125 Scandinavian, Norse, and Viking Girl Names for Your Warrior Princess

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Bestowing your baby with a name that’s indicative of strength, valor, and adventurousness is a surefire recipe for a little girl with the spirit of a Viking. Scandinavian, Viking, and Norse names are often associated with Norse mythology, and many relate to the natural world.  

Many Nordic and Viking female names have persisted through centuries and continue to be a part of popular culture, so both classic and modern names are up for grabs. 

Let’s read on.

  • Aase – Aase is a Norse baby name that means “tree-covered mountain.”
  • Birgit – Brigit is a fairly common Norwegian name. It means “exalted one.”
  • Brana – Brana means “brave woman” in Norse. It is said to be the name of one of the giants of Norse mythology.
  • Branka – This noble Viking name means “glorious defender.”
  • Åse – This charming Viking name translates to “goddess.”
  • Astrid – This fairly well-known female Viking name means “beautiful, loved goddess.”
  • Sága – In Norse mythology, Sága is the goddess of prophecy and wisdom. The name translates to “seeress.”
  • Abalone – This rare name is a feminine Danish version of Apollo.
  • Embla – Embla is a plant-inspired Norse name. It means “elm.”
  • Maja – Maja is a Nordic name that means “pearl.” It is pronounced similarly to the English name Mia.
  • Kerstin – Kerstin is the Scandinavian version of Christine. It means “Christian woman.”
  • Helga – You might remember this name from the hit television show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Helga is one of Sabrina’s aunts and caretakers. The name means “sacred.”
  • Alda – This name is for water lovers. It means “wave” in Icelandic.
  • Erling – Erling means “descendant” in Scandinavian.
  • Linnea – This sweet, feminine name means “twinflower.”
  • Lovise – This Norse name means “renowned warrior.”
  • Yrsa – This wild name means “she bear.”
  • Gerd – This fruitful Scandivanvian name translates to “garden.”
  • Dagny – This is a unisex Old Norse name with a refreshing meaning. In fact, Dagny translates to “new day.”
  • Humla – Your friends and family will be abuzz with delight when they hear this unique Scandinavian name. It means “bumblebee.”
  • Agneta – This wholesome Nordic name means “pure, scared.”
  • Eir – The Norse goddess of medicine is an excellent source for a baby name. Eir is said to offer protection, mercy, and help.
  • Elsa – This popular Swedish name means “noble.”
  • Idunn – Idnun is the Norse goddess of spring and rejuvenation. She is also the keeper of the apples of immortality.
  • Ama – Ama is a Norse name that means “eagle.”
  • Frigg – Frigg is a Scandinavian name that means “love.” In Norse mythology, Frigg, or Friia, is the wife of Odin. She is a representative of marriage and fertility.
  • Agot – This quaint Scandinavian name means “good.”
  • Lova – This sweet-sounding name means “battle noise.” It’s the perfect title for a female warrior.
  • Berthilde – Berthilde is a Viking name that means “woman warrior.”
  • Aslaug – This name means “woman engaged to God.”
  • Birgitta – Birgitta is the Scandinavian form of the French name Bridget.
  • Alvilda – This mystical Norse name means “battle of the elves.”
  • Angeyja – Angeyja is “one of the narrow island.” This name also means “bark” in Old Norse.
  • Alta – Alta is a town in Finnmark, Norway. This lush valley is a popular visitation spot in northern Norway.
  • Skadi – Skadi is the Norse goddess of hunting and winter. She is linked to wolves and bow and arrows.
  • Olivia – Olivia is currently one of the most popular names in Scandinavia.
  • Hilda – Hilda means “the fighter” in Scandinavian.
  • Gertrud – This old-school Viking name means “spear.”
  • Ase – Ase is a lofty Norse name that translates to “God-like.”
  • Fulla – Full is a name that stems from Norse mythology. Full was a confidant of Queen Frigga and the goddess of bounty. Her name means “plentitude” in Old High German.
  • Urd – Urd is a rarely used name that stems from the Old Norse word for “fate.” In Norse mythology, Urd is the goddess of destiny.
  • Tuva – This Norwegian name means “beautiful.”
  • Annika – Annika is a traditional Swedish name. We love that it can be shortened to Anne or Annie.
  • Asdis – This name comes from the Old Norse word for “goddess.”
  • Hildr – Hildr is a member of the valkyrie. In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is a group of goddesses that serve the god Odin.
  • Mia – Mia is a common Scandinavian nickname.
  • Kajsa – Kajsa is the Swedish version of Katherine.
  • Bil – Bil is Old Norse for “instant. In Norse mythology, she is the sister of Hjúki.
  • Bjort – This Norse name has Proto-Germanic roots. It means “shining one.”
  • Angrboða – This foreshadowing name means “she who brings grief.”
  • Gefn – Gefn means “the giver” in Old Norse.
  • Brynja – This name means “armor” in Old Norse.
  • Kai – This fairly common Scandinavian moniker means “earth.”
  • Alfhild – This name stems from the Old Norse words for “elf” and “battle.”
  • Ulla – This undeniably Scandinavian name means “determination, will.”
  • Catrine – Catrine is a Scandinavian offshoot of Catherine.
  • Hedda– Hedda is a feminine Norse name that means “battle” or “war.”
  • Hedvig – This feminine Norse name means “warrior in battle.”
  • Bestla – In Norse mythology, Bestla is the mother of the god Odin. She is the goddess of metalworkers and craftsmen.
  • Pernilla – This Swedish name is an offshoot of the Greek word for “rock.”
  • Gudrun – Gundrun is an incredibly common name in Iceland. It means “God’s secret lore.”
  • Sif – Sif is yet another name that stems from Norse mythology. She is the wife of Thor and the goddess of fertility and grain.
  • Sissel – Sissel is a quintessential Norse name. It means “without sight.”
  • Cisa – Cisa is a name derived from Norse mythology. Zisa, Xysa, and Cisara are some fun alternatives.
  • Smilla – This name means “one with a beautiful smile.”
  • Anneli – This lyrical name means “grace.”
  • Siv – Siv means “bride” in Old Norse.
  • Vanadis – Vanadis is the Norse name for the Scandinavian goddess Freya. It comes from the word for “silver.”
  • Thora – Thora is the feminine version of the name
  • Brynhild – Give your little bundle of joy a fierce name such as this one. Brynhild translates to “armed for battle.”
  • Frida – This fairly common Scandinavian name means “beautiful.”
  • Gunna – Gunna means “battle maid.”
  • Eydis – Eydis is the Norse goddess of good luck.
  • Eimyrja – This stunning Norse moniker means “ember.” Elmyra is the daughter of the Norse god of fire.
  • Fönn – Fönn is an Old Norse name that means “snowdrift.”
  • Kara – Kara means “wild, stormy one” in Norse.”
  • Danique – Danique is a Nordic alternative to Danielle. It means “morning star.”
  • Bergljot – Berljot means “protection.” This Scandinavian name is a derivative of Birgit.
  • Asta – This is an Old Norse name with Greek origins. It means “love.”
  • Elli – This feminine Norse name means “old age.”
  • Nanna – This Norse name is not to be confused with the traditional grandparent title. Nanna is the Norse goddess of joy, peace, and the moon. She died grieving her husband, Baldr.
  • Verdandi – According to Norse myth, Verdandi is one of the deciding fates of people. It means “happening” or “present.”
  • Grimhildr – This rare Norse name translates to “mother of Gudrun.”
  • Freya – This mythological name means “lady.” Freya is the Scandinavian goddess of love and fertility.
  • Britt – This gender-neutral Scandivaian name means “exalted one.” It is a common title for young Norwegians.
  • Groa – This unique Norse name means “gardener.” It’s perfect for any parent with a deep appreciation for horticulture and plants.
  • Asa – Asa is a derivative of the Old Norse word for “goddess.”
  • Elin – Elin is a Medieval Scandinavian name. It means “light.”
  • Edda – Edda means “grandmother” in Old Norse.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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