25 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With She

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Names thought to instill a sense of positivity or benevolence in order to give baby a good start are considered an important part of parenthood in many cultures. It’s something that’s strongly emphasized within Vedic astrological tradition, a Hindu spiritual practice in which each zodiac sign is thought to be associated with a set of letters which, when used to begin a baby’s name, attract positivity and encourage strength and soundness of mind.

Babies born between 23 August and 22 September are considered by Hindu astrology, or Jyotisha, to fall under the Kanya zodiac sign (in Western astrology, they’d be called a Virgo). Names which begin with She are among those considered to be auspicious for babies born during this time.

Looking for a sweet She name for your little girl? Let’s dive in.

She names and Vedic astrology

In Vedic astrology, babies born between January 20th and February 18th are represented by the Kanya astrological sign. Symbolically, this sign is represented by a virginal woman; this is similar to the sign’s Western counterpart, Virgo, which is represented by a maiden or young virgin girl. It is not known for certain whether similarities between the two traditions are rooted in Hellenic influences, and is a topic of heated debate amongst Indian astrological scholars.

Children born under Kanya are considered to be pragmatic, valuing justice and facts and aligning themselves with that which is fair and good. They are thought to be cautious and reserved people who consider their words and actions carefully, and who possess a calm and thoughtful nature.

Hindu female baby names

  • Shea – A fairy princess; from the fairy fort
  • Sher – The one who is beloved; God, Lion
  • Shefu – Beautiful girl; the sky
  • Shema – One who is calm and quiet
  • Shena – The lord is gracious
  • Shera – A lion; powerful; brave
  • Sheri – Little; beloved; dear; darling
  • Shery – Darling; singer, plain; brave
  • Sheza – A good girl; someone who is religious
  • Sheana – Treasure, someone of culture; blessed
  • Shedha – Courage; beauty; brightness
  • Sheeba – Beautiful; oath; queen; promise
  • Sheefa – Cure; healing, a variation of the name Shifa
  • Sheela – The wife of Lord Brahma
  • Sheeta – The wife of Lord Rama
  • Sheeya – Flawless; bright; blessing
  • Shehla – So dark brown as to almost be black
  • Sheila – A slang term for a woman; blinded
  • Sheilu – Goddess; mountain; one with culture
  • Sheily – Meadow on a slope; wealthy
  • Shejal – Clean mind; filled with water
  • Shelly – Meadow on a slope; from the ledge meadow
  • Shenoa – A person who is all-knowing; a dove of peace
  • Shelvi – A name for the Goddess Parvati; a studious person; a genius
  • Sherli – Meadow shire, bright meadow
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022