast that contained silversmiths.
  • Sterling – While Sterling is typically used as a surname, it could also serve as a given or middle moniker. Sterlin is an equally satisfactory alternative to this Turkish name meaning “silver.”
  • Zilpher – This gender-neutral Scandinavian name means “silver.”
  • Ziv – Ziv is a Kurdish given name meaning “silver.”
  • Fizza – This intriguing Arabic name means “silver.”
  • Hopea – This lustrous Finnish name means “silver.”
  • Shoneah – Shoneah is a gender-neutral Native American moniker meaning “silver.”
  • Yin – While this Chinese name has many translations, we like to focus on its most metallic translation. It means “silvery.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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