100+ Heavenly Names That Mean Wind, Air, Flight, or Sky

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Watching your child soar to new heights as they pursue their passions is likely to be among your hopes and dreams as a new parent, and names that mean wind, flight, air, and sky can carry that special sense of being a cut above. 

While these terms can carry similar sentiments and ideas, you might seek out any of them individually for their unique associations; wind and air are free-flowing and flexible, the sky carries a sense of massivity and magnificence, and flight is evocative of power and freedom.

Ready to soar through our list? Let’s catch the breeze!

Male baby names

  • Edahi – Edahi was the Aztec god of the wind.
  • Aither – Aither means “burning ether” in Greek.
  • Aero – Aero is a rare English boy’s name. It comes from the Greek word for “air.”
  • Makani -This Hawaiian boy’s name means “wind.”
  • Aither – Aither is a Greek boy’s name that means “spirit of the sky.”
  • Aakash – This popular Indian name means “sky.”
  • Leo – Leo means “lion.” It’s also the name given to one of the most prominent and well-known constellations.
  • Abir – Abris is an Arabic and Hebrew name that means “strong aroma.”
  • Abir – Abir is a sweet Hebrew name that means “one who strives to soar.”
  • Tadi – This two-syllable Native American name means “ breeze” or “wind.”
  • Erag – Erag is a masculine Albanian name that means “dawn wind.”
  • Akash – This intriguing Hindu baby name means “upper sky” or “ether.”
  • Ermir — This Albanian moniker means “good wind.”
  • Heaven – This word name has heavy religious associations. Heaven is also a synonym for the sky.
  • Ilmarinen – This Finnish name means “air.”
  • Neveah – Neveah is heaven backward. This tricky moniker gained popularity in the early 2000s.
  • Bayu – In Indonesian, Bayu means “wind.”
  • Jove – Jove is another name for the Roman god Jupiter. He is associated with the sky.
  • Acoran – This Guanche name means “vault of heaven” or “the sky.”
  • Anil – This strong Indian boy’s name means “air and wind.”
  • Haneul – Haneul is a Korean boy’s name that means “heaven, sky.”
  • Aerion – Aerion is a name closely associated with air travel.
  • Avel – This lovely Hebrew name means “vapor.”
  • Beiti – Beiti is an Old Norse name that means “to steer by the wind.”
  • Boreas – This adorable Greek baby name means “north wind.”
  • Guthrie – This Irish name means “windy spot.” It’s also the surname of several revered American folk musicians.
  • Jupiter – Jupiter is the name of the Roman god of the sky and light.
  • Zeus – Zeus is a bold choice for a baby name. It is Greek in origin and means “sky.”
  • Caelestis – This masculine Latin moniker translates to “of the sky.”
  • Aeolus – According to Roman mythology, Aeolus is the keeper of the winds.
  • Celestine – This English boy’s name means “sky.”
  • Caelus – Caelus is the Roman god of the sky.
  • Naseem – This popular Arabic name means “wind.”
  • Pavan – Payan means “purifying wind.”
  • Brontes – In Greek mythology Brontes is the cyclopes who made Zeus’s thunderbolt. Zeus is the father of the sky.
  • Atamokamea – This lengthy Tongan moniker means “good wind for sailing.”
  • Rai – Rai is a Japanese name that means “lightning and thunder.”
  • Ilmedous – This moniker stems from the Finnish word for “air.”
  • Ouranos – In Greek mythology, Ouranos is the father of the Titans. His name translates to “the heavens.”
  • Tyr – Tyr is the Norse equivalent to Zeus.
  • Mulele – In Swahili, Mulele means “flying man.”
  • Eichi – Eichi means “bright stars” in Japanese
  • Darany – Darany is a Cambodian name that means “star.”
  • Anori – This name comes to us from Greenland. It means “wind.”
  • Loptr– This quaint Nordic baby name means “air.”
  • Vayu – In Sanskrit, this name means “air” or “wind.”
  • Najhm – Najm means “celestial body” or “star” in Arabic.
  • Zubeen – Zubeen is a Persian given name that means “something that touches the sky.”
  • Zeru – Zeru is a masculine Basque name that means “sky.”
  • Celso – Celso is a Latin boy’s name that means “high, lofty.”

Female baby names

  • Muzna – Muza is a baby name that means “rain clouds.”
  • Lani – Lani means “sky” in Hawaiian.
  • Aditya – Aditya is the goddess of the sky.
  • Hesperia – Hesperia is a Greek girl’s name that means “evening star.”
  • Aeriana – This Greek word means “heavenly.”
  • Celestial – This Latin name means “of the heavens.”
  • Itzel – This is the name of a notable star in the aurora sky.”
  • Moerani -Moerani comes from the Tahitian words for “sleep” and “sky.”
  • Bonaria – This is the feminine form of the Italian adjective for “good air.”
  • Aureole – This celestial name means “golden halo.”
  • Mehna – In Arabic, Mehna means “cloud.”
  • Noelani – This celestial Hawaiian moniker means “heavenly mist.”
  • Auretta – Auretta is Australian for “light wind.”
  • Celeste – This feminine French name means “heavenly.”
  • Esen – Esen means “the wind” in Turkish.
  • Aethra – According to Greek mythology, Aethra is the goddess of the sky.
  • IIma – In Finnish, Ilama means “air” or “weather.”
  • Brisa – Brisa means “light, gentle wind” in Spanish.
  • Meltem – This Norwegian girl’s name means “wind.”
  • Mystral – This rare French name means “northerly wind.”
  • Zephyrine – In Greek, this girl’s name means “west wind.”
  • Tuuli – This Finnish given name means “wind.”
  • Eteri – This Georgian girl’s name means “ether.”
  • Caixia – In Chinese, Caixia means “rosy clouds.”
  • Heiata – This other-wordly Tahitian name means “crown of clouds.”
  • Sefarina – This lovely Greek name means “gentle wind.”
  • Scirocco – Scirocco means “warm wind.”
  • Tsisiana – This Georgian name means “of the sky.” Tsisia is an alternative spelling.
  • Aolani – This Hawaiian girl’s name means “beautiful cloud.”
  • Alizee – This sweet French name translates to “trade wind.”
  • Alizeh – Alizeh is a Persian name that means “wind.”
  • Fah – In Thai, Fah means “sky.”
  • Nephele – This Greek girl’s name means “cloudy.”
  • Cel – Cel is the Latin prefix that means “heaven.”
  • Misora – Misora is a Japanese moniker. It means “beautiful sky.”
  • Luxia – This name comes from the Chinese characters for “dew” and “rosy clouds.”
  • Arshpreet – This name means “love for the sky.”
  • Shannary – This sky-inspired Cambodian name means “like a full moon.’Kapua –
  • Nebula – A nebula is a cloud of gas that is located in outer space. In Latin, this name means “mist.”
  • Azure – This color-related name means “blue.” It can also be used to describe a clear sky.
  • Anila – Anila is a Hindi name that means “child of the wind.”
  • Amaterasu – This name comes from the Japanese element for “sky.”
  • Ahana – In Japanese, this feminine given name means “second heavens.”
  • Gulsamo – This Usbeki name means “rose sky.”
  • Aurora – This Latin name means “dawn.”
  • Nova – Nova means “new” in Latin. This word is often added to star descriptions.
  • Sky – Sky is a Scandinavian name that refers to the atmosphere from an earthly perspective.
  • Ahulani – In Hawaiin. Ahulani means “heavenly shrine.”
  • Mazel – Mazel is a feminine name that stems from the Hebrew word for “star.”
  • Ahana – This name means “ray of sunshine.”
  • Helia – This Greek girl’s name means “sunray.”
  • Alya – This Arabic name means “sublime.”
  • Soleil – This is the French word for “sun.”
  • Aella – Aella is an Amazon from Greek mythology. Her name means “whirlwind.”
  • Nuiana – This Nordic name means “cloud.”
  • Luna – Luna means “moon.”
  • Anemone – This old-school Greek name means “daughter of the wind.”
  • Aethra – Aethra is a character from Greek mythology. Her name means “bright sky.”
  • Nwyvre – This consonant-heavy Welsh name means “sky ether.”
  • Heepuenui – This feminine name means “to lie in the cloudless sky.”
  • Amaterasu – This is the name of an ancient Japanese sun goddess.
  • Andromeda – Andromeda is a massive constellation.

Unisex baby names

  • Aerial – Aerial is an English name that means “lion of God.” The word aerial is synonymous with the Greek word for “air.”
  • Ama – Ama is a unisex Japanese name that means “sky.”
  • Breeze – This English name means “a light, gentle wind.”
  • Viima – Viiama is a nonbinary Finnish name that means “strong wind.”
  • Anjum – This unisex Arabic name means “star” or “celestial body.”
  • Aure – Aure is a unisex Latin name that means “wind.”
  • Adlartok – This nonbinary Inuit name means “clear sky.”
  • Galaxy – This baby name is super galactic.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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