100 Fantastic French Boy Names and Their Meanings

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

There’s not much cuter than a baby bunny — other than your bundle of joy of course — but the potential symbolism in baby names meaning rabbit or bunny goes well beyond looks.

Rabbits are notoriously quick, clever animals. In many European cultures, rabbits are symbolic of springtime, a representation of renewal and fruitfulness; this is similarly true in Japanese culture.

Meanwhile, in America, rabbits are symbolically associated with their smarts, as well as with devotion to efforts at self-improvement. They’re also frequently associated with good luck, likely owing to their fertility and their association with the renewal of spring.

Let’s hop to it and find a name for your little bunny!

  • Pierre – Pierre is the French form of Peter. It is derived from the Greek word petra, meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  • Hugo – This high-ranking masculine French given translates to “heart,” “mind,” and “spirit.”
  • Louis – This name stems from Old Frankish words for “fame” and “warrior.” It means “one who is famous in war.” Louie is a suitable nickname.
  • Léo – This Old French name stems from the Latin word for “lion.” Lyon is a popular French alternative with the same meaning.
  • Adolphe – This old-school French first name means “noble wolf.”
  • Alban – This popular French first name refers to the people of Alba Longa.
  • Gauvain – Is your bébé garçon deserving of a fierce moniker? This name means “white hawk of battle.”
  • Gerard – Gerard is a common masculine French first name. It translates to “strong and brave spear-wearer.”
  • Adrien – Adrien means “from Adria.” Adria is a French region by the Adriatic Sea.
  • Gregoire – This name is derived from the Greek word for “watchful.” It is a common French surname.
  • Hervé – This French name stems from Breton. It is a French alternative for the English name Harvey. It means “one who is battle-ready.”
  • Henri – Henri is a common French first name. It means “ruler of the estate.”
  • Guy – Guy is a one-syllable variant of the French name Guido. It means “brave boy.”
  • Ignace – Ignace is a French boys’ name that means “fiery one.”
  • Alphonse – Did you know Alphonse was the birth name of gangster Al Capone? It’s a French/German first name meaning “ready for battle.”
  • Hubert – While Hubert reigns supreme as French boys’ first name, it actually stems from Proto-Germanic elements that translate to “bright mind.” While this name doesn’t guarantee your little one a good MENSA score, it does make them sound sophisticated and approachable.
  • Jacques – This French occupational name means “supplanter.”
  • Victor – The French name Victor stems from the Latin name Vincere. It means “to win” or “conquer.” It is a common name for popes and bishops. There was even a saint that went by the name of Viktor.
  • Aimé – This is a masculine derivative of the French word for “aimer.” It means “to love.”
  • Breton – Breton is the term used for people and things from Brittany. Brittany is a northern region of France. This name could be one way for you to honor your Breton ancestors. Bret is a perfectly suitable nickname.
  • Ghislain – Ghislain is the French form of the Latin name Gislin. It can also be spelled Guislain or Ghiselin. This name is common in French-speaking areas. It means “hostage” or “good friend.”
  • Aurélien – Woo your fellow Francophones with this rare French gem. It means “golden.” Aurelius is a big name for a baby to carry, but your sophisticated little guy shouldn’t have any trouble growing into this moniker.
  • André – André is a derivative of the name Andrew. The name’s simple presentation and pronunciation have helped it to gain popularity in both French- and English-speaking places. It translates to “man” or “warrior.”
  • Alain – This masculine French first name means “little rock.” Its quaint translation and easy pronunciation make it a great choice for English-speaking families.
  • Janvier – Janvier is the French word for January. It is an obvious pick for any little one (girl or boy) born during this winter month.
  • Basile – This delightful French boys’ name means “regal” or “kingly.” While Basile’s meaning is quite lavish, it’s a wholly approachable moniker.
  • Constantin – The French/Latin name means “steadfast.” It was the name of the first Christian emperor of the Roman empire. Common nicknames include Costel, Costin, Kosta, and, oddly enough, Gus.
  • Charlot – This masculine French given name stems from Charles. It was first publicized in the French body of literature known as “The Matter of France.”
  • Amable – Amable is a French derivative of the English name Mabel. It means “lovable.
  • Clovis – Clovis is a popular French boys’ name that means “renowned fighter.” According to census records, there are less than 2,000 Clovises in the United States. We strongly suggest that you jump on this adorable French boys’ name before it becomes a trend.
  • Clément – This name means “merciful and gentle.” Let’s hope your new-age baby boy embodies these wonderful traits.
  • Jason – This popular French first name actually stems from Greek mythology. Jason was the leader of the Argonauts. His name means “healer.”
  • Clair – While Clair is commonly used as a female name in the United States, it was once a popular male first name in France. It translates to “bright” or “clear.”
  • Jean – Jean has long ranked as the top male name in all of France. It is often joined with other male first names. Jean-Jaques, Jean-Claude, and Jean-Baptiste are just a few popular hyphenated alternatives.
  • Amand – Amand is a name for “one who is worthy of love.”
  • Jérôme – Here’s a spicy version of Jeremy. Jérôme translates to “sacred name.”
  • Césaire – Césaire is the French version of the name Caesar. It means “long-haired” in Latin.
  • Calixte – Calixte is a unisex given name that means “most lovely.”
  • Julien – Julien is a French derivative of Julian. It stems from the surname Julias. It means “downy or soft beard.”
  • Camille – This historically male name continues to rank high in popularity. It is the traditrional name given to the altar boys who help priests during mass.
  • Baptiste – This French boys’ name means “baptist.”
  • Casimir – While Slavic in origin, Casimir is a popular French and Dutch given name, It’s meaning, “destroyer of peace,” comes with some heavy connotations. You could always shorten it to Mir. This chunk of the moniker means “peace.”
  • Amaury – This agreeable French moniker means “work power.”
  • Léonard – This Old French name comes from the Latin words for “bravery” and “lion.”
  • Loup – Loup is the French form of the Roman name Lupus. It means “wolf.”
  • Barthélémy – This French personal name references the “son of a farmer.”
  • Lucien – The French moniker means “light.” Lucian of Antioch is a well-known Christian martyr.
  • Claude – Here’s a common French given name with an unfortunate meaning. Claude means “limping” or “stuttering.”
  • Seraphin – Seraphin is a traditional French given name that’s Hebrew in origin. It means “fiery one.”
  • Blaise – This French first name means “to lisp or stutter.” Speech impediments aside, we really like this name.
  • Eugène – Eugène is yet another French name with Greek origins. It means “one who is well-born or noble.”
  • François – This name translates to “Frenchman.”
  • Yves – This French boys’ name means “yew.” Notable bearers include French fashio designer Yves Saint Laurent and Belgiun Prime Minister Yves Camille Désiré Leterme
  • Marcel – Marcel is a typical masculine first name throughout France. It means “one who belongs to Mars.”
  • Marceau – This lovely French boys’ name means “little warrior.”
  • Martin – This name was traditionally given to French baby boys in honor of Saint Martin of Tours.
  • Toussaint – This name is composed of the French words for “all” and “saints.” It’s the perfect moniker for any boy born on All Saints’ Day.
  • Étienne – Étienne is the French form of Stephen.
  • Vital – This semi-popular French given name means “vitality.”
  • Yvon – This name is a medieval diminutive of Yves. It was the name of two French saints.
  • Désiré – This name comes from the French word for desire. It was once a common boys’ first name but has since fallen out of vogue.
  • René – René is a unisex French name that means “rebirth.”
  • Diodore – This name is a French diminutive of the Latin Diodorus. It means “gift of God.”
  • Renard – Renard the Fox is a popular literary character that dates back to medieval times.
  • Quentin – Quentin is the perfect name for a fifth child or child born during the fifth month. This name stems from the Latin Quintinus.
  • Pascal – This traditional French name was once given to boys born during Passover and Easter. That’s because Pascal means Passover in English.
  • Prosper – If you choose this name for your little one, they’ll share it with three 5th-century saints. The meaning is fairly obvious. Prosper translates to “prosperous.”
  • Onésime – Onésime is a name derived from the Ancient Greek name Onínēmi. It means “one who brings luck.”
  • Noël – Noël means Christmas in French. This name was traditionally given to children born on this religious holiday.
  • Cyprien -This unisex French name refers to individuals from Cyprus. It is French and Greek in origin.
  • Déodat -This rare French boys’ name means “God’s gift.”
  • Maurice – This charming French moniker means “dark-skinned” or “Moorish.”
  • Maxence – Maxence is a French derivative of the Latin name Maximus. It means “the greatest.” Max is a solid nickname option.
  • Fabrice – This rugged French boys’ name means “craftsman.”
  • Corneille – This French name is derived from the Latin name Cornelius. It means “horn.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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