125 Male and Female Cuban Names and Their Meanings

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Parents in search of a name that honors their baby’s proud Cuban heritage might be surprised to find out just how diverse their options are. Cuban naming traditions are a bit unusual when compared to other Hispanic cultures, with the result being a long history of personalized names, often hybrids of family names designed by parents themselves. 

Though creating your own unique name for your baby is certainly a part of Cuban culture, it’s not required — there are many lovely Cuban names to choose from for your son or daughter.

Ready to learn more and get inspired?

Cuban naming traditions

For many years now, it has been tradition for Cuban parents to fashion their very own name for their baby rather than choosing a singular namesake or picking from a traditional list of names. Often, the names parents choose begin with the letter Y, but may also be a fusion of two family first names, surnames, or syllables.

Though a concrete reason for this tradition isn’t given, some scholars theorizes that under Cuba’s Stalinist regime, citizens had very little freedom of self expression; one of few aspects of their lives over which the state offered full control was the naming of their children, and as such, the use of non-traditional and self-made names took rise. It is also speculated that this practice is a rejection of the Spanish Roman Catholicism associated with pre-revolutionary Cuba, as more than half of today’s Cubans are descended from Africa.

Baby male names

  • Pirro – This Spanish name means “flaming hair.”
  • Riel – Riel is a derivative of Gabriel. It means “God is my strength.”
  • Yoenis – Yoenis Cespedes Milanes is a Cuban-born baseball player. His name comes from the Latin word for “just.”
  • Abelardo – Abelardo is a Cuban name with Old German roots. It means “noble strength.”
  • Audacto – Audacto comes from the Latin word for “bold.” This is the perfect name for a baby boy with Cuban roots.
  • Ernesto – Ernesto is a Spanish name with Old German roots. It means “battle to the death.”
  • Bibiano – Bibiano is a popular Cuban boy’s name. It stems from the Latin word for “he has life.”
  • Mendo – This Spanish name means “offers sacrifices to God.”
  • Yasiel – Yasiel is a Hebrew-origin Cuban name. It means “made by God.”
  • Rodolfo – Rodolfo is the Spanish version of the French name Rudolf. It means “renowned wolf.”
  • Artemio -There seems to be no shortage of Cuban names with Greek origins. This one means “follower of Artemis.”
  • Calisto – Calisto is a Greek-origin name that means “most beautiful.”
  • Dalian – In Spanish, Dalian translates to “valley.”
  • Silverio – Silverio means “from the forest.”
  • Homero – This Ancient Greek name means “hostage.”
  • Ardolis – This popular Cuban name means “thanks.”
  • Emeterio
  • Learco – This Ancient Greek name means “one who leads the people.”
  • Maceo – Give your newborn bundle a meaningful first name like Maceo. It means “gift of God.”
  • Jadier – Jadier is a Spanish name that gained popularity thanks to Cuban weightlifter Jadier Valladares.
  • Chumo – Chumo means “twin” in Spanish.
  • Raul – Raul is a popular Spanish name. It means “wolf counsel.”
  • Monte – This masculine Spanish name means “manpower.”
  • Cleto – This fierce name stems from Ancient Greece. It means “he who was chosen to fight.”
  • Naldo – Naldo is a Spanish name that means “strong.”
  • Miguel – Miguel is a common Spanish first name. It can be shortened to Micky, Mick, or even Mike.
  • Fidelito – Fidelito is an uncommon diminutive of Fidel.
  • Yuli – Yuli is the Cuban version of Julian. It means “youthful.”
  • Osvaldo – Osvaldo is a Spanish name with German roots. It means “God’s power.”
  • Olo – This German-origin Cuban name means “famous land.”
  • Cisco – Cisco is a short version of the name Francisco. It means “free.”
  • Camilo – Camilo means “helper to the priest.”
  • Vivion – This masculine Spanish name means “lively..”
  • Cedro – This Spanish name means “strong gift.”
  • Che – Che is a nickname for Jose. This was the nickname given to Cuban Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara.
  • Panifilo – This Cuban name comes from the Ancient Greek Pamphilos. It means “friend of all.”
  • Fidel – Fidel Castro has served as inspiration for the names of many. Fidel means “faithful.”
  • Nestor – Nestor means “one who returns from travels.” This name is Greek in origin.
  • Normando – Normando is a Spanish baby name that means “man of the north.”
  • Pafnucio – Paf is a Spanish version of the Latin name Patrick.
  • Saturnan – Saturnan, the Roman god of agriculture, has been an inspiration for many Cuban baby names.
  • Elian – Elian Gonzalez Brotons was the name of a Cuban boy who became the center of an immigration-related custody battle. This name, which is popular in Cuba, means “the Lord is my God.”
  • Teb – Teb is a Spanish name that is Greek in origin. It means “crowned.”
  • Zotico – This name means “full of life” in Greek.
  • Desiderio – DEsiderio means “sorrow, yearning.”
  • Yago – Yago is a masculine Spanish name. It means “he who supplants.”
  • Nicho – Nicho is a Greek name that’s popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It translates to “victory of the people.”
  • Cuba – Cuba means “where fertile land is abundant.” This name is often given to baby boys with Cuban roots. Cuba Gooding Jr. is a good example of this.
  • Osbaldo – Osbaldo is a Cuban variant of Owvaldo. This name means “God’s rule.”
  • Gael – This Celtic name gained popularity in Cuba and other Spanish-speaking countries. It means “Gaelic.”
  • Diego – Diego means “teacher” in Spanish.
  • Alejandro – This popular Spanish boy’s name means “defender of mankind.”
  • Alvaro – Alvaro is a Spanish name that means “guardian.”
  • Euxenio – This Spanish name is derived from the Greek Eugene. It means “noble.”
  • Anton – Anton means “the priceless one” in Spanish.
  • Bembe – Bembe is a type of percussion instrument that is common throughout Cuba.
  • Orpheo – Orpheo means “having a beautiful voice.”
  • Amador – Amador means “lover.”
  • Castilo – Castilo means “castle” in Spanish.
  • Ximena – Ximena means “son.” This Spanish name is quite popular in Cuba.

Baby female names

  • Aleja– Aleja is a Spanish version of the English Alexandra. It means “defender of mankind.”
  • Alma – Alma is a Portuguese name that means “the spirit and soul.” This is a great example of a simple name with a strong meaning.
  • Paz – This simple Spanish girl’s name means “peace.”
  • Liliana – Liliana is a popular name within the Cuban community. It means “lily” or “flower.”
  • Rosa – You cannot go wrong with the Spanish word for “rose.” This feminine flower name is incredibly popular.
  • Aura – Aura is a Cuban name with Latin roots. It means “breeze.”
  • Adoncia – This flowery Spanish name means “sweet.”
  • Alysa – Alysa is a Cuban with Greek roots. It translates to “rational.”
  • Aymee – Aymee is a Spanish name that means “beloved.” It is equivalent to the English Amy.
  • Vanesa – This Cuban girl’s name is Greek in origin. It means “butterfly.”
  • Yolanda – Yolanda is the Greek word for “violet.”
  • Novia – Novia is Latin for “new.”
  • Alpharita – Alpharita was the name of Bob Marley’s Cuban-born widow, Rita Marley. The name’s origin is murky.
  • Amara – Amara means “unfading” or “eternally beautiful” in Greek.
  • Silvia – Silvia is a Cuban variant of Sylvia. This Greek name means “from the forest.”
  • Agathe – Agathe is a Greek name that means “good” or “kind.”
  • Jordana — This feminine moniker means “to flower down.”
  • Zamira – Zamira is a popular Cuban girl’s name. IT stems from the Arabic word for “thought.”
  • Divina – In Latin, Davina means “like a goddess.”
  • Ramira – Ramira means “judicious” in Spanish.
  • Tranquila – This Spanish name means “tranquil.”
  • Coral – Cuba is home to the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. This ocean-inspired name is perfect for any Cuban-born baby girl.
  • Benita – Benita means “blessed.” This name is the Spanish equivalent of the English name Amy.
  • Floramaria – Floramaria means “flower of Mary” in Spanish.
  • Aleja – This Spanish name means “defender of mankind.”
  • Carida – Carida means “charity” or “kindness.” This is a sweet Spanish name for a girl.
  • Dunia – Dunia is an exotic Cuban name. It means “world” in Arabic.
  • Safia – Safia means “pure” in Arabic.
  • Camila – Camila is Roman in origin. This name means “helper of the priest.”
  • Antifona – This rare Greek name is quite popular in Cuba. It means “opposite of her race.”
  • Beagle– This Latin name means “fair complexion.”
  • Silvana – Silvana stems from Latin. It means “from the forest.”
  • Vernisha – Vernisha is a popular Cuban name. It stems from the Latin word for “Spring.”
  • Santanna – This Spanish name means “saint-like.”
  • Aarah – Aarah means, “I will see God.”
  • Savanna – Savanna is the Cuban variant of Savannah. This Spanish name means “treeless plain.”
  • Edelmira – Edelmira means “princess.”
  • Barbara – Barbara is a common Cuban girl’s name. It means “foreign woman.”
  • Daniela – Daniela means, “God is my judge.”
  • Ava – Ava is a common Cuban girl’s name. It comes from the Latin word for “bird.”
  • Cailida – Cailida means “adoring” in Spanish. Liddy is a suitable nickname for this feminine moniker.
  • Jocelyn – Jocelyn is yet another Cuban name with German roots. It translates to “member of the Gauts.”
  • Angel – Angel is a common name in most Spanish-speaking countries. It means “messenger.”
  • Daphne – Daphne is a Greek name that means “laurel tree.”
  • Clodomira – This rare Italian name is fairly common in Cuba. It means “famous.”
  • Glinda – Glinda is an American name that took off in Cuba. It translates to “fair” or “good.”
  • Antania – Antania means “enemy of mankind.” This Cuban name is Greek in origin.
  • Romula – Romula is a Spanish given name that means “great strength.”
  • Acacia – This botanical name comes from Latin. It means “thorny.”
  • Baldomera – This popular Cuban name stems from Slavic folklore. It means “bold and renowned.”
  • Yenifer – Yenifer is the Cuban equivalent of Jennifer. This name means “white shadow.”
  • Alicia – Alicia is the Spanish form of Alice. It means “nobility.” Several notable Cuban women go by the name Alicia.
  • Dayami – Dayami Sanchez is the name of a successful Cuban volleyball star.
  • Canisa – Canisa comes from the Greek word for “very dear.”
  • Beatriz – Beatriz means “blessed traveler.” This is the Spanish version of the Latin name Beatrix.
  • Allia – Allia is a Hebrew girl’s name. It means “rising.”
  • Jaquinda – This Spanish name means “beautiful.”
  • Asela – Asela de Armas Perex was the name of a Cuban chess player. This Latin given name means “donkey foal.”
  • Acindina – This Cuban name stems from the Greek word “safe.”
  • Havana – Havana is the capital of Cuba. This word is most likely derived from the word “heaven.” Havanna is an alternative spelling.
  • Lucia – Lucia translates to “light.”
  • Amrita – Amrita is a Spanish girl’s name that means “beloved.”
  • Mariposa – This Spanish name means “butterfly.”
  • Yanet – Yanet is a Cuban name that means “God is merciful.” It is similar to the English name Janet.
  • Mariel – Mariel is the name of a city in Cuba.
  • Dominga – Dominga is a Spanish variant of the French name Dominique. It means “lord.”
  • Matilde – Matilde is yet another popular Cuban name with French roots. It means “battle strength.”
  • Quintessa – Quintessa is a girl’s name that means “fifth.” This is a fitting moniker for any fifth-born girl.
  • Charlotte – The Spanish equivalent of Charlotte is Carlota. It means “free man” in French.
  • Clarita – Clarita means “clear, bright, and famous.”
  • Lur – This simple Spanish girl’s name means “earth.”
  • Smara – This female given name means “protected by God.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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