125 Pagan & Wiccan Names for Your Baby (Boys, Girls, & Unisex Included)

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Parents who practice the pagan or wiccan faith may wish to honor their faith and welcome their baby into their new spiritual life with a pagan or wiccan name. Often, names chosen by wiccan and pagan parents tend to lean toward the natural, as nature is central to their beliefs — this can include names referring to trees and plants, animals, or even deities.

Wiccan and pagan names tend to be unique, sometimes carrying a touch of magic and mystery that sets them apart. Older English, Welsh, Celtic, and German names tend to be popular options within the faith.

Boys names

  • Imbolc – Imbolc is one of the leading Pagan holidays. It is also known as the feast day of Saint Brigid.
  • Lughnassad – A baby boy born in autumn would dominate this name meaning “harvest.” This holiday is one of the most important on the Pagan calendar.
  • Mabon – Mabon is the name of the autumn equinox.
  • Samhain – Name your little one after the Pagan holiday of spirits and winter. It can easily be shortened to Sam or Sammy.
  • Athame – This is the Wiccan word for the wind.
  • Albus – Albus is a charming Pagan boy’s name meaning “white, bright.”
  • Gerald – Gerald Gardner was the author of “High Magic’s Aid,” a Wiccan text published in the 1950s.
  • Gardner – Gerald’s surname is also an excellent reference to your Wiccan knowledge.
  • Brion – This Gaelic name means “noble.”
  • Fianate – This name, which is pronounced fee-uh-nit, means “wild creature.”
  • Aspen – According to Pagan myth, the aspen tree is known as “the tree of heroes.”
  • Aiden – This safe pick has been used quite often over the last decade. It’s Gaelic and means “little fires” or “fiery little one.”
  • Cadmun – Here’s a fun English name that appears to be gaining traction. Cadmun translates to “ the warrior.”
  • Helios – In Greek mythology, Helios is the sun god. He is known for his chariot, which he drives across the sky each night.
  • Bedwyr – This Gaelic name was given to one of the most prominent characters in Arthurian Legend. Bedwyr was the man who returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
  • Foxen/Fox – This quirky animal name stems from England. It originated as a surname but is beginning to gain traction as a masculine given name.
  • Paracelsus – This alchemist came up with the concept of water sprites. These creatures were closely associated with water.
  • Cormac – This charming Irish and Gaelic boy’s name means “impure son.” Both Mac and Cory are suitable nicknames.
  • Cyrus – The Persian translation for this name is “sun.” It’s a fitting Pagan name considering the fact this religion centers around the sun.
  • Rusalky – Rusalky are fairies from traditional Pagan folklore.
  • Liam – Topping of the baby name charts is Liam. It is Irish for “strong-willed warrior.”
  • Kai – While the name Kai does not originate from Europe, it does have an earthly meaning that coincides with the principles of the Pagan religion. Kai means “sea” in Hawaiian.
  • Herne – Herne the Hunter is a pagan deity and huntsman who is said to be part man and part deer.
  • Odin – Odin is the Norse equivalent to Herne the Hunter. Either of these fierce mythological names would work for any 21st Century baby.
  • Dagda – Dagda is the Irish god of agriculture and fertility. He is sometimes referred to as “The Cheerful Chief of Gods.”
  • Ogma – Poetry lovers, this Irish deity name is one you’ll want to bookmark. Ogma was the Gaelic god of language. He may have originated as the Gaulish god Ogmios.
  • Clay – This English occupational name was once given to individuals who worked with clay. In Hebrew, the name means “lord of soil and happiness.”
  • Lebor – “Lebor Gabala Erenn” is the core book of Irish Mythology.
  • Morpheus – The Greek god is closely associated with sleep and streams. You might also consider the name Orpheus, which means “beautiful voice.”
  • Hawthorne – The English name refers to someone who lives in a bushy area. It’s a fitting middle name for someone whose ancestors bore the Hawthorne surname.
  • Cernunnos – Cernunnos is the Celtic god of the forest and fertility. He is worshipped by the Wiccans. His name is often written into magical rituals.

Girls names

  • Willow – Willow branches were used in Pagan rituals. This nature-inspired name is quite common these days.
  • Yule – Yule is the Pagan name for the winter solstice.
  • Ostara – Ostara is the pagan name for the spring equinox.
  • Beltane – This Pagan holiday is a celebration utof crops and fertility.
  • Litha – Litha is the summer solstice. This is a fitting name for any baby girl born between June and September.
  • Sage – Sage is said to be a powerful healing herb. This is an excellent chosen name for a Wiccan baby.
  • Blossom – This spring-inspired baby girl name conjures up images of hope and possibility.
  • Laverna – This witchy-sounding French name means “born in the spring.”
  • Orlaith – This Gaelic girl’s name means “golden princess.”
  • Orla – Orla is a casual offshoot of Orlaith. It also means “golden princess.”
  • Aurelias – Aurelias was originally the surname of a royal Roman family. It means “golden” or “gilded.”
  • Meriol – Many Irish myths surround this magical sea nymph. Though she’s not a witch, she does possess magical powers.
  • Neve – There are several variations of this Irish given name meaning “bright, radiant.” Variants include Nieve, Niamh , and Neeve.
  • Pagani – The word “pagan” is derived from the Latin word “Pagani.” It means “someone who lives in the country.”
  • Summer – Don’t be afraid to come at them in full force. This seasonal girl’s name is a perennial reminder of warm days and greenery.
  • Gretel – This Germanic name means “pearl.”
  • Adelinda – The Germanic name means “noble serpent.” The name’s witchy sound and earthly roots make it suitable as both a Wiccan and Pagan girl’s name.
  • Melusine – Melusine is a female water spirit from French mythology. She is one of the earliest known depictions of a mermaid-like creature.
  • May – May Day is a holiday that stems from the season-focused rituals of the Pagans. This name refers to the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Maia – Maia was the Greek god of the earth and nursing mothers. She lived on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia.
  • Pleiades – Pleiades is a cluster of stars known as “The Seven Sisters.” The stars represent the daughters of Atlas and Pleione.
  • Lorelei – Fans of the cult-favorite television series “Gilmore Girls” will have no trouble uniting over their love of this exotic name. Lorelei is a protagonist from a tragic German legend. Heartbreak causes her to throw herself into the River Rhine. She is reborn as an evil siren.
  • Eartha – Eartha is a fitting moniker for any child who will be raised to develop a deep and wondrous relationship with the natural world.
  • Amethyst – This exotic gemstone-inspired name will carry your little one from its first minutes to old age.
  • Theia – Theia is a Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.
  • Allegra – This feminine Italian name has some magical overtones. It means “joyful” or “happy.”
  • Moon – Both Wiccans and Pagans participate in moon rituals.
  • Luna – Luna is another name for the moon. This celestial orb has fascinated earth-worshippers for centuries. Luna was the Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Selene – Selene was the name given to the Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Rhiannon – Rhiannon was the Queen of the Fairies and the Celtic moon goddess.
  • Poplar – The poplar tree is yet another plant that makes it into lots of Pagan myths. This girl’s name can be shortened to Poppy.
  • Amber – This English name refers to the yellow-orange gemstone. Nicknames include Amby and Ama.
  • Medea – Many people do not realize that witches were an integral element of Greek mythology. The stories of Medea surround the idea of a powerful woman using magic as a form of defense.
  • Diana – Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon, hunters, and country. This common name conjures up images of brightness and night.
  • Arcadia – Arcadia was the name of an ancient Greek settlement. It refers to a peaceful and content settlement.
  • Glinda – Glinda the Good Witch embodied the meaning of her name. Glinda means “fair and good.” It’s a rarely used Welsh moniker.
  • Triquetra – This Latin name refers to the number “three.” The triquetra is a Celtic symbol of love. We’ve yet to see this used as a first name, but its sing-songy pronunciation leaves the gate of possibility open to all.
  • Ezrulie – This Haitian African spirit represents love and beauty. While not technically Wiccan in origin, we’re going to go on a whim and say Louisiana voodoo shares many of the same magical sentiments.
  • Gaia – The Greek goddess of the earth and divinity is a fitting inspiration for a Pagan or Wiccan baby name.

Unisex names

  • Stone – This precious name is perfect for a handsome new Pagan baby. Stoney is a rare but incredibly lovely alternative.
  • Ash – This nature-inspired name is derived from the Ash Tree.
  • Winter – This seasonal name is perfect for any practicing pagan. After all, most of the Pagan’s religious beliefs revolved around the four seasons.
  • Sorrel – This earthy French name means “reddish-brown.”
  • Robin – Robins are often seen as a symbol of springtime. Robyn is an alternative feminine spelling of this bird-inspired moniker.
  • Dayton – This unisex Old English name means “day’s settlement.”
  • Rowan – Rowan is known as the tree of the moon and perseverance. Wiccans often recognize the lunar month of Rowan, which is one of the 13 months of the Celtic Tree Calendar.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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