15 Hindu Baby Girl Names With Dha Sounds

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 15th, 2021

Parents seeking a name thought to attract positive vibrations into their baby’s life may wish to consider following Vedic astrological tradition, which offers a unique set of guidelines in choosing a moniker. Each sign in the Hindu zodiac is associated with a grouping of letters or syllables which, when beginning a baby’s name, are considered to attract positivity and encourage fitness of mind.

If your little one arrives between November 22nd and December 21st, they’ll be considered a Dhanu baby — in Western astrology, they’d be a Sagittarius. Names which begin with Dha are among those considered to attract positivity into the lives of Dhanu babies.

Ready to find a sweet Dha name for your little girl? Let’s read on.

Dha names and vedic astrology

Within the traditions of Jyotisha, or Vedic/Hindu astrology, babies born between 1/20 and 2/18 fall under the zodiac sign of Dhanu. Dhanu’s representation is similar but not exactly the same as its Western counterpart, Sagittarius; the former is represented by a bow alone, while the latter is represented by an archer. Scholars are unsure of the true origin of these similarities, though some believe shared influence from Hellenic astrology played a role.

Babies born under the sign of Dhanu are said to be free-spirited people who place a high value on freedom, often loving travel and remaining on the move as much as possible. They are considered to possess significant intellectual curiosity and a philosophical nature, but maintain a sense of humor that positively influences their social success.

Other names considered to attract positivity for Dhanu babies include those beginning with Bh, Ph, Ta, Ye, and Yo.

  • Dhanu – Referring to the zodiac sign Dhanu or Sagittarius; a bow
  • Dhara – Constant flow; the earth
  • Dhaani – The color green; a pale shade of green
  • Dhaara – Constant flow; the earth
  • Dhanya – Blessed; grateful, greatness
  • Dharma – The teachings of Buddha; firm law; decree; the path of life
  • Dharas – God’s love; hope; Earth
  • Dhairvi – Glowing bright like the sun; courage; patience
  • Dhamani – Heartbeat; one of the swaras
  • Dhamini – Focus; lightning or storm
  • Dhanali – One who brings wealth
  • Dhanya – Blessed; grateful; the giver of wealth
  • Dhanyta – Good luck; fulfillment; success; money
  • Dharani – Bearing; success; Earth
  • Dhavana – A fragrant, leafy herb with holy uses
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Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 15th, 2021
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