101 Powerful Norse, Nordic and Viking Boy Names

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Your new little boy will need a strong, intrepid name to prepare him for life’s journey — what better namesake than a Viking, the historical seafaring Scandinavians long associated with strength and dominance?

Viking, Nordic, and Norse names come from the Old Norse tradition, and many are unique variations on names popular in our culture today. It was a common practice for Viking parents to name their children after a deceased family member who’d come before them, and as such, family names tended to remain a part of Viking families for many generations.

Let’s read on.

  • Arrne – The masculine Norwegian comes from the Old Norse element for “eagle.”
  • Harald – The Norweigan name is derived from the English Harold. It means “army leader.”
  • Bjorn – Bjorn is a Scandiavian given name. It means “bear.”
  • Birger– This name comes from an Old Norse word that means “to help.”
  • Andor – In Norse, this name means “Thor’s eagle.”
  • Ake – This Norse name refers to “ancestors.” The moniker provides parents with an opportunity to honor their ancestors without necessarily repurposing their names.
  • Asger – Asger is composed of the Old Norse elements for “god” and “spear.”
  • Egil -This fierce Scandanavian name translates to “edge of a sword.”
  • Njal – This rare Norse name means “champion.”
  • Asmund – This Nordic name means, “God is my protector.”
  • Dusty – Dusty is an informal version of the easily anglicized Norse name Dustin. It means “brave warrior.”
  • Torsten – Torsten is an offshoot of the Norse name Thurston. It means “Thor’s stone.”
  • Frode – This popular Norse name means “clever, wise.” It is pronounced similar to The Lord of the Rings’ Frodo.
  • Kettil – Ketil comes from the Old Norse word for “kettle, cauldron.”
  • Toke – This masculine Danish name means “mad, raging.”
  • Elof – Elof means “sole heir.” This Norse name is perfect for any only child.
  • Gustav – Gustav is a common Scandinavian name meaning “staff of the Geats.”
  • Bo – Bo was a common Viking name. It means “resident.”
  • Garth – This humbling Old Norse name means “enclosed yard.”
  • Sune – Sune is a traditional Viking name meaning “son.”
  • Heirleif – Heirleif is derived from the Old Norse word for “descendent, heir.”
  • Ulf – In the Viking age, many people named their sons Ulf. It translates to “wolf.”
  • Leif – Leif is a well-known Viking moniker meaning “descendant.” Leif Eriksson was a famous Norse explorer who landed in North America.
  • Thor – The Norse god of thunder might feel a bit ostentatious. This unique name is a very stylish pick.
  • Hagen – This charming Danish name means “protected place.”
  • Einar – Einar is an Old Norse name that means “one who fights on his one.” This fierce moniker is perfect for the little warrior in your life.
  • Alva – Alva is an offshoot of the common Norwegian name Halvar. It means “flat stone.”
  • Sven – Sven is a well-known Danish name. It means “young warrior.”
  • Gunne – Gunne is a derivative of the Old Norse Gunnar. The name translates to “brave warrior.”
  • Erik – Erik is a popular Viking name meaning “one who is king forever.”
  • Hackett – Hackett is a rare European name with Nordic roots. It means “little hewer of the woods.”
  • Gunnar – This rugged Old Norse name means “soldier.”
  • Odin – Odin was the father of the Norse gods and ruler of war and wisdom. This impressive Scandinavian name is a bold and beautiful choice for any baby boy.
  • Jari – Jari means “God will rise.”
  • Troels – The Viking name means “Thor’s arrow.”
  • Bragi – In Norse mythology, Bragi is the god of poetry.
  • Freyr – Freyr is the Norse word for “lord.”
  • Sigurd – Sigurd is commonly used throughout Norway. It translates to “guardian of victory.”
  • Rune – Rune is an Old Norse word meaning secret.
  • Ingolf – This name translates to “Ing’s wolf.”
  • Egill – Egil stems from ancient Scandinavia. IT means “awe, terror.”
  • Dag – Dag is a Norwegian name that means “day.” Some lucrative alternatives with the same meaning include Dagf, Dagr, and Dagur.
  • Baggi – This ancient Scandinavian name means “bag.”
  • Sten – In the Viking age, many men went by the name Sten. It translates to “stone.”
  • Ask – Ask was the first man created by the Norse gods. He and his wife Embla are the Norse equivalents to Adam and Eve. Ask means “ash tree.”
  • Brokkr – Brokkr means “badger.”
  • Fenrir – Fenrir means “marsh fern.”
  • Roar – This intense Viking moniker means “fame” and “spear.”
  • Alvis – Alvis comes from the Old Norse word for “all-wise.” Alvis is also a character from Norse mythology. He is the dwarf that marries Thor’s daughter.
  • Loki – This intriguing Norse god is known to change form into various animals.
  • Osmond – The Scandinavian name means “God’s protection.”
  • Elvis – This well-known Norse name was made famous by singer Elvis Presley.
  • Kåre – Kåre is a Viking name that’s ideal for any curly-haired babe.
  • Njal – This Viking name means “giant.”
  • Thorsen – Thorsen is a more formal-sounding alternative to Thor.
  • Holmes – The Nordic name means both “island” and “low-lying place.”
  • Vernon – Vernon is a surname that comes from the Gaul word for “alder trees.”
  • Freyre – Name your kiddo after the Norse god of weather.
  • Welch – Welch means “foreign.”
  • Aric – Aric is an interesting variant of Erik. It’s a simple and common name with rich Norse roots.
  • Bosse – This casual offshoot of the name Bo would be perfect for any modern babe. It means “to live.”
  • Brant – Brant is an Old Norse surname that doubles as a masculine given name.
  • Beckett – Beckett is a common English surname with Norse roots. It means “brook” or “stream.”
  • Skarde – This rugged Viking-era name means “one with a cleft chin.”
  • Alf – This name is derived from the Old Norse word for “elf.”
  • Begbie – Begbie is a place name that is derived from the Old Norse word for “farm, settlement.”
  • Arnfinn – This lovely Norse name comes from the elements “eagle” and “person from Finland.” It could easily be shortened to Finn or Arni.
  • Balder – Balder is the immortal son of the Norse gods Odin and Frigg. He is said to reside between heaven and earth.
  • Midgard – In Norse mythology, Midgard is the name of the place where humans reside.
  • Vale – Vale was the son of Odin.
  • Vidar – This nature-inspired Scandinavian name means “Forest battler.”
  • Halfdan – This intriguing Scandinavian name means “half Dane.”
  • Canute – Canute is an anglicized version of the Scandinavian name Knut. IT means “knot.”
  • Darby – The name is derived from the Old Norse words for “deer” and “settlement.”
  • Colborn – Colborn means “cold stream.”
  • Kory – Korey is a Norse variant of the Norse name Kori. Its meaning is unknown.
  • Ove – This ancient Scandinavian name means “brave.”
  • Manning – Manning is a name derived from the Old Norse word for “bravery.”
  • Aghi – Aghi is the Old Norse form of the Scandinavian name Ove. It means “terror at the edge of a sword.”
  • Magni – This name means “mighty” in Old Norse. Magni was the name of one of Thor’s sons.
  • Magnus – Magnus is a Latin name that gained popularity in Norway after the reign of King Magnus I.
  • Hemdall – Hemdall was a shiny, white god and son of Odin.
  • Olaf – This Old Norse name means “ancestor’s descendant.” It’s a wonderful moniker for one with ancestral roots in Norway.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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