125 Gender-Neutral and Nonbinary Names for Your New Baby

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 15th, 2021

Though many first names are considered to “belong” to one gender or another, there’s also quite a few that are gender-neutral, also called nonbinary or unisex. 

Name options that aren’t predicated on gender might be at the top of your list for a few reasons: perhaps you’re not finding out your baby’s gender til birth, or you’d rather stray away from highly gendered names and toys to allow your baby to develop their own identity without feeling pressured. Unisex names may also help to prevent some amount of unseen gender bias later in life when it comes to hiring decisions and similar situations. 

There are plenty of strong, attractive names that are great for any baby — let’s have a look.

  • Brooklyn – In the late 2000s, the name Brooklyn started to gain popularity. Most parents opted to honor this culturally rich New York City borough. Brooklyn means “one who lives near a Brook.”
  • Ash – This name stems from Hebrew. It means “ash tree.”
  • Nova – Nova comes from the Latin word for “new.”
  • Afon – This modern Welsh name means “river.”
  • Dallas – Dallas is a Scottish and English surname that means “meadow dwelling.” It may also be in reference to the city of Dallas, Texas.
  • Adrian – This unisex name stems from the surname of an ancient family from the Adriatic Sea. It means “son of Adria.”
  • Aoi – This gender-neutral Japanese name means “hollyhock.”
  • Ariel – Ariel stems from the New Testimate. It translates to “lion of God.”
  • Carmo – Carmo is a unisex Portugeus name. It is a derivative of the Spanish Carmel, meaning “fruitland” or “orchard.”
  • Cassidy – Cassidy is an Irish surname. It opens the door to several nonbinary nickname possibilities, including Cas or Cassie.
  • Alex – Alex is of Greek origin. This name means “man’s defender.”
  • Dominique – Dominique is a unisex French name that is derived from the Latin Dominic. It means “of the Lord.”
  • Ali – Ali is a masculine Arabic name that means “elevated.” However, it’s also a feminine first name.
  • Dorji – In Tibetan, Dorji means “diamond.”
  • Ekin – Ekin means “harvest” in Turkish.
  • Casey – This simple Irish surname is suitable for a boy or girl. It means “vigilant.”
  • Gal – Some people associate this name with superstar Gal Gadot. It means “wave” in Hebrew.
  • Golzar – Golzar is a unisex Persian name that means “rose-cheeked.”
  • Haru – This lovely Japanese name means “distant, remote.”
  • Jaden – Jaden is a modern name that came about thanks to the popularity of the ed suffix. It can also be spelled Jayn and Jaiden.
  • Elian – This rare Dutch nickname is used as an informal alternative to names that start with Eli.
  • Jess – Jess is a unisex name that means “God exists.”
  • Kalani – There are a plethora of meaningful unisex Hawaiian names, including this one. Kalani means “the heavens.”
  • Gefen – In Hebrew, Gefen means “grapevine.”
  • Emerson – Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of the most revered transcendentalist writers. His surname is of English origin. It means “son of Emery.”
  • Udo – Udo is a West African name that means “peace.”
  • Vivian – Vivian comes from the Latin vivus. It means “alive.”
  • Yancy – This English first name stems from the Dutch Jansen. IT’s one of the more intriguing multicultural Y names.
  • Zan – In Chinese, Zan means “support.”
  • Lauren – Lauren is a unisex name that is mostly used for girls. It means “laurel tree.”
  • Leslie – Leslie means “garden of holly” in Scottish. It is typically used as a feminine name.
  • Zola – This South African name means “calm.”
  • Lior – In Hebrew, Lior means “light for me.”
  • Logan – Logon is a gender-neutral Scottish name. It means “little hollow.” It was the name of the leading character in the tenth film in the X-Men series.
  • Lux – This fanciful Latin name means “light.”
  • Malone – This Irish surname is suitable for boys and girls. It means “descendant of Saint John.”
  • Makena – This African name means “happy one.”
  • Marley – Marley is a unisex English surname that means “pleasant wood.”
  • Harley – This English name means “woodland.” It is also the name of a beloved American motorcycle manufacturer.
  • Harper – This English occupational name was traditionally given to people who played the harp. It’s now a popular first name for boys and girls alike.
  • Haneul – Hanuel is a unisex Korean name that means “heavens” or “sky.”
  • Reese – This nonbinary given name means “fiery.” Actress Reese Witherspoon is of the better-known people to carry this moniker.
  • Arlo – This English name means “fortified hill.”
  • Honor – Honor is an antiquated English name. It comes from Latin.
  • Huan – In Chinese, Huan means “happy.”
  • Beckett – This Old English name means “beehive.”
  • Rory – Rory means “red-haired king.” The earliest records of this name come from Ireland and Scotland.
  • Nox – Nox is the Latin word for “night.”
  • Oakley – This laidback unisex name means “meadow of oak trees.”
  • Phoenix – This Greek name means “dark red.” This is also the name of a mythical bird and a city in Arizona.
  • Skylar – This English-origin name means “noble scholar.”
  • Vere – This rare English name translates to “alder.”
  • Sydney – In Old English, Sydney means “wide meadow.” This is also the name of a city in Australia.
  • Robin – Robin is a German name that means “fame.”
  • Abadibo – In Ijaw, Abadibo means “person from the sea.”
  • Pax – Pax is the Latin word for “peace.”
  • Aisley – Aisley is a fun variation of the English name Isley. It means “hazel grove.”
  • Caelan – This unisex Gaelic name means “people of victory.”
  • Cody – This name means “helpful.” It is of English origin.
  • Darcy – In Gaelic, Darcy means “dark.”
  • Dylan – Dylan is a unisex name that means “born from the sea.” This name is also a popular pick with fans of musician Bob Dylan.
  • Shea – Shea is an Irish name that means “stately.”
  • Erin – While primarily used as a feminine first name, Erin is a unisex moniker. It is Irish and means “Ireland.”
  • Carlin – Carlin is a unisex Irish name. It means “little champion.”
  • Farren – Farren is an English name that means “adventurous.”
  • Onyx – Onyx is a type of gemstone.
  • Tavi – This Aramaic name means “good.”
  • Chandler – Chandler is an English occupational name that means “candle maker.”
  • Flynn – This Irish name means “one with a reddish complexion.”
  • Dawson – This English name means “son of David.”
  • Grey – Grey is a simple yet elegant name for a baby.
  • Gene – Gene means “well-born.” This is the name that actress Amy Schumer chose for her baby boy.
  • Yael – In Hebrew, Yael means “mountain goat.”
  • Indie – Indie is a unisex baby name that means “indigo.”
  • Ira – This popular Hebrew baby name translates to “watchful.”
  • Ridley – This name means “cleared wood.” It originates from Old English.
  • Frankie – This French name means “free one.”
  • Angel – Angel means “messenger of God.” This unisex name is popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Ainsley – This Gaelic name means “meadow.”
  • Happy – The English name Happy comes from the Old Norse word for “luck.” Happy Gilmore was the lead character from one of Adam Sandler’s premier comedies.
  • Aata – In Tibetan, Aata means “happy moonchild.”
  • Kei – This one-syllable Chinese name means “flower bud.”
  • Jace – This simple English name means “to heal.”
  • Karmen – In Spanish, Karmen means “fruitful orchid.”
  • Aban – Aban is a unisex Arabic name that means “clear” or “lucid.”
  • Bai – This nonbinary Chinese name means “pure.”
  • Ceyln – This unisex Welsh name means “holly.”
  • Sailor – This charming occupational name was once given to individuals who worked on boats. It is German in origin.
  • Aave – This spooky name means “ghost” in Finnish.
  • Delta – Delta is a Greek name that means “born fourth.” It may also be used in reference to the Mississippi Delta.
  • Harlow – This elegant English surname means “woodland, clearing.”
  • Haze – Haze is a funky nickname for the English Hazel. This name refers to the hazel tree.
  • Hilal – This charming Arabic name means “crescent moon.”
  • Bodhi – Bodhi is a Buddist term that means “awakening.”
  • Eka – In Sanskrit, Eka means “one” or “first.” This is a fitting name for any first-born baby.
  • Vesper – Vesper is a Latin unit of time. It also means “evening star.”
  • Moerani -This exotic name stems from Tahiti. It means “heavenly sleep.”
  • Ellis – This English surname comes from the English name Elijah.
  • Sloan – Sloan is a nonbinary baby name that means “warrior.”
  • Rowan – Rowan means “little red-haired one.” It is Scottish in origin.
  • Monet – Monet is a French surname with artsy connotations. After all, Claude Monet is one of the most well-known French impressionist painters.
  • Taylor – Taylor is an occupational name. This unisex name is French in origin.
  • Eden – Eden is a unisex name that is closely associated with the Old Testimate. Edan was the place where Adam and Eve lived.
  • Lennon – Lennon is a gender-neutral name that means “blackbird.” It is Irish Gaelic in origin.
  • Michi – This is a unisex diminutive of Michael and Michaela. It is German in origin.
  • Addison – Addison is an English surname that has gained popularity as a nonbinary first name.
  • Abia – This biblical name is the unisex version of Abijah. It means “my father is Yahweh” in Hebrew.
  • Montana – Montana is a Spanish name that means “mountainous.”
  • Savannah – This unisex place name is derived from Spanish. It means “treeless plain.”
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Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 15th, 2021

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