20 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Jha

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Every parent dreams of finding a name for their baby that’s a perfect fit; when looking to Hindu astrology for inspiration, your baby’s date of birth plays a big role in determining what name is best. Vedic astrological beliefs include the idea that each zodiac sign has a set of names, grouped by particular starting letters, that can attract positivity and shape a child’s personal development for the better.

If you’re due between February 19th and March 20th, your baby is likely to fall under the Vedic zodiac sign of Meena (Pisces in Western astrology). This means that names beginning with Jha are among those considered best for your baby.

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Jha names and Vedic astrology

Within the Vedic astrological tradition, babies born between 5/21 and 6/21 fall under the Mithuna zodiac sign. Mithuna is represented by twins, as is the Western astrological sign Gemini which spans the same dates; while some scholars consider this to be a likely byproduct of inspiration from Hellenic astrology, others feel there’s a chance Vedic astrology originated without that influence.

Babies born under the Mithuna sign are thought to be clever and quick-witted, having little trouble adapting even to adverse circumstances. Naturally adept at communicating, Mithuna children are suggested to have great charisma and charm as well as advanced ability to articulate thoughts and feelings.

Other names considered to offer positive vibrations to Mithuna babies include those beginning with A, H, Gh, Ke, and Ko.

Hindu male names starting with Jha

  • Jhanak – Father; Melody; Begetting; Creator; Producing
  • Jhanish -God’s gracious butterfly
  • Jhankar – The sound of low murmuring; the buzzing of bees; a name of Lord Ganesh
  • Jhamu – The name of God, the God of the universe
  • Jhash – Forest or fish
  • Jhabar – A clever, smart person
  • Jhanvi – The Goddess of Learning, the River Ganda
  • Jhawar – Brilliant
  • Jhalmal – Charming, shining
  • Jhaswin – The beauty of life; Lord Shiva
  • Jhangimal – The son of a prawn (large shrimp)
  • Jhasketan – Invincible power
  • Jhashakeatan – Life; water; God
  • Jharna – A stream
  • Jhana – Life; a stream of water
  • Jhanda – Ensign or flag
  • Jhanavi : The River Ganga
  • Jharapata – Fallen leaves on the ground
  • Jharnaa – A waterfall
  • Jhalandar – Water bearer (another name for Jha/Pisces); Lord Shiva
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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